Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Homeless, Elvis, Outdoor Exercise, Indoor Crafts

The Ridge
Tuesday, July 14th arrived and I actually felt cool under the sheet and bedspread this morning. I didn’t complain as I know before long it will be hot again. Bill was in the shower when I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30. It would have been nice to laze in bed this morning but that’s what I get for watching tv until 11.

A walk down the laneway and at the very top of the hill
you can see our Canada wind sock hanging very still
(I didn't plan for that to read like a poem)
This was my morning to clean the Mat so I left within minutes of 7. The back door was propped open and I was disappointed to see that a young homeless female was sleeping on the chairs at the front again. She was there Sunday when Bill and I went in and when she put her feet up on the washer, Bill asked her nicely not to do that.

She got lippy, belligerent and didn’t stop grumbling (not swearing though) until he said he could call the cops and have her removed. We really didn’t want to have to do that but it forced the issue and she moseyed on down the street. So, when I saw her again today, I was a tad nervous on how to handle it. When she didn’t move after I went about getting keys and cleaning supplies out, I said “Wakey, wakey”, thinking that was an ok approach.

Apparently not, she got lippy again and didn’t budge. Five minutes later, I went back and once more suggested she get up and leave so I could clean. More lip, about me not being her mother (to which I said, 'That's obvious, my children respect me' ((I couldn’t help it!)) and something about me being‘up to no good' so I texted Jamie and asked what he thought. He suggested that I call the West Grey police but before I did that, I tried once more.

From her comment on Sunday, I know he has called them on her before. I told her that she needed to consider the fact that she was very lucky she was even able to sleep in the laundromat. Finally, she packed up her stuff and left, coming back in once to fill her water bottle. So, stay overnight if you need to but when the place opens, please move on. Maybe we should drive in on Wednesday night after 10 and make sure the back door is closed so I don’t have to deal with that again.

A pond picture
I finished cleaning, chatting with a school custodian for the last few minutes and drove home. I debated making a tea and taking it to Mitch’s so I could be there for 9 but then comes the bathroom issue. I’m sure he has one (!) but I don’t want to have to use it. So, I stayed home until 9:15 and then took what I had left in the travel mug with me. Today, he had me working on a 2010 Ford pickup. This was much easier to sand, just taking the shiny paint off around the door for painting.

The 2 hours flew by with Mitch working on the opposite side. We chatted a lot about Elvis, Covid and moving on to Stage 3 and that helped with passing the time while working. As I was leaving, we discussed a couple of new jobs I’d be doing and payment. Back home, it was a bit overcast with some blue patches so a nice day. Instead of going to the garden right away, I decided to relax for half hour and then get something to eat first.

I feel better that at last the weeds are taken care of
if not the stones
After my tummy had something in it, I cleared the dishes up and went outside. The weather was perfect for working in the garden and the area I worked on was shaded for the most part. When the sun went behind a cloud, there was relief from that too. I didn’t stop until I was done pulling all the weeds and grass from the hill garden. That was an accomplishment and I’m glad I got it done before the hotter days return.

When I finished, I came inside and got cleaned up with a shower. I'm not sure what bit me yesterday but I’ve got a couple of bites. One on my temple, just under the arm of my glasses and one more on my upper chest where my straps go. Of course, in those spots where something rubs on it. I’ve been layering Benadryl cream on after washing so did the same this afternoon. Then, I figured after almost 6 hours of work, it was time to play.

Sitting in the Bunky, this picture called to be taken
I went into the Bunkie and starting reassembling our Mexican bell chimes that fell off the wall in the Suite during the heat wave. As they dropped, one broke and one cracked so I wanted to piece them together. A glue gun isn’t the best thing to use but even though Bill offered his 5 (2, 3?) minute epoxy, I wanted to get it done ‘now’. I noticed the string was fraying so took the time to replace it as well. Restringing was interesting but successful. I might touch up the paint too.

All back together again
Then I worked on the craft thing I started yesterday. You’ll soon see what it is, hopefully. Just something silly I wanted to try. Bill was home by 5:15 and we chatted, catching up on each other’s day. Inside, Madame IP cooked Italian sausages and a regular potato for Bill and a part of a yam for me. The potatoes took longer than the sausage, I didn't cut them small enough, so finished them in the microwave. It was quite filling and the sausage was delicious. I haven’t had a sweet potato for a while so it was a treat.

Supper was yummy
After dishes, Bill went to his cargo trailer. His flooring came in yesterday so his friend from work picked it up at Rona for him today. A few more touch ups and he can lay the 6 x 9 piece. I went to the Bunky and puttered away as well until just after 8. We were missing America’s Got Talent but Bill soon joined me and we watched it for the next hour and a half.

Another hint at the project
Have a good night!
This was a good day but it seems that I’m getting later with my blog postings. With my mornings busy, I don’t really want to leave them until then to catch up. I hope you’ve had a good day as well. The weather was exactly what I love!

Thank you for poking your nose in. 😊 If you wish to comment, I would love it.


  1. What a nice walk it must be down your lane. I do not enjoy confrontations - so I would not enjoy having to deal with your situation at the Mat. I feel for people who are in these situations, but taking advantage of others isn't quite right if permission has not been granted either. Glad your jobs are going well for you.

    1. Thank you Cheri. You and I are a lot alike, methinks. :)
      I am enjoying the jobs, few hours and decent $ works for me!

  2. Wow .... you let the gal stay there and she's rude and belligerent! I'm guessing that's why she's homeless! You probably have more patience than I. Your dinner looks fabulous!! I can even smell it!!

    1. It was uncomfortable but I don't like to be rude back if I can help it. I also tried to understand her situation, I can't even imagine it, so didn't want to call the Police on her. Maybe one day, I'll have to. :(
      Dinner was sooo good! The yams are high in carbs but with butter, sooo worth it!