Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Lazy Dump, Fill Kind of Nothing, Peaceful Day

On Sunday, Jan. 20th , with the exception of waking when Clemson got Bill up at 5:20, I woke and rose at 7:15. The sky to the east indicated another nice day coming so I dressed, opened blinds and headed out the door. It was daylight already and I didn’t want to miss it. The weather station informed me that the winds were light at 2 mph and it was 46F. Tickety boo for a morning walk!

Well GOOD Sunday morning!
My windbreaker over a hoody, my vest and fingerless gloves were all I needed. I walked about 3 miles first thing and returned on time to see Deb and Tom head out for some shopping. Back in the Suite, instead of making my tea right away, I hopped in the shower. The shower I meant to have yesterday, had we not slept in. Then I made my cuppa and prepared an omelette sandwich for Bill and an omelette quesadilla for me. Yum.

West mountains catch the sun before we do
And then it popped
Something unique about walking at La Posa South
You can walk on asphalt

You can walk on sandy gravel

You can walk on stones

You can walk on hard packed dirt and asphalt
Or just hard packed dirt
And you can walk on hard packed dirt and stones
Apparently the only thing you can't do here
Is walk on water!
Bill and Rob wanted to dump gray and black tanks and fill our water tanks so together they worked at doing that. They used Rob’s water bladder and Bill’s Blue Boy (which is actually gray) and his macerator. Worked like a charm, apparently. After a couple of trips, we were both dumped and filled and good for another week or so at least. While Bill was out, I dusted the window ledges, cupboard doors throughout the Suite and used the stainless-steel polish on the fridge.

On my walk, I was so excited to see this falcon swoop in and land on the post

Unfortunately, I only had my small camera and phone on me
so the picture isn't great
With things spic and span, I sat and read some comments on my blog post and caught up on a few of our friend’s posts as well. There was nothing else on my plate to do today but Bill, when finished set about charging his batteries for his r.c. planes back home. They need to be brought along and topped up regularly. Clemson and I sat outside for a lot of the day, him on his stool and me in my chair crocheting away on my slippers.
And then, even less clear, i caught him flying away
I was feeling pretty proud, almost cocky, with what I was accomplishing so it was hard to put it down. Because I’m between books, this is really keeping my attention. Clemson couldn’t decide where he wanted to be today and was in and out and in and out, driving me a little bit around the bend but we accommodated him for the most part. Once it was 3:00 and time for Happy Hour, he got his supper and we left him home. It would be so different if he didn't have to be on a leash but he wanders and gets tangled and Bill nor I can fully relax. 

He enjoyed some sunshine with me today
Bill took our chairs over to the circle and for the next couple of hours, 10 of us huddled and kind of shivered in the 67F winds. I know, if you’re back home in Canada, you are laughing and calling us wimps but our bodies have become acclimated to the 75F we've experienced so far and we cool down very quickly. The sun hasn’t been out in full all day, only giving us warmth while peeking through the lacy film of clouds. I was very hot sitting on the patio and had earlier changed into shorts. That lasted an hour.

This is my slipper wool and the first few inches done
At the end of the day, I was working on the heel
At 4:30 Bill lit the Weber for me and 10 minutes later I put a beef roast on the grill. Okay, there is a first time for everything and this is the first time we’ve done this so I’m anxious to see how it turns out. It is about 3 lbs and partially frozen so we figured about an hour and 15 minutes should do it on low-medium temperatures. I peeled a couple of large potatoes to boil so we can have mashed potatoes and corn too. It is Sunday after all, a good day for a nice meal.

Three of us had already left but the die hards stayed for another 5 minutes or so
in winter jackets, blankets and sweaters
So, at 6 we should be eating, right? Well, not so fast. I brought the roast in and started to cut it. If you are one of those people who likes the blood running, you would have loved it. Anyway, no thank you. Bill went out to turn the genny on and for some reason, it kept shutting off every time he tried to choke it. I was hoping to nuke the frozen corn rather than boil it but when that happened, I wrapped it in tin foil and put it on the bbq with the roast again.

When I first brought it in, it looked perfect
until I cut into it
Another 20 minutes finished everything up and Bill got the generator to stay running. The roast turned out quite good so we had a lovely supper to make up for last night. There is enough beef for another meal so maybe hot roast beef sandwiches in the next couple of days. We cleaned up dishes and I finished this post. I’m trying to get them posted earlier (trying) so I can sit and enjoy the evening.

I still like the crispy corner of a beef roast so I snagged that little piece
you see on my plate
With horseradish, this turned out very well after 90 minutes
This has been a good day. We are all topped up with water and have empty tanks to boot. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. If you’d like to leave a comment, I would love hearing from you.

And one more morning picture of the sun hugging the saguaro
Good night all!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Always enjoy your blog.
    Bet your friends back in Canada are jealous of the
    warm weather your enjoying. Here in central California we
    don’t have a very cold winter but some hot summer days.
    Be sure and show us your slippers when your finished or
    as you progress. I made them years ago. Gives me the idea! 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Linda.
      Yes, my sister tells me each morning what they are getting and I know I am thankful!
      I will show my slippers, I'm so happy that I've completed one already. :)

  2. Yes it was another wonderful day, juts the chilly breeze at times. Nice to get those chores done.

    1. It was a great day in paradise. We expect it to cool down so it doesn't bum me out just react accordingly.

  3. Just a note ... be careful with your slippers on slick floors. You can easily take a spill. Been there, done that. I ended up putting hot glue on the bottom for traction. Love the colors!

    1. Thanks Nancy. The pattern I have tells how to add a sole too so maybe not a bad idea. :)

  4. Great day! Love your slippers and how they're coming along! Your roast looks awesome, but yeah, blood running..not my thing! How fast these days go even when doing nothing!

    1. Thank you, I love the colours too. :)
      The roast was good once it was cooked.

  5. I like the variegated yarn for projects like slippers, dish cloths etc. More interesting than a plain colour. You have put the idea of a beef roast in my head....may have to go shopping. Another cold night at -19 with -27 wind chill. Brrrr!

    1. I've never used this variegated wool before so I'm finding it very cool! :)
      In those cold temps, I'd be staying in by the fireplace.

  6. I never thought of putting a beef roast on the grill; will have try it, it sounds good. I agree though well cooked it has to be.
    Why we were still sitting there freezing I have no idea. It is crazy what we would think is warm in the "frozen north" is now

    1. I thought it was worth a try rather than plug my crock pot in. It was good!
      Yes, it chilled me yesterday and when Pat said it was 5, I didn't hesitate to move. :)

  7. Very crafty you are, me not so much. I like the yarn colours, very perky.
    We don't eat beef but we do our pork roasts on the Weber and they always turn out wonderfully. I like the crispier pieces too.
    Those chilly winds are what my grandfather always called a lazy wind. They go through you because they are too lazy to go around you. They chill you quickly and it's not always easy to get warm for a while afterwards.

    1. Thank you, I'm not really crafty because sometimes I give up too easily but this crocheting 'thing' has caught on thanks to Rose. She makes it so easy, she is the crafy one.
      Lazy winds, I really like that saying. It totally is the perfect name. It took me a while to get warmed up inside.