Thursday, January 17, 2019

Quartzsite’s Tyson Wells, Reuniting with a Fellow Blogger and Friend

Clemson was the first to rise on Thursday, Jan. 17th at 6:15 so Bill got up and accommodated him. Then back to bed and we dozed for another 45 minutes. I could tell from the muscles in my legs when I stretched this morning, that I had put more steps on my Fitbit than a usual day. No problem with that, I’m just saddened that for a woman especially, walking does nothing for weight loss.

A pretty walk this morning again
I am happy though that I’ve got myself into a regular routine that at least aids in my bone health. I haven’t missed too many days over the last year, getting out as many mornings as I can. Some routines are great and others not so much so I try to change things up. When it comes to exercise I'm not into trying too much new and walking for me is what I enjoy. 

I hid one of my painted rocks this morning
It might be hard to find on this large painted rock
Bill and I sat for a bit and read some blog posts while we waited for the sky to lighten up a bit. At 7:20, we both went for a walk. “How far are you going?” Is his normal question before committing to joining me. We wanted to slip into town so my answer this morning was “30 minutes today”. So, we walked together. Every once in a while, I had to reign him in as his steps are longer and his pace faster. I walk fast, but in terms of more steps than his.

This is what I saw when we returned
Our flags blowing in the wind and a gorgeous sunrise
We walked to the dump stations and cut back across the desert paths to the west to zig zag our way back to the Suite. We got washed up and made a coffee and tea to-go and drove into Quartzsite. Bill wanted to get diesel before the town got too crazy. We drove to Keuhn St. and easily found a parking spot directly across from K & B Tools.

Reflections on the Suite
It was only 8:20 so we had to wait for vendors to lift their tent flaps and open up at 8:30. We walked together for a while and one of my favourite places is what I call the Kitchen Gadget Tent. The couple in there are so bubbly and fun that it is a pleasure to just poke without being pestered at their rows and rows of gadgets. Some of them I didn’t know what they were for! Neat stuff even though some of them are those ‘use it a couple of times and never use again’ things.

The food tent

I found a couple of lifters for indoors to replace the yellow one that we’ve had for many years. It was getting stained and chipped so was time to go. There are a couple of other things that I want to think about before spending the money. Prices were very reasonable. I wandered alone through the Food Tent; the boxed, canned and bottled goods went on forever. I know you have to be careful what you buy and make sure the cans if dented at all are not dented too badly.

Just a peek into Quartzsite 3 mornings before the Big Tent Show
I found some creamed corn which we both like for a change and some barbecue sauce and she had 5 lb. bags of nice large potatoes for $1. The only other thing I bought there was a pack of various sized elastics. I’m always looking for them for one thing or another. The last place I stopped at had a big bin of mixed beads. Now, I’m not a beader at all and really have no interest but when I see something that I like, I’ll pick it up. So, I did and I did. 😊

It was neat to see this motor home chassis
before assembly went any further
Looks like a large diesel engine to me
The last stop after giving up our prime parking space around 10 was to drive to the Chevron on Main St. to get fuel. This is the best place in town at $2.69/gal. Black Beauty gobbled it up and we drove home ‘happy campers’ yet again or should I say ‘still’. The weather today is playing games with some winds gusting between 8 and 14 mph. The sun is playing hide and seek too with the clouds so there is no telling who will win this one.

Bill checks out the hats

An eating area currently mostly vacant
Give it a couple of days

Interesting stuff for sale made out of natural products

Where were these cattle skulls when i was looking for
one to decorate our southwestern living room in our sticks and bricks home?
I don't want one now!
Back at La Posa we noticed a front-end loader in front of us, entering the ‘camp’. This was hopeful for us, after yesterday’s news, fingers crossed that the garbage will get cleaned up. When we arrived at the dumpsters, now the bags that were all over the ground beside the overflowing bins were gone. There was a huge sign (unfortunately not in very visible lettering unless you were right in front of it) stating “Trash Services Overwhelmed Take to Transfer Station (free) or Landfill ($5 fee)”.

