Friday, September 4, 2020

Working Morning, Crazy, Windy but Quiet Afternoon - Oh and Fire the Mail Lady!

The Ridge

When I woke up on Friday, Sept. 4th it was a few minutes before 6 so I knew I had another half hour to just relax before getting up. Actually, it wasn’t that difficult for me to get up since I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep shortly after 9. Bill was turned away from me but sleeping soundly. I didn't want to wake him. I think I mentioned yesterday that he has the day off. That’s what happens when an order of materials doesn’t arrive on time to finish a job on a work site. I got washed up and made my tea without any sound or movement from him so slipped out the door at 6:45.

The sky to the east

To the west, the moon was saying goodbye

The laundromat was looking pretty good. Jamie was in last night and picked up the full garbage and recycle bags so that freed up space in the Lock Up. I moved a couple of things around just to tidy things better. I’m anal to a point too and like things to be neat if I can manage it. There was one dirty washer with short cat or dog hair so I ran it through a cycle to clean what wouldn’t wipe out. I was in and out in an hour as usual.

And at the end of the lane, to the north - this beauty

Back home, I sat with Bill, who told me later that he heard me leave. I was trying not to wake him and he was listening to me move about. He had some toast and I caught up on blogs from our friends. The temperature this morning was a coolish 11C/52F but the sun was coming up to a mostly clear sky by the time I left for town. We weren’t in a heat wave anymore with a high only of 19C/66F and I doubt we’ll see much warmer in the days to come for any length of time.

You know I dislike missing the sunrise, so as I drove to Durham (west)
this was in my rearview
No one was behind me so I slowed down and took the picture

At Mitch’s for 9, Mike had dropped his truck off with a deposit so I knew it would be one we’ll work on early next week. He works through the weekends so who knows how far he’ll get on it. I mostly cut up rags today, helped Mitch put running boards on the Silverado and then went on an ‘errand’ run into town. It is easier for him, of course, if I go in for some quick items as it means he doesn’t have to close things down and lock up.

Bill couldn't believe the number of blue jays out around the feeders this morning
but they were fast and mostly eating off the seeds that dropped
to the ground
All I could capture with my phone was a hummer

As it was, the truck owner came soon after I left to pick up his vehicle. Another happy customer. We have the ’91 Chev pick up to finish (painting any day) the old red and white hauling truck and the ’28 Plymouth. Plus, Mike’s 2005 Dodge. Nice to have work. Mitch said he’d see me Tuesday, if I wanted to spend Monday at home with Bill, or Monday if I wanted to come in. We’ll see. Right now, I’m thinking it will be nice to have 3 days off.

We had some lunch together. I had a toasted rye tomato sandwich with egg salad on the side. Pshaw with the diet! It tasted wonderful! The winds are very strong again today so when the sun is behind the fluffy clouds, it feels quite chilly outside. I went out with the Windex and gave Ptootie’s windshield a good cleaning. It has been driving me crazy for far too long. The circle markings from our ‘on my last legs’ gps are still there.

Another day with few pictures
A few fries with my stew

There wasn’t anything else to do outside so I walked up to the garden and picked a couple of ripe tomatoes. There are some that are close but I’ll leave them for today. Some of the plants are getting very sprawled because of the weight of the fruit so I carefully wound them through the cages to keep them off the ground. No pumpkin yet, I’m sure that is just a tease as it flowers and spreads out across the area. 😊 That’s okay, I wasn’t expecting miracles from it anyway.

Back indoors, we did some research. Well, Bill did, for his hobby, and I worked on the crossword puzzle. With a few words I just couldn’t get, I gave up. The answers went in the recycle bin for last Monday’s pick up so I would never know. Sometimes it helps with the next puzzle as the same clues get repeated – often. At 5:30 or so, I started supper.

The dumplings were very soggy

Bill liked the idea of having hot roast beef sandwiches with fries but I’d planned a different way to eat up the leftover beef.  I’d found a recipe online for a stew with dumplings and set about making that. I’ll say that it sounded much better than it tasted, what with beef broth, tomato juice, red wine, carrots and onions. But the dumplings which were dropped in later didn’t turn out good at all. It didn’t help that I cooked it in Madame IP.

As I mentioned yesterday, we ended up taking the torn canopy
off the shelter

My sweet hubby is such a guinea pig sometimes (where did that reference come from?) when it comes to my meals. Even more so since Madame IP entered our appliance family. BTW – rats, mice and rabbits were used more often for scientific experiments than guinea pigs ever were. LOL Regardless, Bill is a real trooper. I know that I won’t make this recipe again, unless I try it on the stove instead. Makes sense, the ‘meat/stew’ button is not meant for dumplings.

This was really upsetting

We had a lot of dishes since they didn’t get done at noon hour and I dirtied a lot in the cooking process (for some reason). When they were finished, I slipped on a jacket to go down to the mailbox. I hope our mail lady, who constantly misses picking up cards around long weekends, took the mail I set in the box this morning. The evening was spent in front of the tv until bedtime. With no reason to get up at any particular time tomorrow, I might search for a movie. We’ll see.

By the way, the card was still in the box. Now we're really unhappy with our postal service!

And over the way of the church, the sun set
So, good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. I swear they don't do rural delivery out my way on Fridays.

    1. Well, I'm pretty sure they are supposed to around here...........we're going to stop at the p.o. in town on our way out this morning and ask.

  2. It sounds like you'll be able add Body Repair specialist to your Resume.
    A real comfortable day.
    Might be a wise option to drop your mail off when you go to the Laundromat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Ha ha, maybe!!
      Today we will drop the card in the town p.o. but we shouldn't have to!

  3. I had the same "postal" problem for over a year. They refused to deliver to my house ... said it was vacant. Seems like we should be able to do SOMETHING! It looks like maybe they just don't like to work on Fridays. LOL Hopefully she/he gets the message!!

  4. Shame about the mail pick-up. Even if your regular person was off on Friday, someone else should take care of the route.

    Have a lovely long weekend!

  5. I agree with all the above. Noticed our mail lady racing through our street on Friday in a hurry to finish her day. Actually I didn't know for a long time (years) that the post delivery person (here in Canada) was required to take back outgoing and stamped mail from a private mail box. I thought we were required to drop it off into a dedicated mailbox at street corners. Too bad your card is now late for delivery.

  6. Our postal service isn't getting high marks either. It took 11 days for mail from Kansas to get to Nebraska and a month from Kansas to Illinois. What gives? I don't blame it on our local office or carriers.

  7. Neat picture of the sunrise you captured!

  8. Sometimes you just have to have something that feels good to eat..there's always the next meal. haha. Beautiful pictures today! Love seeing the green at your place, as we don't have any..:) I'll be curious to see how your house hunting has gone. Still wish you didn't have to do that!