Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Cloudy Day, Bocce Ball, New Year’s Eve Celebration with Friends, Reflections Not Resolutions for 2019

When I woke up on Monday, Dec. 31st, I couldn’t fathom that we were on the last day of 2018. Where has the time gone? It has been a great year with many more ups than downs and that is wonderful! Maybe I have just gotten better at seeing the good in more things and not dwelling on the alternate. Life is pretty darn good, I have to admit. If something seemingly goes sour, I can’t help but think of all the others around who are less fortunate and experience more downs than ups and my attitude changes.

A pretty start to the day
It isn't until you look at the plain clubhouse in the semi-dark that it
depicts a western setting

Interesting, first time I've ever seen a sign like this
displayed in the ladies washroom
This was a topic of one of our happy hour discussions

Last day for the half mast
for President George W. Bush
I checked the temperature and at 48F bundled with a one less layer than yesterday. There was a 6-mph wind when I headed out at 7 (in the mostly dark) and within 3 minutes, dawn cleared the way. By the time I was half way around the park, the wind had died right off. Inside, our station said 0 mph. Cool! The sky was cloudy earlier but as I write this at 9, blue is controlling overhead. Yay!

Once more, I couldn't choose just one or two
Beautiful sky
I’m watching Don, the retired airman behind us, packing things up. He came over last night and said goodbye and Happy New Year as they are driving to visit kids in Phoenix for a few days. He is a really nice guy, full of you know what and vigor. We all like him a lot. They will be back on Wednesday. We couldn’t have a better neighbor – well, Rob and Pat make pretty good ones too. Ha ha

When I returned, our flag shows that the wind had dropped considerably
We had a bite to eat, nothing substantial just toast, peanut butter, an orange and banana bread. I know it isn’t as good for us as our eggs and bacon nor is it as sustainable but we had a game to be ready for at 9:30. I nipped out at 9 to empty the gray tank and chatted with Ron who returned our plate with 4 chocolates on it. I wasn’t expecting the plastic plate back, nor the treats but thank you to Loree all the same.

Walking back from bocce ball, these yappy little  bow wows were going
Shutup, already!
Ron returned our plate with 4 chocolates on it for us
.we quickly consumed 3
We walked up to bocce ball with Rob and Ron and Bill brought his drone along to get some pictures of the action. I don’t know if I’m getting better or worse but even though I wasn’t on a winning team today again, I at least got some points. The players varied with a couple of last years regulars and a few people were missing from last week but there were still at least 12 of us in attendance. That is a very good turnout!

Coupons for todays shopping
At 11:30 we finished our 5th game and we walked home. Bill and Rob have a couple of things they want to pick up at Harbor Freight and have coupons good for today and tomorrow. Us girls will go along and utilize the 2nd coupon for their alternate item. Nice to be allowed into the ‘guys store’ for something! So, I warmed up a bowl of chicken soup and Bill made himself a sandwich with our coffees. The spattering of rain on the windows and patio indicated that it was a good day to go shopping since we’d be inside anyway.
Clemson went along for the ride today
It was mild at 56F and the winds were marginally insignificant. At 1 we rode along to Yuma so we could be back in decent time. We drove to H.F. and were stunned but not surprised at the busy place. There were 4 cashiers and at least 10 customers in each line. We found the goodies that the boys wanted and stood in line. The nice thing is that along with their great sale prices, they always offer an $8 item free with purchase.

Harbor Freight was crazy busy but worth the wait
We waited patiently until it was our turn to check out and then drove to Fry’s. We weren’t purchasing any groceries today but Rob and Pat nipped into the store while we got in line (yes, another line) for fuel. We had 290 points to use up today or we’d lose them. The wait again was worth it as we got diesel for $2.65/gal. Too bad the fuel tank wasn’t much below ¾ but we still got the benefit of our points. From there, we drove home with occasional rain spatters on the windshield. The temperature was dropping off as the afternoon progressed.

