Saturday, January 19, 2019

Show Day, Summer is Back

I woke at 10 to 6 on Saturday, Feb. 19th and rolled over on my back thinking “in 10 minutes, I’ll get up and turn the hot water heater on. My plan was to rise and shower at 6:30 giving it ample time to heat the water up. The next thing I knew it was 7:15 and I woke Bill up and told him the time. Good grief!! We wanted to be showered/washed and fed before we left at 8 am. That plan went down the tubes.

We said goodbye to George and Rose again this morning
but only temporarily
So, I forgo my shower and we both wash quickly, grab a hot drink plus toast and make the scheduled departure with Rob and Pat. Bill drove Black Beauty. The parking lot where we go each opening show day is fuller every year we go. People are getting wise so they don’t have miles to walk to enter. I took my new ball of wool along and crocheted a bit while we all waited for time to pass until the ‘virtual’ doors opened at 9.

And this is a really big 'shew'

This parking lot filled up quickly

This display made me chuckle
The guy was in a housecoat in the bed
Probably the most comfortable of any of us!

Lots of people, inside and out
 Even though we all went our separate ways, Deb and Tom and George and Suzie drove themselves after us, we seemed to be through the Big Tent at approximately the same time. I didn’t see Deb and Tom at all once inside the tent. It was close to 11 when we walked back to the truck and headed home for brunch. It is nice to just get a feel for things, pick up a few free goodies and check out pricing on the first day. We’ll go back at least once more nearer the end of the week. Oh! I spent $3 on a sun visor for myself.

Somewhere after getting out of the truck and within minutes of walking the first aisle, I realized that I had a twinge in my upper back shoulder blade. By the time we got home, I couldn’t take a big breath or bend over without real discomfort. With Bill’s help to retrieve things and untie my shoes, I made bacon and eggs for our lunch meal. A second coffee hit the spot too. We cleaned up dishes and I took a couple of XS Advil and stretched out on the bed.

Today's haul and I only spend $3 for the visor with the adjustable band
inflatable cooler, toothpicks in a purse case, notepad, keychain,
foam cup cooler, folding fan, eye cream and a few candies
I wasn’t tired so worked on attempting a slipper patter with my crochet skills. Half hour later when I got up, my shoulder was improved, not 100%, to the point that I could mov, bend and breathe easier. I sat outside in the sun’s warmth for a while and at 2:30 went for a nice walk until close to 3. That helped even more. I was pleased to discover that my little painted rock is gone. Yay! Someone has found it so I’ll have to check out RV’ing rocks.

This picture is for Brenda and Randy
Remember this group of saguaros?
The empty nest is still there
When I returned, it was time to gather for Happy Hour so Bill made a rum and coke and I used up the last of our pina colada mix with vodka (woops!) and joined the group. The wind was fairly strong from the north and cool but our spirits weren’t dampened. Friends of Tom and Deb’s, Jean and Tony, joined us for a while and then friends of George and Suzie’s from our home province, Kim and Ken, pulled in with their motor home. Our Happy Hour was extended until 5:30 so we could properly welcome them.

If you look under our awning, Bill's yellow shirt is visible where
he sat to read

There are still a lot of great spots to set up camp behind us

This is the gathering of some of the big motor homes (45' ers) that pulled in
by us yesterday

It doesn't look quite as neat in a picture
but this is what the rain from Tuesday left in one wash
 There wasn’t much thought put into our supper tonight, or I guess I should say there was a lot of thought but we just couldn’t come up with anything too worthy. We had weiners and Van Camps brown beans. We’ve all done it, come on, admit it. Anyway, it filled us with a slice of bread on the side. We’re not too fancy here in the Suite, not above having a ‘poor man’s supper’ as my Dad would say. Just before finishing we invited Rob and Pat to a game of Double Series but at their place. Basically, we invited ourselves over.

Only a few lined up at the dump station around 3 pm
There are always lots of Bluebird coaches for their gathering
It would be interesting if they opened up for tours
especially the ones without slides
These 2 older ones in particular would be neat to see inside
We joined them before 7 and returned home just after 9:30. What a fun evening that was. We played 10 games and tied and then Rob and I pulled out into the lead for the tie breaker. Lots of laughs, which isn’t a surprise, and a night out well spent. 

My anal husband (his words) had to pull the wind sock down to adjust the string
And then put it back up again
All during Happy Hour

If he's happy, I'm happy
With our batteries still at 12.3, we didn’t need to run the generator. With the chill in the air and indoors, we did turn our Blue Flame heater on low before going to bed. We are not ‘cold’ sleepers and like last night, it probably won’t kick on anyway.

and the sun drops on another great day in paradise
Someone said there was to be an eclipse tonight but I took
this just because of the pretty picture it presented
The mountains in the east are pink AFTER the sun went down in the west

'Po' man's meal' on the menu tonight
This has been a fun day and we have the first show day under our belts. I hope you’ve had a good one too.

This is a fun game and only the second time
Rob and Pat have played it
Good night everyone!
Thank you for reading and for any comments you wish to leave.


  1. It was a fun day that we all enjoyed, checking the tent early and to outside fresh air was wonderful. It was fun to meet Tony and Jean, chat for a while then nice to see Kim and Ken made it in time for happy hour as well.

    1. It was a good first day. Always wonderful to meet new blurkers and then new friends from Ontario too. Nice to have Kim and Ken join us here at the Q!

  2. I know someone who has that superbag bed thing. They love it!! Glad you got in and out early before the BIG crowds. Now tell us what you REALLY bought!!! LOL

    1. I couldn't believe the guy was just lying there in that bag bed thing. I'll look closer at it next time so I understand what it is. :)
      Ha ha you are funny, seriously I only bought a sun visor!!

  3. Inflatable cooler...pretty cool. Now that would be Ken doing the same thing with the flag! haha. What a group you guys have got this year! I gotta say nothing wrong with that dinner..looks yummy to me! I'm surprised that there's so much camping space still available. Ken's big at inviting himself over...haha.

    1. Well, if it wasn't for Ken's appointment, I'd say get the 'heck' over here!!!

  4. The inflatable cooler looked interesting among your haul. Wonder if any of those gadget are still there when we finally show up. Sorry to hear of your shoulder pain. I think it all has to do with the drastic temperature changes during the day. One minute I am cold, the next too hot in the clothes I am wearing.

    1. The cooler was my wheel spin win. It has no lid and it took me forever to get the plug in and keep the air in. You'd think it was FREE or something!! However, to cart drinks and ice somewhere for happy hour, it will work great!
      Thankyou, the muscle pain has eased and is almost gone now. You could be right and I do think the different shoulder purse was also the culprit.

  5. Nice to see the sunshine....we had it here in Ontario today with -18c Temps and -31C windchill!

    1. I just got goosebumps reading that comment, sis!! You just keep that stuff there and stay warm!