Sunday, November 24, 2019

On Line Shopping, Quiet Day at the Suite, Meeting New Friends

Elephant Butte S.P., New Mexico
On Sunday, Nov. 24th I woke up at 7 and there was already sunlight coming in through the blind edges. I couldn’t believe we both slept so late. Well, late for us. It was that movie last night that we watched in bed until 11 that did it. I actually watched and enjoyed a couple of Hallmark Christmas movies.

I was an hour later for my walk and the sun was up
and reflecting off the lake

If there were pumpkins here.......
well, I guess frost on the gourds makes sense
My favourite was not the Graceland ‘Home for the Holidays’ but instead one called The Nine Lives of Christmas. Cute and a very different story from the usual: girl goes back ‘home’, puts on a Christmas concert, reunites with a high school boyfriend and big fancy job back in the city. This one was fun and the actors were unique and not perfect, making it a little more real for me. I’m sure there will be more that I’ll watch and enjoy with my sweetie before the season is over.

I like this
"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are gravel"
this guy had a Class A with a beautiful motorcycle on the back,
this tow vehicle with a 2-wheel bike on top plus
a surf board
An adventurer, I'd say
I left for my walk while Bill made his coffee and prepped my tea. I went a different route again this morning that took me through Loop Quail Run, Loop Desert Cove up Ridge Rd. and back down Dirt Road. I managed 2 miles before I returned home 45 minutes later. I’m really enjoying my early walks. I saw Jack ahead of me on Sumac just before turning into our Level B at Lions Beach. He stopped and then was gone. No picture, he outsmarted me today.

The view from Quail Run was pretty nice
 I had my tea back home and caught up on our friends’ blogs. It seems most everyone who is heading to the southwest is on their way. With the exception of one couple. We’re waiting. It’s going to happen. 😊 When my tea was finished, I got washed and went online to check out Walmart for Instant Pot accessories. I want to replace the rubber ring and look at a glass tight fitting lid for when I sauté. The spatters can make a mess.

And as I made my way along Ridge Rd. another
pretty shot of the marina view
There was success with that and I discovered that if I spent $35 (rather than the $20 of my order) I would get free delivery and/or free pickup at the nearby store. It was easy to spend the extra $15 and found a silicone bakeware sling and a cake pan. Yay! I was excited and the order should arrive in a couple of days. I want the sling for roasting our turkey on Thursday. After placing the order, Bill went out to start emptying our gray tank. It is almost 100% full.

Can you see my shadow down there?
I made scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast 
While out there, he met a couple walking by who are from Kitchener, Ont. Canada. Now that is fun! Kitchener is about an hour and a half from our home in Priceville. Small world. They hit it off and Bill called me out to meet Gail and Manfred. 
After chatting for a while, Gail thinks she met us at
the Toronto RV show a couple of years ago
She recognized Bill - kind of, sort of
I’m not a very good hostess as it took Bill, after half hour, offering them a coffee before I clicked into ‘mode’ and invited them to sit with us. I need to be better than that! I called Jo-Anne and Bob and invited them to join us since we are all about meeting new people and Canadians makes it even wilder!

Their unit that has been at the end of our row on Level B
since we arrived but never noticed
Darn! They're leaving tomorrow!
So, we sat and talked about travels. It is their 4th year as well so we had that commonality. They are more freedom travelers, and don’t necessarily make too many definite plans like we do. They travel as she says ‘by the seat of their pants’ and that is very neat as well. Gail gave me some insight into websites like Boondocker's Welcome and told us about picking up a non-resident park pass for N.M. Talking to Manfred, we are put in mind that he and Benno (another blogging friend) would really hit it off. Maybe one day they will meet up.

Bill finished emptying our tanks
We shared the conversation and I learned about a new hobby that Gail is into and with Manfred’s machinist (?) skills, they have a successful little enterprise that has stemmed from it. Gail, at one point, after seeing our ‘personal’ card thinks that they met us a few years ago at the Toronto RV show. Now that is amazing!! The world got smaller even still when Manfred said that they have a campsite at Turkey Point back home where Bob and Jo-Anne have a cottage. 15 minutes apart. Are you shaking your heads?

Ignore the 4 spaceships (our indoor lights)
and enjoy this view to the east as the sun
declines in the west
 After exchanging a sample of her hobby with me and one of my painted rocks with her, we said goodbye with promises to keep in touch online until we meet again down the road. Sometimes you just click, eh? Bill went back out to fill our blue boy and take it to the dump station in Desert Cove. It didn’t take long and he was back for a second load emptying the gray tank.

view to the northwest
We think our black tank is okay but he decided to take one load of that as well. It only took one trip to empty it so we were doing good after 10 days. We could have gone another week with the black tank and then dumped on our way out but with the macerator up in the back of the truck, it was easy, not having to pull the blue boy down the road. Now, it’s done and we don’t have to think about it for the rest of our time here.