The front loader was in front of us on the highway
Yup, he's turning into La posa south
In the future, while we are here, we will certainly do that and perhaps take turns making the trip to get rid of everyone’s weekly trash. It was 11 when I made myself a coffee and then refried our leftover egg-lettes from yesterday. I toasted a bun for Bill and grilled my tortilla. Another yummy breakfast. In town we walked right past the Cinnamon Bun tent. Bill drooled until he checked the prices and at 5 for $30, his mind was quickly changed. I don’t care how big they are, not for $6! I have a pack of Pillsbury ones at home that I said I’d make for him instead.

After dishes, Bill felt like taking his kite out for a spin since the winds were up. Even in the wind though, it was temperamental and he had to work at keeping it up. I do believe he enjoyed himself out there for half hour or so. Rose and George were packing up and moving on down the road to meet up with the Rock and Gem group at Plomosa Road so before she left, she came over to show me the slippers she made and to measure one on my size 8 feet. I was happy to ‘loan her my foot’.

Saw Deb walking when we returned
Minus the potatoes, my purchases today

 The awnings when they are out in the sun keeps the heat out of the Suite but on a cloudy, windy day they are just a nuisance. It isn’t just from the strength of the wind gusts, but because it makes it dark inside. I don’t like turning a light on if there is daylight bright enough. So, I brought them in this afternoon and enjoyed some free light. I worked away at my post for today and then we all gathered outside to say goodbye.
It definitely was time to replace it
As it turned out, Rose and George decided to stay one more night here as they had to take their rig in to the shop tomorrow night anyway. May as well only move once. The sun has lost its battle by 2 pm and in my t-shirt I felt a tad cool so we all moved inside. Bill had a snooze and I worked on my crocheting. At a few minutes past 3:00 I noticed a familiar face walking past the Suite. I nudged Bill in his chair and told him “Nancy is here”.
Bill got his kite out for a while today

We took our chairs out to the centre to begin the Happy Hour circle. Then we got a hug and hello from our blogging friend. By the time we sat down, our friends, Ken and Nancy also joined us after getting set up in a park in Quartzsite for a few days. This was a surprise and we had a great group of 13. Oh, plus Clemson and Molly, of course. 

The sun tried hard to stick around without too much success
After a couple of hours and after we’d solved all of the world’s problems (as Nancy stated) we split up and went back to our sites to start supper.

What a great group today
Left to right: Suzie, Rose, Pat, Rob, George G., Tom, Deb, Ken, Nancy A., Patsy, Nancy K, George Y
Bill was kind enough to take the picture for me
Bill lit the Weber Q and he grilled plain farmer’s sausage while I got a Caesar salad ready inside. The western sky was beautiful, I kept snapping photo after photo as it changed by the minute. We finished supper and dishes by 6 and walked next door for a visit with Rob and Pat. We hadn’t caught up with each other today at all. Now the big joke is “I can’t hear myself think with all these noisy generators running!” It will be a while before we forget the Borrego Springs neighbours.

Filling supper
We returned home by 8:30 and watched the taped episode of The Good Doctor. This is such a great program and we are never disappointed. This has been a fun day, with some shopping in town, catching up with a blogger friend and yet another lively happy hour. I hope that your day was just as fun.

Sunset through our dirty window

And then the real show began

What can I say? It's an Arizona sunset

Good night my friends!

Thank you for stopping by today. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. Always fun to check out those vendors before the crowds and get out for the fresh air and exercise too. Nice that the volunteers cleaned up the garbage. Now we know where to take it.

    1. It was fun to poke around in the tents and nice when you can snag a close parking spot.
      I hope everyone pays attention to the garbage request.

  2. That was a gorgeous sunset! Always fun to meet up with you guys! See you in your blog!!!

    1. It was great to see you again too! Typical Arizona desert sunset, eh?

  3. Wow..beautiful sunset!! How nice that Nancy stopped by even if for a short visit and your surprise friends that showed up for Happy Hour..does it get any better?! Come tomorrow the big tent area will look a whole lot different for sure! Dinner looks simple but delicious!

    1. Thanks guys. It is hard to take a bad pix here.
      We had a lively group for sure!

  4. Amazing sunset!!! Love the photos.
    Glad you had a chance to catch up with your friends. That's a big circle!
    Looks like the worries of BLM closing is behind you now. Enjoy.

  5. Thanks Deb. A great group and no more worries for sure.