Tuesday, November 12, 2019

With a Blink – It’s Cold and Windy, Shopping and Cleaning

St. Bernard, LA
It wasn’t a surprise when I woke up on Tuesday, Nov. 12th to a cold 44F/6C. All night long it was warm enough that we required no heat source at all. We’d been listening, following and watching weather reports that our home country of Canada has decided to share some of its bitter cold wintry temperatures. ‘Some’, I say, thank goodness they have kept the bulk of it themselves. With what we are getting, we’ll just grin, bear it and move on. It is only a phase, like desert boots.

The food was all removed, shelves and drawers wiped out
Voila! Clean fridge
We sat and read blogs, catching up on a few that don’t write every day but are still heading across the eastern states and dipping to the south. At 10, I made us bacon and eggs and that hit the spot. Then I was on a roll. I borrowed Bob’s ant spray Bug Stop so I could give the cupboard a good spray. First, I started by emptying the fridge, shelf by shelf. Wiping as I went. With just the door shelves left, I closed the doors and gave it a break. It tends to beep if you leave the doors open too long. That’s for us forgetful folk, I suppose.

With Bob's bug spray, I cleaned out
our pantry cupboards too
Then I moved on to the tall pantry and did the same thing. This time, spraying with the bug killer in each nook and cranny. Jo-Anne texted to see if we wanted anything, that they were heading in to town but we had planned on making the same trek ourselves with Black Beauty. If we fill her today, she’ll be ready for when we leave here on Friday. We got cleaned up and left within 15 minutes of them doing the same thing.

The bottom shelf is where the ants frequented but
each shelf got cleaned out
It was fuel first, at a little station with the great price of $2.47/gal and no hassle at the pump. It didn’t even ask for our ‘zip’ code as all the others did on the trip so far. Friendly pumps. 😊 From there, we went to Walmart in Chalmette and stocked up on a few groceries. While I started shopping, Bill walked across to see if the hair salon could fit him in. They did and he looked much trimmer and happier when he joined me in the produce aisle.

Down the street, Santa is reining in his...........um, alligators
We found the things on our list and many that weren’t but it felt good to add some vegetables, fruits and salads to the cart for our clean fridge. No surprise that we bumped into J & B since it is the best place to shop for food – or anything, really. Bill and I were on a search when we drove back, hoping to find an RO Water refill station. Hmm, we didn’t expect it to be such a challenge. You could do an exchange at Walmart but we wanted to keep our own bottle.

A good price for diesel
One more stop at CVS took care of the last items on the list and we drove home. It seems apparent that I’ll need to pick up a small case of bottled water to get me through the next week. Back home, I put groceries away and by then the sky was clear blue and the gorgeous sun had returned. The best news is that when we tried the upstairs tv, the weak (2-channel) satellite Bill discovered that it had failed and he couldn’t even get 1 channel. He figured the 24 mph winds jiggled it out of kilter.

A nourishing supper, topped off with strawberry pie
and whipped cream
Not one to give up easily, especially after having something in his grasp, Bill went out with his walkie talkie to adjust it. Without too much difficulty, we settled on a good signal of 77 yellow which gave him more than his original couple of channels. Let’s try downstairs. Immediately, without doing anything, I got multiple channels downstairs too. Woohoo! I was able to watch what I wanted as well. At 5:30, I got Madame IP out and started supper.

And because I don't have many pictures from today
It is time for a visit from Clemson
He was almost 4 years old here
 A pork chop for Bill and from a separate freezer pack, a large and small chicken breast for me. I wouldn’t eat both but I cooked them both up together with the chop. With a couple of potatoes and carrots and corn in the microwave for Bill, supper was done in 15 minutes. I finished by making gravy and it tasted great. We did the dishes after Bill went to talk to Bob and Jo-Anne about leaving a faucet dripping tonight. The temperature is going down to 34F but the wind chill will make it feel below freezing.

Clemmy sits beside the big stuffed dog we bought for
our granddaughter
With our television channels coming in, we couldn’t be happier on a Tuesday night. Our favourite tv night. While I was working on my blog post and Bill was working on his, NCIS came on at 7 pm Central. Oh yes, going to have to get used to the different time to watch our programs again. This was a quiet day with some shopping and a fresh new haircut for Bill. The fridge looks new again and the food cupboards have been emptied and restocked.

And another from when he was 2 years old
I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to share our little bum
Good night from Louisiana!
Thank you for your visit!


  1. Awww I love seeing Clemson pictures. He was so darn cute!!!

  2. Glad you got rid of your bug infestation.
    Good thing you aren't back at the Ridge. The Suite isn't made for this Cold Winter.
    Nice visiting with Clemson again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I hope you are winning the battle with the ants. They can sure be problematic. They got into our walls and we would see them come out between the wall and ceiling. We sprayed everywhere!

    New orleans is such a fun place. We did get to try the beignets at the Cafe du Monde. A bit too much powdered sugar for my taste, but a tasty treat.

    1. We'll win the battle - eventually. Just keeping an eye right now and spraying cavities etc.
      New Orleans is different for everyone. We should have stood in line for the beignets for sure.

  4. Always nice to see a picture of Clemson!
    Hope you have conquered the ant invasion. They are such little pests.
    We are in California, made sure we had the diesel tank filled before we left Nevada, only $5.68 for diesel here at Death Valley...LOL

    1. Thank you. I didn't think anyone would mind more pics of Clemmy.
      ONLY $5.68/gal? You're not doing too badly. Wow!!!

  5. Love the pictures you post of your little guy :) Hoping the work you did takes care of those annoying pests! You certainly got a lot done today. Nice you got to see N.O. in the warmth, what a dip in temps! Dinner looked yummy, I love chicken breasts! Nice to have frig and pantry stocked for a bit! Enjoy.

    1. Thank you K & S. so much of Higgins is like Clemson, we are enjoying those things.
      We had a great first day in N.O. and will go back today again. Cooler but pleasant still.

  6. Hey .... I think we have the exact same fridge. Good for you for cleaning it out. That's a job I hate to do. Dinner looks yummy!! I doubled checked fuel when I went to Fresno. Diesel was $3.39 a gallon compared to $4+ for regular gas.

    1. I love our fridge. :) Unlike when we had a house, I find no surprises in this one. Ha ha
      So, even though fuel is more expensive there than here, it is still cheaper than regular gas. Interesting!

  7. You probably know this already but if it asks for a zip code you can put in the numbers from your postal code followed by two zeros and that usually works.

    1. Thanks MT. Yes, we use that quite often at the pumps, especially on the way down. For some reason, to do with their cards maybe, B & J can't get theirs to work that way. Puzzler.

  8. It's lovely to see the photos of Clemson. Wasn't he just a cutie!

    Fingers crossed you've dealt with the ant issue for the last time.

    1. Thank you, fingers AND toes crossed! :)
      Clemson was a cutie for sure.

  9. Replies
    1. Ha ha, don't be facetious now, F.G. YES, we were cold after the 28C we had the day before.:)