Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Another Tent Trip, Not Easily Impressed but I Was Impressed!

All is well again in the Internet World. although it took a $69. Lenovo fix.
Tuesday, Jan. 22nd arrived with me almost missing the rising sun! I can’t believe I slept until 7:25! It has been rare recently that Bill is up before me but he was downstairs drinking his coffee by the time I dressed and joined him. Because of the time, it was already daylight so I just added my windbreaker and vest to head out the door.

Before I left, Rob texted and asked if we were interested in walking through the Big Tent once more with them. We agreed upon 9 and off I scooted for a mile and a half walk to the area back behind us. No, not into the Clothing Optional section, it’s too chilly for that. That would be more goosebumps than I care to see at any time let alone first thing in the morning, thank you very much.

The tricky part about selfies is when you can't get down on the ground to
peek through the lens. This one isn't too bad but I wasn't looking for stones
When I returned, we washed and I made us a poached egg on toast for breakfast. We co-ordinate well with Rob and Pat and had dishes cleaned up and teeth brushed right on time. Rob let Pat and I at the side entrance while they drove around to find a parking spot in the lot to the south of the big tent. We walked around for a couple of hours and I found a couple of ‘must haves’ for the kitchen before we all headed back towards home.

So I tilted the funky tripod and this is better
although not in focus
Love the sky behind the saguaro with the nest and the morning moon
The traffic coming from the south was incredible! Maybe rv’ers had an extended long weekend, after celebrating Martin Luther King Day yesterday, and are just heading home. We had a ‘date’ to return to Quartzsite to visit Ken and Nancy at the Scenic Road RV Resort. On our drive back in we were surprised to see that there were no lineups going back into town so it didn’t take as long as we’d planned for. This gave us an opportunity to go to the RV Pit Stop on I-95 and fill a propane tank.

Most of my pictures were from my morning walk
Directly across the highway was their park. They would be leaving the area tomorrow and when Nancy told me they were going to Silly Al’s tonight for pizza. Their first time so I added to their neighbour’s ‘you have to go’. You know the old saying ‘You can’t go to Quartzsite without eating at Silly Al’s.’ We had a nice visit, as we always do, and we discussed theirs and our plans after we leave La Posa South.
You never know what you'll see out here in the desert
I love this and the background scene is gorgeous too
Molly and Clemson got along as they always do. Indifferently. That is better than the alternative. After Molly gave me a sweet greeting by sitting on the couch with me for a while, and Clemson wandering aimlessly for most of the visit, they both settled down to have a snooze. I set up a group selfie of the 4 of us and we shared goodbye hugs. It has been great seeing them again this winter, a tradition we plan to continue as long as we are both coming south.

And the sun also rises
The washes out here in the desert are unlike those in a park setting
And this one across the roadway is almost full of brush
but it will soak up flowing water all the same
The ups and downs through the washes can be hazardous
and we often hear scraping from bumpers or tow hitches
when rv's pull through them

I never walk alone

On the way back home, we made a detour to stop in and see where George and Rose were for the night and then back home in the wind. Ken (of Ken and Kim) walked over to inform us that Weber Q and the folding table had taken a nose dive in the 36 mph winds. He set the bbq upright for us but left the table on its side as it would just go over again if he stood it up. Weber was okay, even though his wing had popped off, it didn’t break and reattached easily enough.

A free long sleeve t-shirt, and my purchases
Leftover/cook covers and Tortilla Oven
Inside, I made myself a tea while Bill replaced the now full propane tank. I felt exhausted, and when I think of it, there hasn’t been much relaxing today of which I’ve been spoiled over the last 3 days. I opened my haul today and was very pleased with the expendable covers (no more Saran Wrap!) but exponentially impressed with the Tortilla Oven! Pat had seen them before but I hadn’t. When the sweet lady showed me that I could perfectly bake a potato in it for 3 minutes in the microwave, I had to have one.

Molly is such a sweetheart and snuggled up close soon after I arrived

 I didn’t care about anything else (at the moment) that it could cook, steam or warm, it was all about Mr. Spud for me. Because Pat and I each bought one we got a deal that we couldn’t refuse and saved $4. That’s it, that was all I wanted and needed today. I left the Big Tent a happy camper, literally. I sat to add to my blog post and then, since my slippers were done, sat and closed my eyes for a few minutes like Bill and Clemmy.

Little Miss Molly in her bed keeping an eye on Clemson
Finally, they both slept

For supper tonight, we’ll be cleaning up the leftover beef roast, probably in a hot beef sandwich. I haven’t decided completely yet but something will come of it and we will be nourished from it. That was then. After resting on the sofa for an hour or so, not sleeping but wishing I could, I got up and started supper. I opened a can of creamed corn, placed the roast beef in my ‘new’ tortilla oven and began boiling water to mix up the Stove Top Dressing in lieu of potatoes.

There was a little goofiness going on here but at least
Ken got off my lap in time for the final 'click'!
We had a great Happy Hour we had today
Bill started the generator at 6 so I could use the microwave for 45 seconds to heat the meat. It worked better than I thought, now it reheats meat as well without it coming out tough. Everything together tasted quite good and as I said above, we were nourished and full. 
It was quite tasty

And leftovers needed no plastic wrap!
For dessert, we had the last of the creamy Jell-o that I made. We had programs to watch tonight even though NCIS wasn’t on. New Amsterdam and FBI were on plus a couple of recorded ones. Tuesday night, our favourite night for tv.

Goodnight from our lovely spot at La Posa South

This was a busy day and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. No Happy Hour with the gang today but a private one indoors and we were just as happy. I hope yours was a fun one too. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today.


  1. I like the covers for the bowls. Very interesting. Your friends look like a fun couple, I'm sure have lots of laughs. Great selfies even if they weren't perfect. They captured the idea you wanted to get I think.

    1. The bowl covers will be used a lot as I do have serving bowls with no lids.
      We enjoy Ken and Nancy's company a lot and glad we persevered the friendship this winter.
      thank you, selfies don't always turn out but I'm stubborn enough to keep trying them!

  2. What a great find on your walk and the background is gorgeous.
    That tortilla oven looks very useful. I never saw that when we were there, if we get back I will have to look for it.
    Sounds like you had a very nice visit with your friends.

    1. I was thrilled to find that skull head in rocks. :)
      The tortilla oven is very cool and I didn't realize I could reheat until I got it home. It is a very nice lady's booth and she'll demonstrate for you.

  3. I like the bowl covers you found. Most of my bowls have lids but those that don't are annoying so don't often get used. I love the pink mountains in your selfie shot.

  4. The tortilla warmers actually work great for tortillas, as well as potatoes. They even make good potholders!! I love the longhorn steer! I may have to try that in my back yard!!

    1. When I first stopped to look at the tortilla ovens that's all I thought they were for. I don't eat enough tortillas but love it for the other veggies. :)

  5. I've never seen those lid covers but gotta say they look like they work well. Dinner looks delicious! Nice visit you had with Ken and Nancy. Glad you got your computer fixed, too bad for the charge..but better than a new computer for sure.

    1. Great idea with the bowl covers for different shapes and even watermelon! :)
      Thanks, I'm handicapped without my computer, like everyone else these days.
      Nice visit with our friends, as always. :)