Friday, December 7, 2018

Overnight and Early Rain, Clouds Clear Out, Clemson Back on Track, Shopping, Games Night

I woke up at 5:30 on Friday, Dec. 7th and dozed off again until 6:30 when I got up to greet the day. I thought I would resume my walks around this area, the ones I used to take when we were here last. No sooner did I get situated at the table to wait for daylight when the rain began. Crap! I guess I won’t be walking this morning at least. Bill joined me downstairs soon after and we made our hot brews and read blog posts.

Pretty morning sky on the lake
The rain wasn’t persistent but at the same time, the clouds were pretty heavy and I didn’t totally trust that they held no more showers. When Clemson got up, I walked him on his leash down the lane to drop a couple of recyclables in the bin for today’s pickup and I was pleased that his bowel movements seem to be on track again. We’ve had a few mishaps outside and he’s needed a couple of ‘bum baths’ over the last 2 days. Maybe that is why he has been up through the night, something just wasn’t right in his tiny system.

This should be a post card
Look at those beautiful mountains in the clouds
I saw Rob outside so we chatted briefly and I snapped a couple of pictures of the low clouds over the mountains. That was when I noticed that blue skies were coming our way. Whoop whoop! I’m not sure what we’ll get up to today but we’re in need of some dairy items at some point. We will likely make a trip to Walmart before too long. Bill had his shower while I took Clem out once more for  piddles and then he went back to bed.

Scrambled eggs and salsa with bacon and summer sausage
Pat, Rose and I have tentative plans to nip into a Thrift Store that Rose knows about. Apparently, on Friday, they have a bag sale. Fill a bag for $7. Now I’ve been to these sales back home and they are a hoot. When more than one of you goes, and you each only want a couple of things, you share the cost of one bag. Cheap, I know but effective at the same time. We’ll see what time our sleeping beauty, Rose, gets up. Little did we know that she was up and waiting for us!

this was one of the nicest thrift stores I've been in
 At 11:30, us 3 ladies drove into the city. Rose took us to a Thrift Store, don’t ask me where it was, and signs indicated that any store sales benefited the L.H. Humane Society. That is nice right there! The sale today was a bag full for $8 so we decided to share the bag. We took our time, tried things on and managed to walk out of there with 10 articles of clothing. That’s crazy for that kind of money! I also bought 3 cool hangers for the closet. I’m sure I’ll find a good use for them.

Racks and racks of clothes - each rack individually marked for sizes
Small - Medium - Large
From there Rose drove us to another ReSale Store which this time benefited Hospice of Lake Havasu. Pat and my mouths dropped when we walked into this place. It was huge and very impressive. It’s true that this place would cost us more than the last one but who can complain about a beautiful top for a minimum of $4 or maximum of $7.50? We all found some nice things and that was just in the clothing section. It went on and on with each room holding more product, kitchenware, Christmas, furniture etc.

It was 2:30 when, back in the car, Rose said, “Well, where to now?” In perfect harmony, Pat and I said “Home!”. We were tired and hungry and I knew I’d spent enough $ today. The guys were all in their respective ‘homes’ when we returned and the first thing on my agenda was food. I toasted a piece of rye bread and made myself a cheese and summer sausage sandwich. Just enough to bring me through until supper.

3 unique clothes hangers, however you want to use them
Pat invited us over for Happy Hour so at 3:30 I took my diet gingerale on ice and Bill made himself a cup of tea. Chilling back a bit on the alcohol or at least taking a break today. Rose joined us but it was George’s time to nap and by the time Bill and I left at 4:45 he hadn’t shown up yet. I began making meatloaf and took a break shortly after 5:00 to call Bridgette and Chris for a personal chat on Facetime. We want to start touching base with the kids more often, to see what they’re all up to.

And it was great speaking to
Bridgette and Chris
face to face today
It takes an hour for the meatloaf to cook so we just relaxed after I captured a wee piece of the sunset. Bill found a program on television that we haven’t seen for over a year. Pitbulls and Paroles intrigued us from the first episode we ever watched so it was interesting to see it on again with episodes that were new to us. After supper, we cleaned up dishes and Rob popped over to invite us to a game of Wizard. Bill has never played but was willing to give it a shot tonight and see how it goes. He’s a trooper. 😊

Yum, meatloaf!
At 7:45 we went in to Rose and George’s as they have the biggest table. We played one game and it was good fun for a couple of hours and I can even say that, being the loser of the night. At 9:45 we returned home to our Suite, saying goodnight for the evening. The air is mild out there at 59f/15C and with no wind, it feels very comfortable. 

George asked if anyone was up for a hot tub but after my cooler, I have one place I want to be right now and that is in my recliner. I would like to get in before we leave so have to keep it in my head so I don’t forget. We watched some Live PD and laughed at the idiocy of some drivers who think they can pull one over on the Sheriffs or PD. This has been yet another fun day with lots of shopping and good times with the girls. Tomorrow will bring even more enjoyment with this group. Stay tuned. 

and good night from Kibbey Drive
Thank you for stopping by today.


  1. aww, poor Clemson. So glad he is back to himself. Good to be able to occupy your time when it has been cooler and cloudy/rainy the past couple days. Continue having fun and give Clemson a snuggle for me. :)

    1. He's sleeping through the night again. Phew! We've been busy for sure. Need to rest!

  2. Glad you are enjoying your time there and getting your shopping fixes done, you still need to go to Walmart.

    1. Yup, Walmart is not as fun as what we did Friday. :) We'll get there.

  3. Fun times with good friends. Please say hi to everyone from us. Glad Clemson is feeling better.

  4. Sounds like a full and fun day. Glad you are all having such a good time and happy that your wee guy is doing better.

    1. Thank you Contessa. It was a fun day for sure. Clemson has his ups and downs and sometimes you just don't know what causes the downs. :(

  5. The meatloaf looked excellent. I tasted it from here. When my dogs encounter problems like you mention, I give them cooked sweet potato. Seems to always put them back to themselves.

    1. Thank you, the meatloaf was good. Something so simple yet one of the things Bill loves best.
      Hmm, I never seem to have sweet potatoes in the house but good to know. Maybe I need to pick one up for him. Thanks Peter.

  6. Glad Clemson is feeling better. Great day for the ladies. Enjoy your time with friends.

    1. Thanks Deb. His tender little tummy yet he can't tell us how he feels! :)