Tuesday, November 5, 2019

New Travel Day, Frost on the Grass, Resort Rest

Southern Trails RV Resort, Unadilla, Georgia
On Monday, November 4th after waking first at 4 am, I dropped off within minutes and slept until 6. Bill was just getting up so I began my stretching, hoping to keep the cramps out of my legs today. We had only the blue flame heater on all night and it wasn’t too bad in the Suite. Bill turned the furnace on for a bit to warm the floors more than anything.

Bob and Jo-Anne's new overnight location
We jiggled to get in here once patrons left for the night

We had our tea and coffee and Bill warmed up the rhubarb muffins Jo-Anne gave us on Saturday. That hit the spot. I made up 2 more bun sandwiches for lunch and that used up the last of the egg salad. It worked out perfectly from using 6 eggs. We like generous egg filling. The parking lot sure looked different in a near empty status with only some landscaper vehicles taking up spaces. We couldn’t believe they were cutting the frosty grass.

He pushed it under the fence too far and got caught
Bill eventually slipped down the hill and helped him
Bill suggested we pack up and move back to where Bob was parked so we wouldn’t get blocked in with breakfast patrons so I closed slides and that’s what we did. The traffic on I-75S of which we had a god view was very slow and jammed around 7 – 7:30 so we bided our time inside Big Red until 8:15. Google Maps was being stupid with directions out of there but both our gps units were on the ball and got us onto I-75S quick and easy.

We were biding our time (it is only 8:06)
Now, I've changed the time - must've forgot
Every picture time will be an hour late
The sky was blue with wispy clouds sprinkled across it and the sun was warm. When we woke, it was 32F but after being on the road for 10 min. we were warmed up to 43F/6C. Perfect! We were under blue skies for quite a while when all of a sudden, in our view was thick fog. Then we realized we were crossing the Tennessee River. When I took a picture of the river, you see what we saw. And then as quick as it appeared, the fog dissipated.

All of a sudden, the sun was gone - lost in the fog

The beautiful Tennessee River
What do you mean you can't see it?

Try now
This is a great drive; we have no complaints about the interstate roads and it isn’t overly busy. It is getting us where we need to go and as quickly as possible. When I felt the urge, I suggested to Bill that I’d start searching for a Rest Area. The first one on my gps turned out to be just a truck weigh station so we carried on into Georgia and found the Information Centre. It was good and we stretched our legs, took care of business and Jo-Anne and I signed the guest book and got some free Georgia peanuts for each of us. They were good too!

Nice view - no justice in the pictures though

Called Crossing Church or something like that

Georgia Entry
We felt that we were making good time and would be at our destination campground in good time. We took the bypass around Chatanooga in Tennessee and then I-275E around Atlanta. That was pretty wild but much better than downtown would have been. It was noon hour and as much as you don’t want to be travelling through big cities during rush hours, it happens and you deal with it. We had no issues, just followed the road and kept an eye on our friends in Big Red.

Jo-Anne and Higgy at the Information Centre

Free stuff
We were down to less than ½ tank of fuel around noon so once out of the major hub bub, Bill and I decided to pull off. Bob’s tank was just above ¼ so we didn’t want to add any stress to the otherwise great day. Unfortunately, we did just that by pulling into a BP station. We got in okay but they had no diesel. Across the street at the RaceTrak, they had bags over their diesel pumps too. Hmm. This was not good.

I love the tall straight trees along here

Catching the bypass around Atlanta

We got back on the interstate and drove another 21 miles to Exit 201. There were multiple choices of travel centres here so chose TA and both got topped up. From there, we drove around back to the truck parking and ate our late lunch. It was 1:30. We were hungry, almost gnawing on the arms kind of hungry. 😊 Back on I-75S we had an hour and a bit to go to our destination. It will be nice to sit tight for 3 days.

Bill and I chuckled at the yellow signs on his truck

Smooth sailing on the 5-lane Interstate

The American flag flies proudly

Warm, warm, warm
Happy kids we are!

If Clemmy were with us, he'd have them all bunched up in a ball
So, let's pretend 💓
Now, where are my kleenex?
For the remainder of our drive, we were on bypass I-475 and off again around Macon and before we knew it, we were pulling off on Exit 121. Unadilla, Georgia gives us our membership park, Southern Trails RV Resort. Not realizing that this was a park that is open to the public for $20/night, we had reserved under Coast to Coast so we could bring our friends in for $15/night. We were invited to find our own sites with 30-amp service and were all set up by 4:30.

Southern Trails RV Resort entrance
The weather had warmed up considerably since we left this morning and I had de-layered 3 times. It was 70F/21C with no sun, warmer outside than in the Suite so we opened up our outside door to let warm air in. Bill drained and flushed our tanks and since we’d run out of water last night he added to our tank to test the fresh water gauge. It was working today, so removing the rusty filter seemed to be the ticket.

A few views of the quiet park

I climbed up the ladder slide to get a picture of the pool

Mini Golf

50 amp area for an extra couple of bucks
We easily got the satellite dish set up, not full reception but enough for now. NCIS was on. Time to relax. I had a bit of a headache, I figure from the late lunch, so took a couple of Advil and went for a walk around the park. It isn’t very big but very suitable for our needs. 

Lots of squirrels - that's where all the pecans have gone!
Back at the Suite, I made myself a tea and sat in my recliner to write my blog while Bill set up the Weber and finished with the tanks. A little while later, I wondered what he was doing, darkness was falling. I found him next door sitting enjoying a rum and Coke so finished my tea and poured myself a vodka and Sprite and walked back.

while relaxing inside with my tea, this is the best I could do
for a sunset shot
First Happy Hour with our friends

Handing the camera to Bill, I was present as well
It was a warm night, around 55F, but once it cooled
a bit, Bob brought Jo her afghan and Higgins wanted it
Higgins is excited whenever he sees us and now takes turns sitting with Bill and I for a bit even when Jo-Anne is sitting down. He is a Momma’s boy, like Clemson was. I missed the pretty sunset but did get a picture of us all enjoying our first Happy Hour. This was a great travel day and yet we are glad to be off the road for 3 nights.

And here we are all set up with one empty site between us
that had problems with connections
It was a Good night!

Thank you for visiting to see where we ended up! I love hearing from you if you care to leave a comment.


  1. Sounds like things are going well and three days of rest sounds like just the ticket to get you the rest of the way. Was thinking the amount of driving you do one way would be like a major vacation to us...Ha!

  2. Glad you are making good time with only minor Hick-ups.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer temperatures.

    It's about time.

  3. Moving right along making good time. We have stay there at southern Trails many times over the years. usually a week and a time maybe 2. There is so many interesting things to see in that area. and Collecting the fish pecans to be gathered, have you found any yet.

  4. I'm sure you'll enjoy your brief stay at the park. 70F, I wish!

  5. I would suggest you not always assume that a "by-pass" is better.
    i30 straight through downtown Dallas and Ft Worth is far, far better and easier than trying to go around, even better than trying to go way, way around. Of course rush hour is heavy, but an easy straight shot with little searching for right path.
    Let Google show you how easily traffic is moving across town.
    Love your blog of your adventures.