Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Morning Walk Along the Beach, Critters Galore, Reading and Sunbathing

Elephant Butte Lake State Park
So, on Tuesday, Nov. 19th I wasted no time. Up at 6:15, dressed with a hoody, wind breaker, my vest, runners and my crocheted scarf, I was ready for a walk. Bill began making his coffee so had understood that I didn’t want my tea made yet. With a good morning kiss, there’s a private little joke there, I was out the door.

this is the main road and it goes almost to the water before
it turns into sand
I could see what was coming as I walked down
It was still a bit dusky but I could see on the eastern horizon that we’d have more sun today than I expected. It was 44F/6C and I’m glad to have found a pair of mini gloves and to have my head scarf to cover my ears. 

I was in a snapping frenzy so it was tough to choose just a few pictures
There was no wind but the brisk air was cool all the same. I headed down the lane towards the lake. I could see a man and his dog along the beach and soon discovered that he was there not only to walk with his best friend but also to snap photos of that beautiful sky.

The pink sky reflections were stunning

Indulge me please, there is still some 'popping' to happen
Each picture had me curious for more so just kept walking across the sand, up hills and down through the shrubbery where bunnies and quails hide. It felt good to get out and get my Fitbit sated again. 

At least start the motions of an early morning walk again. Back at the Suite, I was fully heated up and made my tea and sat to read the few blog posts I missed last night. Bill hadn’t opened the blinds yet so I did that to let the sun shine in.
And walking back up the hill, this is us up there on the hill
 By 8:30, Bill and I both were in shorts and he was outside emptying the basement to vacuum and spray for ants. There was another reason for doing this and without taking away from his post I will just say that he has a great idea for some work he wants to do under there. I sat outside in the sun with my book for an hour or so and then came inside for my shower. With that out of the way, I cooked us some bacon and eggs around 10:30. We’d not had them for a few days and they tasted good.

We are about half way down Loop B row
Bill was puttering around outside with various jobs after dishes and I moved out to my lazy, er, relaxing chair. My book was good and it was a good time to read it when I wasn’t tired. The sun was gorgeous and we got up to 72F today. At one point, Bill had moved the satellite dish and when I came inside, he was very happy to have retrieved a good connection. Not the best we’ve had and still in the yellow but good enough to get our programs tonight.

Bill had the basement emptied here

I moved back out even though I was now in the shade. It was still quite warm in my shorts. Clouds had moved in ahead of the showers that are forecast to start tonight. For some reason, we are in for a week of cold weather again. This is really strange. It seems we get a couple of warm and then hot days before it drops off again into abnormally cool temperatures. Fortunately, there is going to be a fair bit of sunshine throughout so that will help and it still isn’t anything like what they’ll be getting back home.

Around 3, I took my book indoors and watched some NCIS reruns with Bill. Now that we are 2 hours behind Ontario time, we have to catch our programs that much sooner. When it is on at 8, we have to watch it on our Shaw tv at 6. That means when Bill is barbecuing supper, like tonight, he needs to start earlier. Plus, it gets dark that much sooner so it is a win win all around.

Critter time!
This woodpecker was pecking at this pathetic branch right outside our window

This guy, can you see him? walked right behind my chair so I gave
Bill the camera and he ended up following him down 3 or 4 campsites

This looks like Mr. & Mrs. Gamble themselves
dressed for an evening out
 We went for a walk to take the garbage to the dumpsters and came back down row Loop A. Once we saw that there were 4 sites to reserve up there, we checked which one was closest to our site, just over the hill. 

They are nice large sites and park staff keep them
looking nice as soon as someone leaves
Jo-Anne, at her end in Brownfield, TX, is trying desperately to get one booked. They will be arriving tomorrow. Yay! Together again. The air has sure cooled off although it doesn’t reflect that on our indoor thermometer.

This is just on the other side of our Suite
Look at how chubby they are
The winds have picked up and we already know that we’ll have high gusts throughout the day tomorrow. Bill says the cool air I mentioned above is coming in from the Pacific coast, not that we feel any better knowing that. Good grief! I’ll stop whining now. 😉 I read another chapter of my book and then prepped the chicken breast and pork chop for the Weber. It has been a while since we’ve had these bbq’d.

And then I saw this guy
I guess I spoke too soon as while Bill lit the bbq and I washed the potatoes, the satellite dish lost its connection. Darn it! We were all set up to watch some programs and record others. Either the heavy clouds or the strong winds were enough to spoil that but never-the-less, no tv tonight unless we want to put a dvd in. Our supper, on the other hand, turned out great! Chicken/chop, baked potato and Caesar salad. Very nice.

Isn't he beautiful?
After dishes, we both sat at our laptops and turned the radio back on. May as well listen to some tunes. This was a great relaxing day. Bill accomplished things and I read quite a few chapters of The Gate House while catching some sun’s rays. This author has created a character in this book that I love. I've laughed out loud many times. 
No complaints about my view at all

I had a great view from where I was sitting and also enjoyed watching the critters running around. We’ve seen more road runners already this year than all of our previous 3 years put together. Now, I just need to find ‘Jack’ and I’ll be 100% content.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well. Thank you for your visit today.


  1. What a stunning sunrise and great pictures!

  2. Wonderful sunrise pics! The benefit of getting up early.
    Aren't those Road Runners cute! Good to see you have the proof of seeing one.

    1. It is really the best part of getting up so early. :)
      The road runners are adorable 'beep beep!'

  3. The sunrise is gorgeous! What no Lake pictures? Can you swim in there?

    1. Look again at the sunrise photos - do I need to buy you new glasses, sis? hahahaha
      I sjuppose you can swim in it if you want. No signs saying you can't.

  4. Gorgeous sunrise pics. You've got to love the desert. I'm glad to see so many birds around. I love listening to them in the morning. Looks like a great place to camp out.

    1. Thanks Nancy. There is just something about this desert surrounding, isn't there?
      Lots of birds.

  5. Love the critters! Have a great day.

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