Monday, February 6, 2017

Showers to Wake up to, Inside Day, Loud Rumbling Outside

Monday, Feb. 6th felt damp from the moment we got up so we knew what kind of day we were in for. I wonder what we'll get up to. At least Bill and I were prepared for this day, actually believing the inevitable forecast as it hasn’t changed from when we started checking it a few days ago. With our morning drinks, we connected easily to our blogs and read our regular posts. 
The fog behind us blocks our view of the mountain
It was a treat to see Lorne’s  post about Bloggerfest, from Jan. 28th. This was a follow-up post to his email of yesterday listing the names and blog addresses of the attendees.
I’ve been waiting to check out a few and now that we have a print-out, it will be a snap to find them. Thank you, Lorne and thank you, John for the great group photo!

A really nice turnout at Bloggerfest
The Lounge you’ve heard me mention houses not only 3 pool tables and places to play cards but the seating area is nice if you wish to read magazines or novels. In the same room, off in the corner is a table with an on-going jigsaw puzzle. 

Ooh, I do love passing an hour at these. Good lighting is important so I might have to go up later, if the rain settles down to see how well lit the table is.
A whole different view on this rainy foggy day
I know Bill finished his James Patterson book, 2nd Chance, yesterday so he will be sorting through the ‘new to us’ ones I brought back from the exchange to find another good one.
Clemson doesn't mind an inside day with Mom and Dad
Feeling a wee bit peckish this morning after my tea, I thought I would try a recipe out of Jorge Cruz’s, ‘The 100’, book that Pat loaned me. This book is about counting sugar calories, which I’ve never paid much attention to. I’ve tried to eat minimal carbs for about 6 years now but didn’t totally get which ones were better than others.

Skinny Muffin in a cup

50 seconds later

 Anyway, his book had some recipe suggestions with low carbs and low to no sugar so I thought I’d make the Skinny Muffin this morning. What a surprise! It came out perfectly with little preparation in a coffee mug and tasted pretty good! Bill ate half of it with butter but admitted it wasn’t too bad. I know what that means but that is okay, I don’t expect him to eat everything I experiment with.
Served with lots of butter
So the day just kept getting foggier and rainier and I found myself upstairs in front of the television. I had planned to get into some hobby, but sometimes even that doesn't feel right. I watched a few episodes of Long Island Medium and then rejoined Bill downstairs. 

Our wi-fi was sketchy off and on today, after me bragging about it, we believe because of the crappy weather. Now, it has improved so I’m able to finish this post. . As I’m sitting here, we hear a loud rumbling outside. There have been park trucks going back and forth for as many days as we’ve been here. We’re not sure what they’re hauling but we know every time they leave and return, they are making the mountain trip.

We know it isn’t thunder, perhaps a plane or helicopter but upon looking out the window I see the cause. All of the dumpsters in the park are on wheel dollies. Quite smart, actually, and perhaps more efficient than sending a large dump truck in and around these park lanes to pick up the garbage.

The rangers come around pulling 3 empty bins and
replace the ones that are full
 So the rest of the day was one for watching movies, reading and lazing around inside. Other than taking Clemson out for a walk in the drizzle, I didn't get my exercise today. Oh well, there is always another day for that.

We had a wieners and beans supper, fast and filling as we settled in to watch some of our usual programs on tv. We have to start watching them at 3 in order to catch home news and the 8 o'clock regulars. It feels weird but on a wet rainy day, we aren't missing anything out of doors.

I hope your day was a better one outside than this. 
Thank you for reading today, all comments are welcome.

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