Friday, January 4, 2019

Calm Sunny Day, Temperatures Rising, Friends Leave and Arrive, Surprised!

It was 5:30 when I first woke up, checked the time and rolled over to go back to sleep. Which I did. At 6:50, I stretched the old muscles and rose. Getting dressed in the dark used to be a challenge but now I know how to lay my clothes out the night before and I ‘feel’ my way through the socks, pants, bra, top then slippers. The hardest part is feeling for the back and front of tops and bottoms. I’m getting pretty good at it!

I do like the silhouette of the rv's in the morning

I walked across the desert this morning and back along the blm road
behind the park
 Clemson came downstairs before I got out the door so I took him out so Bill didn’t have to get up. We came back in and one of us a dirty bum and it wasn’t me so I lifted him into the sink and he got an early morning bath. He is such a good little guy as if he knows he’ll feel better after I’m done. Doing this by myself, Bill and I both realized that this is the way we’ll try trimming him a little bit. He needs a haircut so badly but with the cooler days, we weren’t in a rush to get him done.

Morning pictures can be so pretty
Over tea and coffee, Bill admitted to feeling a bit antsy. He thought he’d like to go into Yuma to pick up a few things for a couple of repairs around ‘home’ as well as look for a small model airplane to put together. He likes to be busy with his hands and sitting and reading just doesn’t satisfy that need. I’m all for him finding something to occupy his time and informed him that I also had pulled out my craft stuff the other day. I need inside things to do when the weather is on the cool side like it has been.

He chatted with Rob next door and then came and got me. Pat suggested a trip to the Arizona Market today since it will be a nice day. I’m all for it as long as Bill gets what he needs before we return home. So, we had bacon and eggs and got cleaned up. Since George and Suzie are pulling out today, we walked over to say goodbye before we left around 10. It shouldn’t be too cold to walk around the market but I’m dressing warm anyway. Layering is the way to go.

And this morning, our friends arrived
from Wheatley after a difficult trip
We're glad they're safe
Just as we were leaving the park, we got some inside info from Rob that Marlene and Benno from Wheatley, Ont. arrived already this morning. This was the couple we were concerned about yesterday after hearing they’d broke down on I-8 just around Gila Bend. It seems no one, well not many, are exempt from travelling woes this winter. After huge expenses for repairs, they are making it safely to Arizona but with some very frustrating challenges.

Some of these rigs are huge
This is a 4-seater and looks quite comfy
although it still isn't my thing
We swung back and stopped for greeting hugs, welcomes and introductions before Bill drove to the market, leaving them to get settled in. We’re happy that they arrived on time to also meet George and Suzie, after following their blog for years, before they pulled out. It was a nice day for the market and I was certainly dressed appropriately. We found a couple of things we had on our list and so did Rob and Pat.

From there we went to Home Depot for parts to fix our chairs, I think I forgot to tell about those, and then a quick stop at a hobby store and Big Lots. No purchases made there. Back home, we all remembered that it is Friday and hamburger/chicken burger/hot dog night at the clubhouse. That sounded like a cheap supper with no planning whatsoever so I hopped on my bike to go sign us all up.

Both of our lawn chairs broke in these places
I stopped to see if Marlene and Benno were interested as well and walked up with Marlene. She was also needing to get on the clubhouse wifi to communicate with her Mom, to let her know they were safe.  I had pulled a large sirloin steak out of the freezer earlier so placed it back in the fridge for another night. Hopefully the rain tomorrow isn’t a wash out day and we can barbecue.

These are tasty crackers
We needed a snack around 1:30 so he made himself a sandwich and I cut some salami and cheese with crackers. I love these crackers that I bought at Fry’s the other day. I’m glad they were 2 boxes for $5 and I bought 2. Bill went outside to start working on our lawn chairs and soon, Rob had joined him. We already know these guys work well together, 2 minds and 4 hands are better than, well you know.

Bill working on taking the broken arm off
I finished my snack and instead of sitting out and having Clemson getting in their way, I pulled out my corking/spooling stuff. Y’all may have another name for it but this is what I call it. I tear 1” wide strips of old sheets and using that to make a rug.

My corking and the early beginnings of my rug
I’m using one colour theme of beiges/light browns and whites but even a mish mash of colours were make it nice too. Doesn’t much matter because this is one (er, another one) of those projects that I started a while ago and may not be finished for 10 years.

Using Don's dremel tool, 4 hands make it easier
The chairs were finished right on time for 3:30 Happy Hour and Marlene and Benno arrived with Rob and Pat soon after. The sun was warm and we didn’t need jackets today. How lovely not to have any wind! At 4:45 we parted only to meet again to walk to the clubhouse for supper at 5. It was cute to see little Reggie come running out of Marlene and Benno’s trailer to say hello, like a little runaway. As we walked up the ramp to the clubhouse, at the top stood our friends, Ken and Nancy.

