Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Anza-Borrego State Park, Elevation Jump, Julian, Pie

Wednesday, Feb. 15th came late for us. Well, not really, we actually slept in late is all. Last night we both were so close to finishing our books that we opted to just record our Tuesday night programs and read instead.
Our set up for a few days
There was some method to our madness. We have not yet had to run our generator here but if we watched 3 or 4 hours of television, we would need to. We aren’t so close to anyone that it would upset the neighbours but all the same, we don’t want to lug it off the cargo carrier if not necessary.

View from the east
Anyway, I stayed up last night until 11:30 pm which is unheard of for me and Bill even later. That excuses our late wake up of 8 am and the nice thing is that it really doesn’t matter. After an egg omelette and a shower, I once again packed our cooler with drinks and readied to go for a drive to Julian today. Road trip!

Bill chatted up with a neighbor who came over to ask what kind of a fridge we had and the conversation took off as it usually does. This is how we learn about this lifestyle, we each take information away that can be useful and discard any that isn’t.

Before heading out Bill set up his tripod and camera to get a picture of some of the mountains behind us as well as a portrait of our little family and home. This one didn’t turn out too bad at all!

Soon on our way through Borrego Springs once more, this time on our way up the mountain to Julian. We drove through Anza-Borrego State Park but didn't get any pictures.We stayed on the highway.
You can tell I’m blonde and as I said to some British Columbians today, I’m also from Canada, because I dressed for the weather down here at 600’ elevation, 79F. I was in a pair of shorts and spaghetti strap top. LOL

As we climbed up yet another twisting, turning two-lane highway the elevation increased and the temperature dropped. It wasn’t until we approached Julian that I said “oh-oh, silly me, look how I’m dressed!” Oh well, make the best of it and pretend I’m not cold. The elevation reached over 4,000’ and the thermometer was a mere 62F.

We found a spot to park after driving through town once. This place is cute! Old fashioned signs on the shops and covered walkways along the street. Julian is in San Diego county with a population of approximately 1,500. It is classed as an official California landmark.
First stop: Julian Pie Co. Friends recommend this place, so of course we had to check it out. Pies made here are expensive but for a one-time thing, we weren’t going to squabble over the price of an historic pie!! Instead of a piece each for $4.50 we opted for the whole pie at $15.95. It made sense to pay that for 4 pcs. each.

We bought a Strawberry Rhubarb that just needed to be heated up, if we so chose. We wandered the streets, in and out of a couple of stores. 

Here is where my sisters' and daughter back home, who like to read as much or more than I do, will get excited. You would LOVE this little shop. I wasn't here to buy so much as to look and look I did.
Welcome, there is even a little table outside to the right
of this pictures with chairs for two

First room upon entry

Down the hall to the right

In the centre

to the left, oh My!
Around 1:30 we decided it was cool enough to leave Clemson in the truck with windows half-way open. By this time, we wanted to get some lunch.
We could see this restaurant/gift shop from where we'd
parked our truck, just off main street
 The Rongbranch Restaurant was the best option for us since we didn’t want take out. The staff was friendly and the food arrived quickly. It was a nice old fashioned diner with tables and booths. The chairs looked like those my parents had in our home for years.
Cosy and clean atmosphere

It was a wonderful meal, my chicken pot pie with a delicious flaky homemade crust, loaded with chicken and vegetables and Bill’s Mushroom bacon burger and fries. 
My chicken pot pie and black bean soup
Bill's burger, he said it was GREAT
We knew when we ordered this would suffice for our lunch and dinner meal all in one. With the exception of dessert and we all know what that will be! I also know how this pot pie would be served at home.............with little teeny pieces of chicken instead of the nice plentiful chunks in mine.

Yesterday we saw this VW with some apparatus on the backside

Today, this purty deluxe model VW

and for my son
We finished off the day trip and came back down the same way we went up as opposed to circling around as others have. Bill enjoyed this drive and I had him laughing a few times with comments like “oh my, here comes my lunch!” or “hang on Clemmy, Daddy is having way too much fun on this journey!”.

