Friday, February 10, 2017

Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Palm Canyon, all in the Palm of our Hands

Thursday, Feb. 9th we were up and at ‘em with the sun and the birds and the little white fluffy clouds seen in this picture disappeared right quick. We did our usual, tea, coffee and reading posts.

It was a cool start to the day, hovering around 46F but with the blue sky we had decided to take the drive down to Palm Springs. We had a bite to eat for breakfast and put Clemson in charge of the house. Poor little gapher, getting left behind, but we had plans to go to a museum and get groceries. “Just give me my treat and go”.

Down the mountain we go and I must say the views still amaze me. Bear with me while I share more shots I took going down. 

Such a rock covered mountain

At the bottom of the mountain in Banning is the
Smith Correctional Facility

These two-bladers  were interesting on I-10
We left around 9:30 and Palm Springs was a 40-min. drive from the park.

Bill was interested in going into the Palm Springs Air Museum and it didn’t open until 10 so our timing was perfect. No traffic following us the whole 9 miles down.

I was excited to just be in Palm Springs, just because our whole life we’ve heard so 
much about it.


It just felt neat to be there. 
Turning onto N. Gene Autry Trail to the museum, are you kidding me?

It was a decent fare to get in and we slipped in as seniors and saved $4 when she didn’t ask us to prove it. Shame! Naturally, Bill enjoyed this place much more than I did so I let him set the pace with his camera. 

I didn’t take any pictures at the museum so I borrowed a couple of his.

Can you believe I searched for shade?
Bill will no doubt be writing about the museum in his “BLOG” so I don’t need to say any more. It was enjoyable and at noon hour before we left we stopped at the Michele’s Pilot Café for lunch. This cafe was settled nicely under the wingtip of Bill's favourite, the B17. 

Food and prices were awesome. I enjoyed my chicken quesadilla very much. Sitting at the table next to us was Michelle Evans, author of "The X-15 Rocket Plane, Flying the First Wings into Space". She gave us her post card and business card. Interesting. We'll have to order the book.

Bill beside a Corsair

Yup I was there too
We drove through Palm  Canyon, Palm Springs to Palm Desert just because Derrick back home asked if we had been there. 

Not being too well prepared on what to see, we turned around after admiring the buildings and even more scenery. I enjoy the street names as many are named after well-known actors.

Who lives in these mountain mansions?


Passed this little McLaren

Condo anyone?

I enjoyed seeing this popular hot spot
And I do mean hot
We punched in Albertson’s at Banning in the gps and veered out of the bustling city. It would be crazy at rush hour, for sure. I had hoped to make a stop at Cardenas Produce but it was another 22 miles to the west of Banning and we were both tired and had yet to pick up groceries. We’d heard that their prices were very good for basic fruits and vegetables. Oh well, win some, lose some.
The other side of the street we could see these
engines from our parking space
This picture is for Dad
We managed to get our groceries, in and out and back up the mountain to Clemson before 3:30. The temperature in Palm Springs hit 88F and even up here at the park we were resting at 74F. It was lovely to see the city and feel that heat but I’m glad not to have to work and live there day after day.
So long, Palm Springs
Give us the mobile wheels of our Suite, anything from 65F to 80F, the ability to move around and we’re happy campers. We sat and read our books for a while before I took a walk up to the highest point in the park to snap a few photos of the sunset.

Um de dum, just waiting

Still waiting
It's like watching a tea kettle boil
I was early and had to perch myself on a rock for 15 minutes waiting. No lovely colours tonight but no worries, I got what I could.

Clemson was a good pooch all day so I returned and took him up around the west end of the park as well.
Spotted the moon in the eastern sky

Neither of us felt hungry for supper so a couple of California mandarins will probably be enough. I hope your day was a good one too!

 Thank you for reading. I love to read your comments if you choose to leave one.