Wha?? It threw us all for a loop, thinking one of the others had invited them to join us all for supper. No problem there but then they said they were neighbours and had pulled in today to camp. Woohoo! That is too funny! The story followed and it just goes to show you that no matter what plans you have, things can go awry and you have to scramble to make alternate arrangements. We are all happy to have them and we shared a table for 10 once more.

$5 supper
If I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it again ‘we are blessed to have so many friends. It was a great meal and my only screw up today (repeated twice) was that I didn’t get a picture at Happy Hour nor did I get a group shot at supper. There will be another time before we all go our separate ways. So, tonight, I’m dragging in photos from previous meetings.

Our chairs are as good as new
thanks Rob for your help
We walked back to the Suite and Bill and Rob walked back up to take part in Texas Hold’em. This will be the last night for Bill so I was happy he went for another go at the game. I settled down and finished this post and then worked away at corking. The tv remote was mine, all mine, tonight so I found something to watch for a couple of hours. My Sex in the City movie was my choice and I enjoyed seeing Jennifer Hudson (whom I like from the Voice) in her early acting days.

I borrowed this nice picture from Ken's FB
Ken and Nancy
What a great day, full of fun with friends and a wonderful surprise! I hope you have had a great one as well. Thank you for stopping by, I love reading your comments.


  1. Wow, what a great surprise. I'm also happy to hear your other friends made it safely as well.
    Dressing in the dark is a learned process. I used to run every morning and would bring my clothes down to the table and hang them over the back of a chair, place them face down with all the fronts away from me. Then I simply had to pull them on. I also used to place hats, gloves, reflective arm band, etc all there on the table or counter at the door to grab as I dressed or stepped outside. Just a thought.

    1. It was a great surprise, totally unexpected. :) We were worried about our Ontario friends so very happy.
      I've got the dressing in the dark down to a science. it works without having to coming downstairs in the buff, I just sit at the end of the bed and I've laid the clothes out on the decor pillows. My coat etc. is all downstairs in the closet at the door and Bill is upstairs. The lights are on down there. :)

  2. I hanven't seen it done for many years, but your 'corking' might also be called tatting. Someone will be sure to correct me if need be. Love following your travels.

    1. I used to do it as a young girl and Daddy would replace the pegs with screws when they came loose. :) Could be tatting too, I just know that I enjoy doing it for a few days and then move on to something else. :) The sheets are harder than the wool used to be so my fingers tend to get sore after a while.

  3. I was surprised and feel bad after reading of your friends broken down the other day near Gila Bend. I think I went by them, but thought they were just pulled over on the on ramp for a break. Don't know what I could have done to help but I just keeping thinking I should have stopped to see. If not mistaken I believe it was Thursday around noon.

    1. Aah, thank you anyway. We also couldn't think when they were that far from us, what could we do? Yes, that would be them. They'd had a blown tire on Wed. I think it was stayed at Casa Grande that night. Left the Shell station after fueling up and while on the ramp both axle springs broke. That was at 9 am though so had a service already bringing the necessary parts to them. By 6 they were able to pull into a (closed) rest area and spend the night. LOL Don't feel bad, you never know if it is a problem.

  4. It was another great day and so glad that we got to meet Marlene, We are normal long gone by 10 on a travel day. Nice that you got to the market, Bill git the chairs fixed and an surprise meet up with Ken and Nancy. The weather was pretty nice too.

    1. Everything turned out great for everyone. I'm sure you are settled at Hot Springs now and gained an hour in the process. Enjoy time with friends there.

  5. I'm glad your friends made it okay. I just hate to see people broken down. Corking? Never heard of it, but I have made rugs by crocheting a long strand, then sewing it in the round. I'm with Bill ... busy hands are good. I can't believe they fixed the chairs. Mine would have been in the trash. Good job guys!!!

    1. Thank you, we are all relieved. I can't believe they fixed the chairs either! We almost threw them out but the material was in such good shape so they put their heads together. :)

  6. Boy does Bill remind me of Ken! He can't sit for too long, at least Bill will read for a bit, not my hubby. Great job boys on fixing the chairs! Wonderful you've got so many friends together! Great day, great friends and great dinner! Woohoo!

    1. Yes, I'm thinking Bill is a lot like Ken too. He doesn't like it when he wastes and afternoon reading.
      They did a great job on the chairs and saved us $$

  7. Glad that Marlene and Benno made it Safely to the park.
    Also a fun get-together with everyone for supper.
    Nice repair job Bill.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks guys, yes we were very happy to see them arrive safely.