The guys got a haul today
The batteries were our freebies
I turned the fireplace up to warm the Suite and brewed a pot of wild strawberry and blueberry tea. With a cup at my side, I delved into my book and Bill turned Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 on for our entertainment. These movies are so well done and we’d only seen the first one. I started getting supper ready, chicken and dumplings. We were invited over to Rob and Pat’s for a 6:30 Happy Hour and then we are staying for a game of Wizard after that.

Remember Toy Story?
Everyone is invited so it will be fun to spend as much of the evening together as possible. Supper turned out quite good and I always surprise myself when I make things from ‘scratch’ and they are not only edible, but agreeably so. We had dishes cleaned up by 6:15 and headed next door soon after. The regular banter goes on among the 8 of us and we all have a good time. We discuss many things from alcohol, Mexico and Canadian/U.S. border crossings and friend memories.

and Woody, the Cowboy
While all together, I set up my tripod and camera and got a couple of group photos. Cheese! Happy New Year! I don’t remember the time when Ron and Loree left but they had planned a quiet movie night alone together. George and Suzie stayed and we all played one game of Wizard. It was fun with Bill and Suzie being the top scorers. After they said goodnight around 9:30, the four of us started another game. The wine was flowing and with a shot of George and Suzie’s Macadamia/Tequila earlier, we were all feeling no pain.

I don’t know if I can credit the drinks or if this is just the way my 2019 is going to go (one can only hope) but I was the top winner tonight. And, I need to add (because Rob destroyed the evidence) by a long margin. Starting at -10 on the first hand (my typical starting point) I ended with a beautiful 400. It may be the only game I win so I basked in my own good fortune for a while.

We all had a great time and after bringing in the New Year watching the ball drop in New York and hugs all around, Bill and I gathered our things and walked the short distance to the Suite. We are so blessed to have the friends that we have, near and far, and humbled to move forward into 2019 knowing they are all literally and figuratively within arm’s reach if we ever need them. Best of all, I am grateful for Bill, by my side through thick and thin and each year just keeps getting better and better together.

Happy New Year!
Thank you for stopping by! All the best in 2019 to you and yours.


  1. Happy New Years. Glad you brought in the New Years with friends.

  2. It was a wonderful day and a fun evening with our friends, I tried to stay awake longer but never happens. Now onto a Happy Healthy New Year !

    1. We enjoyed the evening together with friends too. It was 11:30 AZ time when we said goodnight. :)

  3. Happy New Year. Sam in the Ozarks

    1. thank you, Sam. Happy New Year to you too! All the best in 2019.

  4. The nicest way to bring in a New Year.... with special friends.
    We are all so lucky to have a great photographer to catch all of our fun times. We actually have 2 photographers. George captures moments that you don't know he's taking. Thanks for the pictures Patsy. Happy New Year to you and you Bill and Clemson!🎉

    1. We are blessed with great friends for sure and always nice to spend time with whatever time we can with them. :)
      Happy New Year to you, Ron and of course pretty Freddy!

  5. Sounds like a fun evening with good friends. Congratulations on your big win!!!!!
    Happy New Year to you, Bill, and Clemson!

  6. What a fun way to spend the last night of 2018. Happy New Year!

    1. We had a fun evening for sure.
      Happy New Year to you both as well!

  7. Happy New Year you two! Sounds like a great way to welcome the new year with great friends. The group picture is adorable! Harbor Freight is a great store, don't get there too often as it's over 70 miles away, but a great guys store. Nice of you ladies to help the boys out :)

    1. Happy New Year Ken and Shirley!
      The boys are so lucky to have us. haha

  8. Happy New Years. What a nice way to end the old one and bring in the new one.

  9. Looks like you sent 2018 off packing in style.
    Wishing you all only the best for the New Year.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. We sure tried to say goodbye with a flourish!
      Happy New Year Rick and Kathy.