Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Not Quite a Duplicate Day of Yesterday, Grab the Umbrella, Roast in the Slow Cooker, Jigsaw Puzzles, Pool and Company

Tuesday, Feb. 7th was another dull, rainy, foggy day. Once more, no surprise here. The weather guessers warned us. The one difference is that at 7 am the temperature was already 50f so I’m planning on dodging some rain and some puddles later. 
Thank goodness for the wishbone parking sites, I
can dodge these huge puddles

The rain put a bright tone on these fallen leaves

Very unusual looking tent

The mountains were trying to hide in the clouds

But our faithful sun tried hard to appear

The sun shining on the trees on the other side of Section F
During morning coffee/tea (with cream only, Doug) 

I added a few new blogs to my list to follow. There are so many interesting people out there with interesting stories and what better to do on a rainy day than catch up with them? I love the rv lifestyle and I love that we have friends we can follow on blogs with similar tales.
Love this little Chapel in the Woods

Beautifully formed Acorn Oak tree

Looks like someone tried to insulate this Acorn Oak
I hopped in the shower and then began preparing bacon and eggs 
while Bill did the same. I can’t get over how nice it is to have a powerful hot shower with no thought of how much water we are using. That is one of the reasons we love to come into a park with full hook-ups after dry camping for a couple of weeks or more.
Once again, the rain works its brightening magic
Looks like a 3D photo of a mountain in the distance, this moss is neat as a closeup
After breakfast I put an inside round beef roast in the slow cooker for supper. This is one of the last pieces left of our purchase from the Hanover butcher in October. It is a fair size roast and the perfect day to cook inside as well as the perfect meal  to invite our neighbor, Robin, to join us.

Robin and Randy pulled in beside us the day after we arrived but he had to fly home to take care of details after his father passed away. Robin joined us and Jeff and Pat on Saturday evening for a couple of drinks. 

She was my dance  partner for most of the evening.

Considering she is alone for a week, until Randy returns, I asked if she would like to come for dinner tonight. On my way out for a walk I buzzed Bill on the two-way radio that she would be coming over to dine with us.
I kept dry

It was mild at 51F but spitting a bit so I took my umbrella. As usual, I relished in the quiet of the park. No traffic, no sounds other than nature and the odd plane overhead. I walked in the F area of the park and then ended up at the Lounge. Two people were playing pool and two others were watching an old Gunsmoke episode.
I couldn’t see the puzzle that was present on my last visit so I was in control of which one I wanted to work on. Yes, this one at only 500 pcs. would do nicely. There was the light coming from the window over the table as well as two lamps with swing arms to project the right amount on to the work space.
Border first
 When the others left, I thought I would see how good I would be at playing pool. I’ve always shied away from this sport because I have never been taught properly how to line up the cue and shoot. Sure, I’ve been pressured into playing with Bill and another couple but because I felt intimidated I don’t learn in the midst of a game.

If I do say so myself, I wasn’t as bad as I thought and I improved during the time I took to sink all of the balls. Good thing no one was timing me!

The sun came out a couple of times but when I noticed more clouds taking full possession of the sky again I headed back home. 
I made a good start on the puzzle
Of course, on my return home after a couple of hours doing my own thing, I challenged Bill to a game of pool before we leave the park on Monday. Brave, aren’t I?

Rain on our window
Sometimes needing a good reason to clean the Suite, company encouraged me to dust the woodwork and sweep. The roast is smelling good but I never know how good it is until I cut into it just before serving.
I love having our fireplace going on these damp days
The drizzle returned late afternoon and yet Clemson was ready for a walk so out we went. The mild day encouraged me to take him a little further. Robin arrived around 5 and dinner went well. The roast was delicious with mashed potatoes, gravy and a veggie. She was thrilled that I had a homemade pumpkin pie with ice cream for dessert.

We had a nice visit

Robin wanted us to help set her up on Google Hangouts so she could call her husband free however with her AT&T phone she doesn't have service either and no computer. We were able to call him on my laptop using our Verizon Jet Pack for a brief chat regarding his flight home etc. Friends helping friends, that is what it is all about.

Bill and I watched our Tuesday night programs after she left at 7:30, having had them record on our PVR. During the last few minutes of NCIS New Orleans I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open so off to bed for me.

It was a great day and by the sounds of it we’ll see some sunshine and even warmer temps tomorrow. Yay to that!

I hope you had a wonderful day. Thank you for taking the time to read my tales, I love receiving your comments.

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