Thursday, January 10, 2019

Preparing for our Move, The Day in Pictures, Happy Hour with our Neighbours, Molly Visits

Bill and I were both wide awake at 6:30 on Wednesday, Jan. 9th and getting up out of bed. For me, not surprising as I was in bed by 9:30. Bill was in bed an hour after me and that is unusually early for him. He must have been slept out too! He made his coffee and sat reading blogs while I finished mine from Tuesday. It was another mild morning around 9C and on my walk, it was one of  those “every time you turn, it’s another picture moment” morning.

I couldn't decide, now you see why
When I returned, I made my tea and Bill had toast and jam while I had cereal and raspberries. After getting some directions from Rob for one store, we were in the truck around 9:15 to head into Yuma. Rob and Pat were also driving themselves to do some errand running around as we prepped to leave the park on Friday. It just made more sense for us each to drive and do what we needed to do individually. We both needed propane as well as diesel.

Propane fill
First off, we went to Ferrellgas to get propane for our small tank that we use for the Weber Q. From there we went to Hobby Lobby. Bill bought some paint for his kit and I bought some wool so I can keep in practice with my needles. 

We just walked through this store to check it out
because it was next door to H.L.
Next it was the goodwill store so I could drop off a blanket and 2 bags of used clothing. Then a quick stop at Lowe’s so Bill could get a piece of dowel and then we found a new place, C-A-L Ranch. Here, we were just browsing but I found a new weighted water dish for Clemson for outside. One that won’t blow away in the desert winds.
I'll be back in February to check the inside of this store :)

The next thing on our list was Fry’s for some last-minute groceries. Beside their store was O’Reilly Auto Parts and Bill still had to find a gas can before we went into the desert. We needed to carry gas for our generator as we’d more than likely use it a few times over the next 3 weeks. While he went in there, I went and started with the grocery list. Bill had success, getting the can he wanted, and then joined me in Fry’s.

Oh! I'm going to see if O'Reilly's has the gas can I'm looking for

Meet you in fry's
The last thing we needed to do was move from our parking spot into the line up for fuel. We had over 100 points to use and that saved us .10¢/gal. on diesel today. The price before using the card was $2.69/gal so we were very happy about the fill-up today. That was even better than last time when we saved .20¢/gal. 

Actually, there was no line up at the fuel pumps
for the first time

Okay, we were done and headed out of the city. We arrived home before 12 noon and we were hungry.

I missed my breakfast quesadillas
I fried chopped bacon and onion before adding eggs and cheese. Bill had his in a toasted sandwich and I had mine as a quesadilla. I tried it with salsa but it wasn’t necessary, it was delicious! Instead of doing dishes, we agreed to fill the dishwasher today and give it a whirl before leaving the park. It is good to run it once a month.

The guys were refilling the hot tub
 Bill is having difficulty with his recliner. The mechanism you pull to get it into a reclining position is kaput. First, months ago, the handle broke off but he was still able to jimmy it into position. Yesterday, he couldn’t get it to budge. We don’t know if it is repairable but it is very frustrating for him. His snoozes will have to be up on the bed now until we can do something about it.

My view while laying on the lounge chair
It was 1:30 when I changed into my bathing suit and rode my bike up to the pool. This would be my last day to take a dip. There was one other sunbather up there when I arrived and Joe and 2 others working on the hot tub. Biweekly, they empty the tub, clean it and refill it. Today was the day. I sunbathed for a while on a lounger but realized I wasn’t thinking right when I left the Suite. I forgot my hat and my book, darn! Oh well, I just relaxed.

And this was Happy Hour at Rob and Pat's today
My chair is the empty one in the sunshine
The water felt cooler because I was hot when I got in but I enjoyed it for about 15 minutes, swimming laps back and forth. It was just before 3:30 when I returned home and Bill had his drone out for a spin. Don, from behind us, came over to watch and when I invited ourselves to Rob and Pat’s for Happy Hour, we both asked Don and Caroline to join us. We’ve never sat altogether with them so it was a nice chance to get to know them.

