Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Full Day, Two Anniversary Celebrations

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Sept. 15th Bill was up and out the door by 7:20. I was up and at my laptop with a cup of tea. At 7:30, after the last drop, I slipped on my runners and layered up for my walk. It was a cool 6C/43F outside but cooler with the wind gusts. The sun was trying to beat its way through the hazy clouds but didn’t quite make it. It sure was pretty though, in an orange yellow ball. The camera doesn’t do it justice.

I couldn't get the orange to show up no matter how I took the picture
but trust me, it was beautiful

That's a little better

I walked down North Line to Baptist Church Road and my plan was to head to Turbine Lane and turn back. Up over the hill, coming my way, Rob and Bethany were heading back towards home. We’ve not bumped into each other for a couple of weeks so we stopped and chatted for 15 minutes. Woops! That meant I needed to move a bit faster to get there and back home again to make up the time. I like to have some free time in between jobs.

The geese trying to get their act together

There's that sunshine again, welcoming me back home

Rob and Bethany heading home just a few steps ahead of me
Even the small bushes are changing colour

It was 10 to 9 when I walked out to Ptootie to go to work. Mitch was busy removing the paper and tape, including the pinstripe tape line on the Silverado. Carefully, I removed tape from the lettering 'EFI 'and between us we had the truck uncovered.  

There were a few things yet to do but this is
to show you the pretty colours on this old 1991 Chevrolet

Mitch heats his home right now with wood stoves and was offered some wood pallets by a neighbour down the road so we next hopped into his old F150 and I drove us the 3 km (?) to the gravel yard.

Maybe when we get bored with no work, we'll work
on his own beater truck! Ha ha

Close enough to pet him but I didn't

Wonder what they're thinking when they look at me

He handed 13 skids up to me and I stood them up in the box before driving back to Graceland 2. A couple of hillbillys? Then I set to work sanding the wheel wells on another truck that has come in for work and a repaint. When a customer brings a vehicle in, they pay a deposit. That often means pay day for me. 😊 Before I left at 11:30, I had cash in my hand. At home, I warmed up my quesadilla from yesterday and then drove to meet Donna in Durham.

A cute picture of Wendy and Gayle as we said goodbye

She drove from there to pick Gayle up and we carried on to our little sister’s place in Owen Sound. Wendy was expecting us and had my copper etching (no picture until it is framed) and Gayle’s Sgraffito mug from Ladyfest. You can look that up if you want to know more detail. It is pottery carving, in short terms. We visited and Wendy shared some good news before we left. As we were outside, saying goodbye, Morgan returned from her school day. She is in Gr. 10 and toughing it out in a strange environment. Her Aunts got a hug and we were on our way.

Morgan coming home for school

We picked up some items for Donna downtown at the Artist’s Co-op and then drove to Princess Auto and Value Village. We had an hour to shop so made the best of it. I found some long sleeve button down shirts for working in the shop and lucked out with a purse to replace my day to day one plus a pair of shoes all for under $10 each. With a 30% seniors discount on Tuesdays we were all quite pleased with our purchases. We dropped Gayle off at home and Donna and I parted ways in town where I’d left my car.

Donna and I shopped at Princess Auto AGAIN!
Getting to be a habit!!

It was 5 pm when I pulled in the lane and wasn’t surprised to see Bill beat me home. He’d just had his shower and we sat and relaxed until 6. It was one of those “I didn’t know what to have for supper” nights so Bill had toasted tomato and cheese while I had grilled cheese, tomato and onion in the frypan. It was delicious and just enough. Before dishes, Mitch called and asked for our 4 hands to help put the fiberglass tonneau back on the pickup. Then it was done. 😊

The drive home from Durham

The small job didn't take long and the truck looks awesome in the two-tone colour with a silver pinstripe. I’m glad to be done with that truck and so is Mitch. I imagine the owner will be in tomorrow to pick it up. On to the next! Back home, we did the dishes and relaxed for the evening. A phone call from our buddies at Rock Glen let us know that they were having a good time with a few good friends. I’m glad they are all enjoying themselves.

Yummy, pan grilled cheese, tomato and onion

I hope you’ve had a good day. It warmed up here to about 17C/63F so that is a pretty nice day. Today, is our youngest daughter and her husbands FIRST anniversary. Happy Anniverary, Jessica and Matt! I hope it was a great day!

This is their Ontario wedding
that was later celebrated with family in Cancun, MX in October

Also, a message out to Bill's sister and her hubby's 13th anniversary. 

                                Happy Anniversary, Liz and Bruce!

Good night everyone!

Thank you for popping in for a visit.


  1. What a busy day you had. You and Mitch do nice work - the truck looks great. I know he does the painting but if it is not taped right, the final product would not look as good as it does! I love cow pictures. I often wonder the same thing - what do they think when they are looking at us - probably nothing, but the way they stare you can't help but wonder.

    1. It was a full day and still very nice. :) Work and play!
      Thank you, I feel proud for the little bit I do when we have a finished product.
      Cows, there has to be something going on in those heads! haha

  2. Nice job on the truck. I have to say those cattle are in great shape! Must be all that Canadian grass. Is it just me or do Canadian stores have different names? I thought you went car shopping at Princess Auto!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the cows eat well here. Grass fed. :)
      Funny, never thought about the name but it is definitely a 'guys' store with lots of things for autos etc.but also garden 'fixit' things.

  3. The truck looks great! It's pretty clear that Mitch is good at what he does, and he's taught you well too.

    Take care and stay well!

  4. I'm with Nancy....Princess Auto and Canadian Tire. Well yesterday was sure a busy fun day for you. That's always nice. Morgan is so cute and I love that neighborhood. I, too, wonder what the cow is thinking.

    1. Princess Auto here is like Harbor Freight down there. Canadian Tire does sell tires too!
      Morgan is shy but adorable.

  5. Good job on the Truck. Like you said maybe it's time for Mitch to work on his F-150.Not many left with the dual gas tanks.
    Cows are actually friendly and intelligent but they are too easily trusting when being given a ride with friends in a big truck.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you. As Mitch said - there's no $ in fixing your own vehicles! haha
      You're right about the cows. Right up there with pigs. Keeping us fed.