Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sunshine, Hike to the Stone Snake, Friends leave and Family Arrives

Monday, Feb. 20th will be our last day here at Borrego Springs. And what a beautiful day it is!
this sunrise did not disappoint
People are leaving and already we are feeling the loss as we are pulling out tomorrow. We said goodbye to Tom and Deb from Celebrating the Dance this morning as they pulled out for a new destination. It was great to meet them and get to know each other. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Tom and Deb's Stinger B

And there they go on Borrego-Salton Seaway (S22)
We were up on time to see the sunrise and the pink hue it gave the mountains to the west. 

Aaah!To the south, our view consists of one Airstream trailer and it looks really nice! 
View to the highway, wide open spaces
My first tea done, we received an email from Clarke that they had a topsy-turvy night. We’ve moved our hike with him to 10 instead of 9 so I’ll have a coffee outside in the sun. I caught up on blog posts and read comments. Already it is 70F, AWESOME!

Clemson also enjoys some sun with Mom
With a bit of time to spare we sat outside and read some of our book, the sun felt great. With another quick bite to eat we headed over to meet Clarke at 10 with water and hiking sticks in hand. Off we went.

Clarke, today's guide

Bill sets the pace
 Well, going up the mountain this way was a challenge and made us work, but oh what a great view we were getting all the way up. I was a little nervous with some of the narrow path along the edge but other than asking the guys to hold up for a breather, I followed closely behind.
At this point, I said "okay, I need a breather"
Soon enough, there it was. The stone snake just around the bend. We never would have persevered to find it, not if it was just the two of us. We are certainly glad that we had ourselves an experienced guide!
And at the peak, the stone snake appears

We find beauty in the strangest places sometimes
Scorpion on the mountain too
It took us an hour from start to finish, coming back down another very scenic trail on the south side of the little mountain. 

Proof that Bill and I made it to the top
I was pleased that we could take advantage of a partially relaxing day, and got into my new book a little more.
And then there were two

A text from my sister, Gayle, indicated that they changed their Jell-o plans and were coming right on to Borrego Springs instead of going to Midland LTVA. Yay! It will be nice to see them again and now that all of our friends left, they have lots of choices for their Montana set up.

Gayle and John's set up beside us

 So, after greeting her and John, we left them to set up. Bill and I were trying to decide if we want to have an early supper again and hop over to Clarke and Elaine’s for another campfire. It is a little warmer tonight and the wind seems to be fairly calm.
there are those funny blanketing clouds across the Santa Rosa mountains as the sun set in the east
Since I had chicken thighs out early enough to have them thawed, it meant a quick meal to prepare on the Weber. I made Bill up a salad and steamed some broccoli for myself. We had cleaned up after dinner by 5:30 so walked over to Clarke and Elaine’s to join them for the warmth of a fire.

Gayle and John joined us shortly after and we had a wonderful last night here at Borrego Springs. It was a mild evening and we discussed more travel plans, the stars,  rv repairs and rv bloopers. Elaine and Clarke of Our Newell Adventure are great people and we hope to bump into them another time here in California.
Clarke and Elaine's set up
That was our day and evening and it was just more affirmation of how great it is to experience this lifestyle, the desert, the weather, the friends and family.

I hope your day was as rewarding and thank you for reading along. I love receiving your comments.


  1. Sounds like you had a great last day. Glad you got to see the snake. How nice to have your sister show up. Safe travels.

    1. thanks Deb. It was really nice that Gayle and I got to connect once more down south before we all head home. Next time will be in Ontariario! Safe travels to you too.

  2. Great that Clarke could show you the way to the snake. I hiked it last year but Suzie stopped about 30 feet from the top. Nice to share a campfire with new friends , with John and Gayle arriving there as well. Travel safe today.

    1. Clarke is a really nice guy, we enjoyed his company up the mountain and back down. I wondered if i would make it to the top, along the rocky side, but glad I did. We don't usually 'do' campfires but last night was so mild and we wanted to spend more time with the friends we'd just met. Nice that Gayle and John arrived for at least a short visit before we left.

  3. Pat,
    I can't tell from the photo but, it appears too large to be a diamond back possibly it's a python? Glad that you got to see it.

    1. I think this is a new brand of snake, Jim. perhaps a STONE back python? :) I'm glad we made it up the hill and I got my exercise as well!

  4. It looks like you had and enjoyable day with wonderful weather and that is what matters the most. Great pictures of the new breed of Snake.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was another fun day in paradise! The snake was worth the climb but the views were amazing!

  5. That sunrise and those clouds on the mountains look beautiful. Glad you were able to find the snake. It is neat up there looking out over the desert.

    I have just got to get me a hummingbird feeder. One flew right up to me yesterday as I was sitting in my lounger yesterday. Of course, no camera.

    You and Bill have a safe journey to your new adventure!

    1. I love the hummingbirds. My feeder drips so I want to get another one. At Imperial Dam LTVA I had to put it away, the bees were outnumbering the hummers and they are not what I want to attract. Thank you, we are connected with George and Suzie again for a few days. :) this will be our last time to see them.