Carolyn, Don and Bill
We asked Carolyn and Don how they met
When she was saying about she told her Mom how 'nice' he was,
he pulled his phone out to record the conversation
They've been married 61 years and as cute as ever.
None of us are happy about leaving them on Friday so exchanged cards with each other. Don is quite the character and we absolutely love his personality. Carolyn is quieter but can certainly tell a good story. We enjoyed hearing tales of their meeting, dating and family ‘bloopers’. Before going over, I had put thawed pork ribs in a foil pan on the Weber. It was turned to 275F and I just left it to cook.

We love our new blanket
We could smell the ribs from next door and when we returned just before 6 they were done to perfection! Yum! We didn’t even need to brown them on the grill mat as originally planned. I had bought an Asian Sesame salad kit a week ago so we had that on the side. I won’t buy it again, neither of us liked it much. I liked the sesame and nuts the best out of the whole cabbage, kale blend. Live and learn.

Clemson's new outside dish
As we were just finishing up eating, Ken, Nancy and Molly came for a quick visit. They were just out walking and we invited them in. It took some coaxing because they didn’t want to disturb us. They didn’t stay long but we chatted about the day and tomorrow. Ken mentioned Bocce ball in the morning so we’ll have to think about that. It will be the last kick at ‘that’ cat. Tomorrow is already a busy day.

Bill loaded the dishes in the washer and turned it on and soon after they left to go home and make their own supper.

almost 6:00 and it is still warm out

The ribs turned out great and still juicy inside
We enjoyed the ribs so I will try and remember how I did them. LOL Bill caught up on a pvr program from Monday night and I worked at my post. I forgot to start it earlier and then when I did, lost the two paragraphs I’d written. It will get finished in the morning.

From inside the Suite, I could see the world was brilliant pink

This was a great day! Thank you for your visit.


  1. I also really like your kokopelli blanket I have been looking for one for awhile. I would assume you bought it on your trip to Mexico yesterday, but saw no mention of it.

    1. Yes, we did buy the blanket in Mexico. Sorry, Peter. It is huge, 8' long by 6' wide. They had various colours. We also picked up a pretty coffee table runner but I didn't get a pix of that yet. :)

  2. Nice that you are getting things together before you hit the road again, and a happy hour with Don and Carolyn. enjoy your next adventures as I am sure you will.

    1. thanks George, things are coming together and we still have mixed feelings about moving. Don and Carolyn are terrific people.

  3. Love the blanket! Breakfast and dinner both look delicious ! How nice you got that visit in with Carolyn and Don..seem like a lovely couple. Too bad about Bill's recliner. Beautiful sunrise and sunset pics!

    1. thank you, it is the largest one we've found.
      We're glad Don accepted our h.h. invite. Two Pats invited us, he told his wife. :)

  4. Busy day you had yesterday.
    Have a good trip to your next stop. We will be having ribs today and I'm going to try what you did.
    Take care friends.

    1. Yes, you'd never know we were retired! haha
      Thanks Loree, good luck with the ribs. Let me know!
      Hope you three are doing well.

  5. You can always search your blog to remind yourself how you cooked the ribs.
    Wonderful happy hour, Don seems to be quite the character.
    I too like the blanket.
    Enjoy your last day there.

    1. Hey, that is so true! I've gone back often and am so grateful for my ramblings. :)
      Don is a character for sure and Carolyn a real sweetheart.

  6. It has been fun sharing the same RV park with you guys. The season is not over yet and I'm sure we will see you a few more times before we all return home. Have a good time at your next stay and I'll be following your blog.

    1. It is a treat for us too having you in the same park. We've enjoyed getting to know you better. :) We hope to see you more this winter too!

  7. Jello - you can always stay longer!!!! Always sad to leave a fun place.