The scenery once more was breathtaking, how often can one feel that and say that? If you’ve been here, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

 Bill stopped at a couple of turn-outs so we could hop out and take pictures. This was another great day.

This is B for Banner, a small blurb we drove through
on the way up the mountain

Coming back into Borrego Springs
We got back to Borrego Springs 

and stopped at The Mall so Bill could visit the Umpqua Bank. 
They had some cash for us. 

this is how some of the houses in the southwest look
It is exactly what I would expect

We arrived back home around 3:15 and warmer temps again.
After reading and a brief snooze, we watched our program Hunted for an hour before turning the tv off. By this time, we were ready for our piece of pie with a dab of Cool Whip on the side. Yummy! Delicious!
Two pieces are now missing.
I hope your day has been a nice one too. Thank you for reading along and please feel free to leave a comment. I love reading what you have to say!


  1. Glad you folks are enjoying Borrego Springs, Anza-Borrego State Park, Borrego Valley and all the areas around it. The more you discover the more awaits you.

    1. thank you Al, we love having places recommended to us. I know we'll come back next year, no question about it!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I know exactly what mean about the scenery. I take so many photos and then it is a problem trying to decide which ones to post. Yummy pie. I think we will be doing that too!

    1. I'm like that too with the photos and delete many when I download them. The pie was toooo delicious! Bill won't appreciate my homemade ones quite the same now that he is spoiled!

  3. Not sure how you could wait so long to dig into that pie. I know I'd have a hard time waiting that long.
    On another note, I see your blog has lots of room to make your photos much larger and I know this would make your photos pop more. Maybe you could find the setting to make that happen? :O)If Al can do it in his blog, so can you.

    1. Good thing the pie comes in a box and was in the back seat. It was such a good treat after having waiting so long! Thank you for the tip about my pictures. When you click on them, do they not open bigger? Or are they still too small? Al has some neat tricks up his sleeve, he takes amazing pictures! :) thanks Bob.

    2. Hi Patsy,
      When I click on your pics a picture viewer comes up which is the same as my site. My point, I think is there's already plenty of room for your pictures to be larger in your blog without doing that as most people don't click a picture while reading blogs. My point is your blog site would just look much better with larger pictures in it. And that should be able to be done with just setting the setting right in your dashboard. I'd tell you what setting to change, but I'm not using Blogger so the setting would be different for you in your dashboard, but I know it can be done. I think Doug, who commented, changed his recently and you can see the huge difference in his blog site for doing it, so he could explain what to do.

  4. Sure glad that you made it to Julian and looks like you had a wonderful day.
    The other road through Santa Isabel you will see very different scenery, a valley in the mountain, cattle grazing and amazing views on the decent. A bit longer drive but actually a quicker trip.
    Enjoy the area and keep having fun, did you find the snake yet, a short hike form where you are.

    1. Loved Julian, naturally. That book store blew me away although the prices were more than what I'd pay for used books. There are lots of shops we didn't go into but next year when we have a little more cash flow avail. we will. We'll also go back the Santa Isabel way, we don't mind the extra distance at all. Not sure where to find the snake but will ask around. I'm sure someone can direct us!

  5. Wasn't it a beautiful drive up there? I really liked that little Book Store. Bet it was a neat place to browse around in, but I bet the prices are similar to the cost of the pies in that town.

    1. Thought I responded to this. Hmm, guess I did in the email notice. We loved Julian and the drive up was awesome.The pie was well worth it but not sure if a book would be. :)

  6. Looks amazing!! We have a bit of a mild and very sunny day here today which has me dreaming of summer! You guys look like you are really nice and bronzed by the sun! Enjoy :)

    1. It is so beautiful here, yes. sounds like your winter has been sporadic with warm and cold temps. Nice to hear from you! Soon it will be spring.