Saturday, November 9, 2019

Relaxing Day in the Park

Richard's RV Park, St. Bernard, LA
It was a treat to wake up on Saturday, Nov. 9th to see clear sky out the window. Funny how we get spoiled with sun and then one day of dull clouds has us craving it immediately! It was a cool day for us travelers, only 44F upon rising at 6 am but it would soon be a balmy 63F. We had only the fireplace on last night and that was adequate for a comfortable sleep. We’re all in bed so early that rising early is getting to be a habit.

Good morning, sunshine!
I wasn’t up to a walk yet; it was still dark so I made a tea with Bill’s coffee and we sat and caught up on our friends’ adventures from the previous day. Being it was only 61F inside, I turned the heat pump on but forgot to turn the fireplace off. Oops! I tripped a breaker as we are only on 30 amp. Bill got us set up again and we took advantage of being connected to electric power while we could. I searched the area of and around St. Bernard to see what we could go see on the weekend.

I want to share these beautiful large trees
Are they cypress?
We walked over to the neighbours and told them about Home Depot nearby for Bob to fill his propane tanks. They ran out overnight so had a chilly wakeup this morning. After spending some time chatting and me rubbing Higgin’s belly, we sauntered back for breakfast. It was 9:00 and the sun was sure warming things up. I opened all blinds to warm the Suite up on free heat. Bob gave me a tip on cooking bacon so I tried that this morning and it was good. Less mess, I think. I’ll do it once more and give you a report. 😊

And later on a walk, I saw this one on a front lawn
With the dishes done up, I changed into a cooler top since it would be warm outside and we didn’t need the heat on inside anymore either. Bob and Jo-Anne left Higgins with us, our request, and went to fill their propane tanks. We sat outside, me with my book, which I finished, and Bill with his laptop. That sun was hot, certainly feeling hotter than the 61F that it was supposed to be and I’m not complaining one bit.

Dog-sitting Higgins

He sat in his bed on Clemson's blanket for a while
always watchful for his parents

And for a while, he settled down near me
It was an hour and a half or so when they returned and Higgins got all excited. We actually didn’t notice what time they left. Bill and I had talked about going into St. Bernard for some ‘touristy’ stuff but wanted to go as a foursome so decided it would be Sunday instead of today. We enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere just sitting. After they returned, Bill went inside for a snooze and when I went in a while later, he was sound asleep up on the bed with the tv on.

I opened one of my Pecan treats and had a couple
Sugar Free Chocolate Pecans
The temperature inside the Suite was 79F and I could hardly breathe so opened the windows all around to let some air flow. I don’t how he could sleep in that but maybe that helped! I needed to lay down too so stretched out on the couch with a window open at each end and closed my eyes for a few minutes. At shortly after 3, we took our chairs next door, inviting ourselves for Happy Hour while the sun was on their site.

I walked out and along the road but it is too narrow to be comfortable
so turned back and entered the park here

Happy Hour, right on time!!

Jo-Anne and I took pictures of this stately bird across the lane

He was so interested in these leaves that cars didn't deter him at all
At 4:30 we parted ways and Bill set the Weber Q up for barbecuing but it felt too early so we waited until 5 before he started grilling sausages. We hadn’t done fries at home for a while so I got the Air Fryer out and heated it up to 400F. We were eating by 5:30 and both the sausage and fries were wonderful! Come to think of it, it has been a while since we’ve bbq’d too. After dishes, I finished my post and turned on the pvr to watch a recorded program or two.

And the barbecue was ready to go
Bill went upstairs where he’d got a better satellite signal (we’re having issues with Shaw, Bob and Jo-Anne as well) and watched a movie. This has been a nice quiet day, just hanging around the park. We’ll be energized for more activity tomorrow.

And a delicious supper to finish the day
Good night!

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. There are numerous Shaw issues. If you have the Winegard system then send me an email and I can help you or just check my blog for the fix.

    1. Thank you, we don't but our friends do so I will check your blog for them. They'll be happy!

  2. We don't use satellite so I can't give you details but from some of the blogs I read it seems the Shaw dishes now need a $600 to $700 update to work. Most people are having that done in Quartzite.

    1. Yikes! Yes, we are waiting until we get to the Q to see what we have to do. Thanks. We are getting a couple of channels.

  3. Love those relaxing days. How fun to have Higgins along.

    1. Yes, me too! Higgins is a treat, like having grandkids visit. :)

  4. Maybe that is the answer...Share a dog? I sometimes make myself laugh being an almost native day of cloudy weather and I am thinking "oh this is nice" by the second day and definitely by the third day I am thinking "ok..enough of this"...ha!

  5. Reads like a perfect day, just relaxing at home.

  6. Glad to hear you are enjoying your stay at. Richards rv spot....why not right? We have mild Temps today with +2 this morning. We don't have the sunshine though!

    1. Sorry, I'm too selfish to share the sunshine but glad your temps have warmed up back home there. :)

  7. Great post Patsy! Looks wonderful there. Higgins is a cutie for sure. Looking forward to Happy Hour with you all down the road!

  8. Looking at your pictures that is exactly what we are aiming for. Sun, warm temps and relaxation. Soon, I hope.
    We are doing a different route this winter but will aim for the southwest again next winter. What is the plan for New Orleans?