And a pretty sky to the northeast over the lake
I took my chair around to the back side of the Suite and sat in the sun for half hour or so. The sun feels so nice and there wasn’t any breeze so I was toasty. At one point, feeling restless again, I swept our mat off and the cement pad that our picnic table was sitting on. With my laptop outside on the table, I pulled up the park’s wifi and searched for a website with a scarf pattern. I have wool to use up and unless I make something soon, I'm afraid I'll forget how to crochet! LOL

It didn't take me long to come up with something for supper
Some days, I'm just not great at planning ahead
The wifi worked but not very quickly and it was difficult to see the screen in the brightness. When Jo-Anne offered a spot in the sun on their patio, I finished what I was doing and went up with my chair to join them. It was nice to sit and Jo and I discussed Instant Pot accessories and recipes. She is very curious, interested in ‘what can I make next?’ and is open to my suggestions and instructions. Bob was prepping a fire for tonight and invited us down after supper.

And here it is, a lovely fire

I came back when the sun disappeared behind the bushes and Bill and I had air fryer chicken breast pieces with salad for supper. A couple more pieces of cheesecake for us left enough for one more night. I still say ‘yum’ when I eat it, it was such a success. After dishes, around 6 the fire was ready so we dressed warm and I carried my drink and afghan up the hill. Bill carried his chair up since I'd left mine up there earlier.

Everyone is entranced by a fire
The fire was warm and within 15 minutes, Lynette, Bob and Jo-Anne’s neighbor, came over as well. It was nice to meet another rv’er and hear her relay stories of her life in the Navy and around New Mexico. She sounds like quite a remarkable lady and we enjoyed her company very much. She is full of life and joy, giving us cause to laugh out loud often. We had a nice evening and by 8:30 (I know that sounds early) the chill of the 44F air around us sent Bill and I back home.

Bob, Jo-Anne w/Higgins, Linette, my chair, Bill
good night
from E.B.L.S.P.
It is my back that gets chilled first and I know from experience that means it is time to move out of the cold. We said our goodbyes and will exchange cards with Lynette in the morning. What a nice day we’ve had. The only chore on the agenda, dumping tanks, was taken care of early and the rest of the day was relaxing. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well.

Thank you for dropping in!


  1. Nothing better than meeting new friends on the road. I'm glad your cheesecake turned out well. Amazing, isn't it? I too need the glass top for my instant pot. On-line shopping .. my favorite pastime!

    1. We meet so many people and sometimes the connection sticks! Like you! :)
      I've never shopped a lot online but lately have been getting into the swing of it more.

  2. Nice to meet new friends from home, hopefully your paths will cross again.

    1. Always fun when someone from home turf crosses our path. I think we'll see them again. :)

  3. It is truly a small world, isn't it. Sounds like a great day!

  4. If we come to Elephant Butte Lake I'd like a nice spot like yours with views over the lake. I would never get tired looking at the water ever! Wouldn't it be nice if more RVers would write a blog so we could see where they are at etc. Have fun.

    1. You would love it here as Pat did. She loved to have a view of the water.
      You are right about blog writers, we need more!

  5. I've been reading your blog posts as I've had time and I think I am now caught up. Your trip sounds great. We are seriously considering working our way west visiting in NM, AZ and southern CA (a grandson we really want to see is there--near Yuma) and is a big part of why we want to change things up. He may get reassigned and if so, we may not see him for awhile. I'm intrigued with Elephant Lake SP and have noted it for a possible stop if we do head that way. Actually I've noted several places I'd like to stop, although not all are possible. We will spend at least a month in Texas and use February & March to travel further east, if our plans work out.
    I love making cheesecake in my Instapot. It's so easy. What is the topping you used on yours? I made pork chops last night in the IP and I do love how tender they get. I still haven't tried custard but I may give it a whirl tonight. We need a dessert without any guilt! Lol.
    I noticed your outside mat and am interested what kind it is. We bought one of those that folds in large sections years ago. It's heavy. We took it out last fall and have no desire to take it with us again, yet we'd like to have something outside our rig when we park to sit our chairs on.

    1. Thank you for your comment Cheri. To answer your question.......2 tbsp sour cream & 2 tsp Splenda whisked together.
      Second question about the mat - we bought the mat at CanAm but we'd have to search for the name of it. It isn't as pretty as many but it doesn't move in any wind and it 'breathes' if on grass. We love it.

  6. Sounds like a fun day and evening. Always nice to make a great connection with fellow RVer's. A nice warm campfire makes a wonderful way to end the day.

    1. We had a great day. The campfire was nice but we aren't big on them with the evenings as cold as they are down here. Home in the summer is different.