Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Windy Start, Jack Rabbits, Friends Arrive

Elephant Butte Lake State Park, New Mexico (pictures not necessarily in order)
Wednesday, Nov. 20th started out to be a pretty nice day. It was 54F when I got up. Oh, I should start by telling you that after we both were in bed at 8:30 last night (!), I was up at 5. Up, out of bed and downstairs with my book where I read for an hour and a half. Bill joined me around 5:30, I think, and I skipped my tea and got dressed for my walk. By now, it was light enough.

Walking a trail - missing my buddy, Pat
I didn’t need to layer up today so just wore a hoody and my vest. Today, I went back up the highway that we came in on. I know I was smiling, maybe not outwardly but certainly inwardly. The peacefulness here and the fresh air felt great. 

I managed a selfie on the same bench as last winter
To top things off, I saw 3 jack rabbits! I didn’t climb any fences or chase them around the park, just so you know. I stuck to the trail behind the Desert Cove Loop and although I saw some little bunnies, no more Jacks.

Bunny rabbit or jack rabbit?
Then I saw the ears
 It was along this trail that I was missing my buddy back home. Pat and I enjoyed walking this trail last winter so I texted her with a picture of the rock lined walkway. Then, of course, I had to sit on the bench and take a selfie to send her. I know they would be here if they could so maybe next time. I look forward to new memories here with Bob and Jo-Anne (and Higgins, of course), they will be here shortly after lunch and we hope they like this park as we do.

Are you looking at my ears?
Following the trail up to the main road, I realized that I was close to the marina so walked across to take some pictures. That is when the sun decided to make its presence so that helped my photography a lot. I texted Bill to let him know that I was okay, since I knew I was going to be closer to the hour than the normal 30 minutes. He didn’t answer so I knew he was in the shower, which was good as well. After returning home, he said he’d begun to wonder and missed my text.

These trees in the fall create a nice 'straw' like bed
for the critters with their leaves
I made a tea and because the winds were gusting around the 20 mph again, I stayed inside and read a few blog posts. It is nice to see what our friends are up to and where they are today. Bill wasn’t giving up on the satellite, one of the things I love about him, and went out to adjust – again. This time, he easily got a green bar running around 84 so, even though last night we missed all of our shows, this made us happy – again. Maybe a little leery, with turning it off, he left the tv on.

The sky as I was just going out for my walk
Around 9:30, we drove into Truth or Consequences (still one of my favourite town names) and got propane, stamps and then Walmart to buy a few groceries and get our RO bottle of water filled. $1.45 total for 5 gallons. Good grief, can you believe that? I’m glad we switched from the small bottles. On the way home, Bill said he was getting hungry and hoped to have Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for brunch. Yes, I allowed him to put a pack in our grocery cart a few days ago. Ha ha, as if I could stop him.

And the sun rose as I turned and headed for home
The rain last night was very obvious along the trails
Anyway, after putting groceries away I followed the steps in our convection oven for baking them. It was a bit frustrating, some things I’m still learning, but they turned out awesome when I stopped it with 2 minutes left for baking. I hate to admit that I enjoyed these ooey, gooey things with butter and icing as much as Bill did. After dishes, Bill and I watched the last half hour of one of the Hallmark Christmas movies. Oh-oh, is the background music putting me in the mood?

Looking out over the marina at the sunrise
I noticed at Walmart, wandering down the aisles looking for cards, that I s miss the hunt for gifts. I said as much to Bill, not that I had to, and he answered “yes, I know you do”.  I don’t miss spending all that money though, so it is a bit of an oxi-moron. Isn’t it? Maybe I’ll play some of our cd’s and get started on our stockings early to bide the time until we are Pilot Knob when the decorations can come out.

When that movie ended, he switched to see the ending of another so I caught up on my blog and then took a walk down to the beach. The north side of the sky was blue and the south side was cloud covered. It was warm out so I didn’t need my vest this time. The temperature is reading 60F. I walked along the beach, got some selfies, felt the water (definitely not 73F as advertised at the front gate) and walked back up the hill to the Suite.

Where we are

Cinnamon rolls - what a nice change
Inside, Bill and I sat and watched some NCIS reruns until we heard from Jo-Anne. They were 30 minutes away and Bill agreed to meet them at the gate and help guide them in. They don’t need us to do that but since it is a long way in, things are much easier with a personal guide. Bill left at 1:30 and I put my hoody on and went up to their side and then up the hill behind it. I could see the entrance gate from there and could watch for Big Red through the zoom on my camera.

