Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Park Life, Enjoying the Warm Day

Unadilla, GA
We were awake before 6 but waited until then to get up on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. It was still dark so Bill made my tea and I sat with him to work on my blog. Last night was a lazy night, watching The Voice for a bit over an hour and I went to bed. Wasn’t in the frame of mind to download pictures. I forgot to post that we ate supper around 7:30 and it was simple. Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. That was good.

A simple late meal - not too heavy
Then I was in bed by 9:30 and slept really well. The park is quiet even though the Interstate is not far from the road in. We are far enough back to enjoy the peacefulness. Part way through my tea and posting, the day was brightening up so I poured my tea into a thermos and left it for my return. It was time to get out for a walk. At 54F/12C I just needed my long sleeve shirt and poufy vest to be warm. I took more park pictures as I wandered every lane. I met Jo-Anne in her jammies walking Higgins. One thing about pooches, they need us to take them out for their morning constitution.

Jo-Anne conveniently stayed out of this blurred photo
When I returned, Bill was reading blogs so I sat too and finished my brew. We discussed the travels ahead, wanting to stay one night only on the lower west area of Florida. From there, it was jumbled even though we knew which direction we were headed. After we each had a shower and I made us bacon and eggs, Bob and Jo invited us to go to Perry to the Walmart. We went along thinking of just a couple of things to pick up but came out with a load of groceries.

Why not, was our thought. Now that we don’t need to worry about crossing any borders, we can restock on a few things. Jo-Anne has some pulled pork that they want to eat up but too much for the two of them so invited us over for dinner. I picked up a salad in the store and tomorrow night we’ll have them for the leftover roast beef we need eaten up. Back home after shopping, we all changed into shorts and sat outside our respective units.

The Bath House is really warm and clean
We went for a walk together up to hear about Coast to Coast memberships – love the ‘join free’ spiel but just for kicks and giggles wanted to hear it. No sale, sorry. When we returned, we sat together next door and just enjoyed the heat of the afternoon. It reached 73F/23C and got even warmer inside the Suite. We shared some good stories, laughter and watched Higgins keep an eye on the many many squirrels. He’s learning not to chase them, and just sits and watches.

A cute little Chapel for Sunday Service
Of course, you're going to get a selfie
Most of these resorts make the entrance appealing
Pretty good price for an rv park with full hookups
If there was a Hallowe'en bus, this would be it
the 50-amp service area had a lot of trailers

The biggest surprise was when the sun came out
We were pretty thrilled about that
When Bill, Bob and Jo-Anne went inside the office
Higgy and I stayed outside
No pets allowed
Watching squirrels tires one out, doesn't it?
At 5:30, Jo-Anne went in to start supper so we came back and I got the salad ready too. Pulled pork on a bun, Bush’s brown beans, salad, homemade pickles and beets and apple crisp with cream for dessert. It was nice to share a meal together around 6 and we returned home just before 7:30. Unfortunately, we had lost the satellite connection and this is Tuesday night. You know what that means. A couple of disappointed people, it is our night for shows and we already missed last weeks.

A nice sunset
A great dinner tonight
Thanks Jo and Bob
Bill went out to try and realign the dish but nothing was working so he went online and asked for a reset. Of course, it isn’t life or death but even though Mick Jagger says “you can’t always get what you want” – sometimes you can! When Bill was about to give up, Bob told him that they lost theirs too and when he turned it off and on again, they got it. Finally, we got a yellow signal at 69 and as long as it holds, we’ll be able to watch and record some things.

Higgins loves his kong with peanut butter
The rest of the evening went well and I was in bed by 10. This was another great day and our first opportunity on this journey to sit and relax.

Good night from Southern Trails RV Resort

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like beautiful weather. I'll have you know my family lived just outside Perry on Houston Lake. Spent many days rowing our rowboat on that lake. Of course, this was back in '52 when my Dad was in the Airforce stationed at Warner Robbins AFB. Met Ike Eisenhower at the airbase when he stopped there. Always loved southern Georgia. Enjoy your stay.

    1. This lovely weather just encourages us to keep going, not that we need it. :)
      Interesting story about your Dad living here and especially meeting Ike! Bill saw the AFB when we drove by, he has an eye for those things.

  2. We loved Southern Georgia. We stayed at that RV Park for 10 days last year. It's our 'home park' so we stayed for free. You are in a great area. Hope you get to see the sights.

    1. It is pretty here. this is a very low key quiet park and that is always nice for a day or two stopover. We probably won't tour much, instead just enjoy the warmth. Thank you!

  3. It's always nice to have a down day in your travels, and lucky you that you got some warm weather to go along with it.

    1. Never having been here we were glad to have this park on our route to slow down a bit.

  4. I'm been duped by those RV park signs a couple of times. The $20 turned in to $40 if you wanted a hookup. Glad the sun came out for you. Higgins look like a sweetheart. Who wouldn't love to chase those squirrels?

  5. Sounds like you found the warmth and in a pretty nice place. I always find the first few days of traveling, when we leave, exciting. Stopping for a few days and catching our breaths for the first time always says to me we are truly on the next adventure. Enjoy! Like the suns light in your last picture.

  6. As I'm sitting here in the freezing cold -21C this morning, I am beyond envious of your warm temperatures. Enjoy!