Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Blowin’ in the Wind, Passing Goodbye and Welcome Friends!

On Wednesday, Jan. 2nd Bill and I were up within 30 minutes of each other to greet this day. We were excited for it. We had decided last night to get moving early and get into Yuma to pick up a few groceries. Beginning of the month, our pensions were in and it’s a good time to stock up. I was out for my walk at 7 and the sky was clear but the wind was wild. Our weather station was weeping, saying ‘bundle up, it is only 42F’. Yikes, that is only 6C and much colder in the wind.

the sky was still dark while I walked this morning
Within 10 minutes, it was daylight
I paid attention and was plenty warm with my layers on and my hoody up over my head. I didn’t dawdle and got back in 30 minutes. We washed, dressed and left at 8. Our destination was the Fry’s store. When given the choice between Albertson’s and Fry’s, Fry’s will win. Maybe the prices are the same at both venues but we chock up the points for fuel and take advantage at the pump.

Red sky coming from the east where the sun rises
I missed seeing Loree and Freddy this morning
On Monday, Dec. 31st we had 290 points to be used up that day or lost. We only needed $30 to fill Black Beauty but with .20/gal off their $2.85 cost, we were laughing. Perhaps I already told you this but this is why we like Fry’s. We left town happy campers when we checked our sale receipt and realized we saved $96+ in our food purchases today. Oh! And and extra 10% off each item because it was also Seniors Day. Cha-ching! With the Canadian dollar the way it is, we’ll take all the cha-chings we can get.

Back home, we unloaded the truck and reloaded the fridge and freezer. Good thing we didn’t find the ground beef patties, there was no room at the inn for them. I had my shower and tidied up because our excitement today was in regards to our full-time friends from Illinois coming today for a lunch/snack visit. We haven’t seen them since Feb. 2018 when we stayed at a KOA in Tucson. We should have company more often; the place looks lovely.

Flags back at full staff
Bill lit one of our incense sticks as we love the scent that spreads out through the living room. Not too strong, just enough. We bought them in Old Town Albuquerque and only light them on special occasions. ๐Ÿ˜Š I thought it wise to send a message to our friends that even though we are in California, we are still on Arizona time. Too bad I didn’t think of it yesterday! It was only natural for them to plan around Pacific time. No worries, we are here for whenever they arrive.

So, at 12:30 we saw a black Chev 3500 dually drive by. Looked like Ken but couldn’t see the passenger. I slipped out the door and waved my arms. They weren’t looking my way, instead focusing on the road. Long story short, they drove the perimeter, we waved from our end of the lane, but they didn’t see us so Bill hopped on his bike and cut them off at the pass. Ha ha too funny! He was really motoring!

There is another Mobile Suite in the park
with a very dirty tow vehicle, I might add

Meanwhile, I’m calling them on the phone to help redirect them and Bill returned just before they pulled up out front. ๐Ÿ˜Š We met them at the truck and hugs all around felt natural. Ken looks so different with his mustache and beard but I like it! Sorry, Nancy.

Driving into Yuma on a very bright day
We had snacks and tame drinks of Coke and Gingerale while enjoying 3 ½ hours of catching up. About 30 minutes in, they said they wanted to meet Rob and Pat so I texted and invited our buddies over. Rob and Pat didn’t stay long before saying ‘glad to meet ya’s’ and going back home. It was a nice afternoon and we’re glad they got to meet each other. We made plans to take them across to Los Algodones next week before we leave the park. They left around 4:15.

I was too busy enjoying myself to take good pictures
Clemson cozies up to Ken on the couch
There were stories being told today
Bill and I won’t need supper tonight, that’s for sure. While cleaning up, we munched on the cheese, crackers, pepperoni and banana bread. It was enough to fill us for the evening. The temperature today was chilly at 56F but the sun was warm, if you were out of the wind. We dozed and read for the remainder of the afternoon and at 7:30 Bill made us each a hot chocolate.

Nancy talking to Pat and I while Rob listens to the guys talk
This has been a good day and although I haven’t done much today, I felt exhausted. The evening will be a quiet one again in the comfort of our own home.

And the sun sets on another great day
Good night!

I hope you’ve had a great day too! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit with friends.
    I like Fry's also. The nice thing is it is familiar. When we are in lower Michigan I shop at Kroger which is basically the same store. Same points for gas...:)
    Not complaining, we will take this over snow and freezing cold any day but I am thinking I unzipped the lining out of my jacket to soon.

    1. We had a nice catchup visit for sure.
      I know what you mean about the zip out lining. I believe you will soon be glad you did take it out. :)

  2. So nice that you got to see your friends again and catch up.
    Have not been to Fry's here in Yuma yet this year, The gas points don't save much for our car with such a small tank $14.00 to fill it the other day.

    1. Yes, we were glad it worked out.
      We do love Fry's and .20/gal savings is still helpful no matter whether we need a little or a lot. We'll take it!

  3. When in Arizona, I am all about Frys and Safeway!! Both have GREAT discounts on fuel.

  4. That's great they were able to come and you guys had a nice visit. I like the beard too. Love Fry's..if you saved 96.00 that must be some whopping grocery bill ..hahah. Nice that Ken and Nancy were able to meet Rob and Pat. Enough is enough of the wind and chilly temps!

    1. A really nice visit it was. We expected the bill to be $150+ but it was just $105. For 33 items incl. steak, beef roast, pork loin, nuggets, fish, we did all right! :)

    2. I agree about the wind Shirley, at least this morning it is registering 1 mph. Yay!

  5. Looks like the start of a good year!

  6. It appears that Fry's is the place to shop in that area. Wonderful that you were able to spend some quality time with your friends. I hope that the weather perks up sooner than later for you.

  7. Sounds like a great time meeting up with your friends. It's always fun to see friends after such a lapse in time. Sounds like some great savings at the grocery store! I love a good bargain - and more than one, really great!