I had company on my walk
It was very windy so I walked around to find the most sheltered view in amongst the shrubs. Other campers, if they saw me, must have thought….well, I can’t even imagine what they thought. I could see Big Red up at the gate and I saw Black Beauty leading them back through the campground. Unfortunately, by then, rain had started and my glasses were getting spattered. Good thing I had my hoody. I walked down to their site and waited for them at the sheltered picnic table. I waved as they pulled up.

Last winter, they were just finishing these new washrooms
Someone is very trusting and left their 'toy' moored here
I looked around an couldn't see a trailer or vehicle
Lake pictures for Donna
When Jo-Anne got out, Higgins pulled at the leash and came to greet me. Once he heard Bill’s voice, he got all excited and couldn’t wait to get out. We greeted once Bob got in the spot and chatted a bit about the weather, their park, their drive and this park. The rain stopped and the warm sun came back out. Too bad for the wind, still at 20 mph, as without it this would be a gorgeous day. Bill and I left them to set up and walked down the hill to home.

Did I say it was windy?

Time for a snack, so I sliced a Gala apple, got a few walnuts out and Bill cut some cheese to share. He prefers his cheese with Ritz crackers. I updated my blog post and then sat with my book. I’m getting close to the end and it is getting harder to put it down. Around 3:30, I texted Jo-Anne to see if they were just relaxing for the rest of the day, they were the ones who traveled today, or did they want to join us for Happy Hour. I wasn’t surprised at their response and we’ll get together tomorrow.

I saw this sky overhead and thought I'd better get back up the hill
So, I made us each a tea anyway and Bill and I sat together. NCIS reruns, you know. At 4, Bill went upstairs to watch a movie and I kept reading. I couldn’t put my book down and when I finally got to the end of a very long exciting chapter, it was 6:00. Jeepers! I’d better get supper on the go. Madame IP came out of the cupboard and I sautéed 3 farmers sausages and then cooked them with an onion for a total of 8 minutes and with a natural release for 6 minutes.

Reserved for Francis's
With my zoom lens, I could see them approach the gate
And from our level we can see their site
While it was cooking there was a knock at the door and Bob and Jo-Anne came in with Higgins. Just out for a short walk, down the hill to visit their ‘neighbours’. Us. 😊 Supper wasn’t ready so we invited them in to sit for a while and I got some lovin’ from that little pooch. Bob loaned us the latest movie they’d bought, Rocketman, the story of Elton John. So, after we had our sausage on a bun, we cleaned up dishes and put the movie in.

And from their level looking down to our site
We love Elton John’s music and don’t know a lot about his life story so it was very good. I may have to pick up a copy of our own. The evening, thanks to the movie, was a whole lot later one than last nights. This was a great day and we are reunited with our friends again.

And reunited with this little guy
Simple but delicious sausage on a bun with my
homemade relish
Good night everyone!
Thank you for stopping in today.


  1. Nice that your friends have joined you again and once again some great sunrise pictures :-)

    1. We are happy that it was only a temporary break up. haha We have much to show them!

  2. I believe you mentioned at some time that you have XM radio. There are several channels that play Christmas music. There is traditional, country, classical etc. Go to the XM website and they will tell you the channel #'s. We listen to them every year.

    1. Oh yes, I forget that each year too! thanks Ruth, easier than replaying cd's for sure!

  3. Threatening clouds, but aren't they beautiful? I love that the sites there are so far apart. Keep the critter pictures coming!!

    1. Yes, those clouds looked ominous but beautiful. And they were just for pictures as it didn't amount to anything really other than wind and a few drops of rain. :)

  4. Glad you are enjoying Elephant Butte Park and hope you can show Bob and Jo-Anne around Truth or Consequences.
    Looks like you are around the area we were in by the stairs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Higgins.

    It's about time.

  5. Nice relaxing day with the return of friends. And some jack rabbits to boot. I have 10 Ritz crackers each morning smeared with crunchy peanut butter with a slice of cheddar cheese on each with two cups of coffee each morning. Delicious. Enjoy the area.

  6. Glad your friends caught up with you. It will be nice to have the company. And you know Higgins will need to be walked. :)

    I saw Rocketman in the theatre and thought it was good, but I preferred Yesterday, the movie about Freddy Mercury. I felt that Rocketman had too many "spontaneous" dance scenes that seemed too contrived.

  7. Glad your friends arrived safe and sound. Also glad that you are once again finding the park as enjoyable as you have previously. All those critters must be happy that you aren't stalking them this year. Hahaha.
    Enjoy the time and the friends.