Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Better and Better, Pecans and Other Nuts, Shopping Spree!

Southern Trails RV Resort, Unadilla, GA
On Wednesday, Nov. 6th I was awake first, around 5:30 but just relaxed until closer to 6 when I got up. When I moved to stretch my legs, Bill stirred and got up with me. I had the itch to walk and even though at 6:20 it was still pretty dark, there was a glimmer of the sun on the horizon. I knew it would rise within my 30-minute walk. I took my camera, and slipped my safety vest on over a hoody. No poufy vest required; it was 54F.

My morning walk - join me?

Beautiful horses, school bus, very short stop sign

Cotton plant, Southeastern Arena

 The waited for sunrise was worth it
I went outside the park and followed the road around behind the park (unknown name) past the back of the Arena to the stop sign and carried on back up to Arena Rd. to the park again. It was about 2 miles so a good way to start the day. That was when the sun rose and what a beautiful sight. The sky was pure blue and I knew the day would warm up quickly. When I got back, I made and drank my tea before sorting 2 loads of clothes. Bill drove me up to the main building where I loaded them up and stayed to read.

I checked out the clubhouse books

 It is a nice size clubhouse,games room with a nice
kitchen at the back
During the drying process, I walked to the clubhouse at the other end of the building to have a peek. There was a jigsaw puzzle but it was already finished and with this gorgeous day, I wasn’t going to start another. I perused the books on the exchange shelf and found one by Anne Tyler with what seemed to be an interesting story. We’ll see. I’ll drop off the 2 we have read before we leave. Bill joined me to help fold clothes and bring them back in the truck.

Ellis Bros. Pecan's - We're Nuts is their slogan
After a coffee each, Bill’s second, Bob invited us to join them to go to the We’re Nuts store in Vienna, 12 miles down the road. Sure thing! This was a neat spree and we walked out with quite a few little 8 oz. containers after taste testing various flavours. Love those pecans! Pronounced ‘pee-cahns’, dontcha know! Thank you, Jo for pointing that out, we don’t want to sound like bumpkins, do we?

In the back seat, Jo-Anne, Higgins and I perused on her phone where else we could go and the billboard signs of ‘Clothing Carnaval’ intrigued all of us enough to go further to Exit 122 and check it out. Bill hit the jackpot, with shoes, pants and a shirt and good prices and that is rare, that he finds so much that he likes. Jo-Anne found a top and I rehung the awesome $8 dress back on the rack. If it had been a Medium, it would be home with me now.

Just some late morning, early afternoon stuff
I did find a cute bracelet at the checkout so bought that for myself. Then we went into one more store, Western Affair (or something like that) and other than the lonely shopkeeper who had to chat our ears off, it was a neat store. Jo-Anne found a $2 - $5 rack and she was just small enough to cash in on a couple of items there. I’m doing good, not purchasing any clothes ……yet! I do have a lot of things in my closet and this past few weeks have helped me realize that I need/want to purge.

Back home, I made us a stuffed omelette and when that was finished and dishes done, Bill drove into the Shell for diesel. I walked the garbage to the dumpster and dropped those 2 books off at the clubhouse. Now both trucks are topped up and we are good for morning travel. It is 75F outside and time for me to move myself outdoors. I took my book and water out to the sun and managed to finish my book. That was a good one. Bill was busy for most of the afternoon, putting the satellite dish and bbq away as well as dusting and wiping down the leather inside Black Beauty.

And the sun set shortly after 5
Jo-Anne is catching on quick as she showed up on our site with a drink in hand at 3:30, “Isn’t it Happy Hour time?” That was cute! Who are we to deny a sit down to spend time together? And who are we to discourage newbies from getting in the groove? So, Bill finished his jobs and we each had ourselves a cold drink. This has been a fun wonderful day and the weather co-operated from beginning to end. The guys are in shorts and Jo and I are in skimpy tanks and shorts as well. 

Jo-Anne and Higgy saw this while they went out for a piddle
At 5:30 Jo-Anne came inside with me to learn how to reheat in the Instant Pot. I didn’t know I could do that so Googled it this morning while doing laundry. I had leftovers to clean up too. Roast beef sliced thin, dressing, gravy and Jo-Anne brought the leftover salad from last night. It worked like a charm for the beef. I did the gravy on the stove and the dressing in the microwave on reheat. Bill and Bob had a slice of bread to make it a hot roast beef meal. For dessert, I dished up Orange Creamy Jell-O with whipped cream as a topper. Yummy!

Above I was playing with the settings
When the ‘kids’ left, we loaded up the dishwasher to take care of the dishes tonight. I know Jo-Anne would have helped do them but we like to use our Fisher Paykel every once in a while. When we have company, the dishwasher earns its keep! Bill was writing a post tonight also so I gave him some of the pictures I’ve taken over the last few days. You may see some you’ve seen before in my blog. Check his post out here.

Tonight was their turn to help us clean out our fridge
and we did a good job!
Good night everyone!
I worked on my own blog post and then we sat and watched a couple of recorded programs. Tomorrow is moving day so it will be an early start again. We’ll try and get on the road around 8 am. I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow night (unless I'm too tired) to see where we end up. I’m posting on time tonight, just for Shawn. 😊 And yes, your Mom IS Chillin’ with Patsy!

Thank you for your visit tonight!


  1. Nice day for all of you. Curious to see if you stop at another place close to where I lived. My Dad moved us all around southern Georgia and Florida when I was young. Both my grandparents lived in Florida.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome day and a little shopping too! Great pictures! Travel safely today and enjoy! :)