Sunday, September 27, 2020

A Bit of Regular Stuff, But Mostly Fun Stuff! THEN! I Lost My Pictures!

The Ridge

(Note: I was too hasty downloading yesterday's pictures and lost them SO! Basically, what you get is what you see of my shopping spree)

I woke up on Saturday, Sept. 26th just before 6 and realized that Bill was downstairs getting ready to leave. I know he would wake me to say goodbye, that is one lesson we both learned early when the other is leaving the Suite for any length of time, but I’m glad I woke up on my own. He left soon after, by 6:15, he was out the door. He had close to a 3-hour drive ahead of him and wanted to arrive at the Flying Field soon after 9.

First off: My favourite thing
Donna gave me my birthday card
Yes, that is a real pix of me at the G.C.

She subscribes to a greeting card store and can make her own
I love it!
I had my own obligations this morning so sorted the laundry and drove to town for 7. Three loads this morning since we had our chenille bedspread to wash and put away for the winter. The Mat was really clean with the exception of the recycle and garbage bins. Methinks Jamie might have been in just last night by the looks of it. I felt bad that he went to that trouble but things were obviously looked after in my absence. Even the dryer lint trays were empty.

Adorable earrings from the yard sale

So, rather than put in time, I did the recycle and replaced the garbage bag and a paper towel roll before our loads were done washing. I loaded them up and was on my way. A quick stop at Foodland for bread and that took care of my errands. When I got home the winds had picked up so I had a bit of a fight hanging the clothes on the line but won that battle! Donna and I had plans to visit a market east of here so after my tea, Gerry dropped her off.

A nice 2nd hand sweater from the yard sale

It just so happened that a home I frequent for yard sales was setting up for the weekend. She is a very nice young lady and recognizes me by now. 😊 Donna was excited for the new ‘venue’, we Snelgrove girls are always looking for a deal and perusing yard sales is born and bred in us, thanks to Mom and Daddy. We took our time and each of us spent about $5 for a nice little bundle of things I commended her on her prices.

Wool and little books for someone special
at the yard sale

Then into Durham where we stopped so I could pick up a Wet Floor sign at the second hand store in town. I’d been looking for one last summer for the Mat so I’m sure Jamie won’t mind reimbursing me the $10. Either way, it doesn’t matter. We carried on then through Mount Forest and then to Conn, on #89 hwy. Destination: Misty Meadows Market. We’d never been there but would definitely go back another time.

Prices for the fresh vegetables were great and I got the 2 spices that I needed for under $2. 😊  After dropping Donna off at the Acreage, I came home for some lunch. The leaf lettuce that I bought for $3 looked and tasted wonderful! I cleaned up the dishes and brought the clothes in off the line. They were probably dry an hour after I hung them out, it reached 25C/77F today. We had fun shopping together, Donna and I, and I’m glad that we are going out more often.

I seldom buy books but when the price is right
I will

Last weekend, we had emptied our hall closet in the hopes that CanAm could replace the floor from an overhead leak that Bill has since fixed. All of that stuff was stacked in the Bunky so rather than bring it back into the Suite (the unit will go back mid-October to get it done), I organized and piled things a little better. I was able to clear floor space so it could be swept out.

The Misty Meadows Market is a growing concern
pix from website

I went as far as I could and came inside for a cup of tea. Bill has a winter coat that needs a new zipper so with Pat’s recommendation, I called a lady in town and left a message. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks, we can get that taken care of. No real rush, we hope, but definitely before we leave the area. Bill had texted that he was on his way home around 2:15 and sure enough at a few minutes before 5, he pulled in.

Another website picture when the store
wasn't open, obviously
The place was packed when we visited!

He relayed stories of his day and after emptying his lunch cooler, stretched out in his chair and promptly fell asleep. It would have been a long day for him but he truly enjoyed it. The good news is that regardless of the wind, he got a flight in with the Piper Cub before it got too strong. 😊 For supper, we agreed on toasted tomato sandwiches. Bill adds cheese to his on white bread and I added lettuce on spelt bread (something new from the market). It was good and we finished our gooey butter tarts for dessert.

A head of leaf lettuce - Huge!
One lettuce leaf was so big, it overhung my 6" lunch plate

After dishes, we drove to the Acreage for what could be one of our last campfires. Gerry was the fire tender tonight, they take turns, and it was nice again. The winds didn’t die down so sparks would flutter every so often in the gusts but it was a warmer, less damp night because of it. Mike had his daughter’s small dog, Ava, out so she entertained us and took turns cuddling up to the ladies. She’s a cutie and although has familiar traits of Clemmy, she isn’t Clemson. 😊

And a beautiful perfect head of freshly picked cauliflower

We left for home before 10 and crawled into bed soon after. It was a fulfilling day for both of us. Bill was very happy that he drove to London and saw his friends, Keith and Ken included.

Because I lost the real thing, I had to cheat on this pix too
Beside us, at the market parking lot, a great dane
was sitting perfectly in the driver's seat
The pix was priceless and I lost it. Drat!

Hope you had a good night!

Thank you for coming around for a peek!


  1. I love the card Donna made you that's too cute! Great yard sale finds and great prices too! Nice that Can Am will be able to fix the floor in mid October. Always nice to get together with sisters. :) Again, great way to end the evening with a fire!

    1. Thank you Shirley. It was a great day with Donna and later at the fire!

  2. What a cute card, especially because it is personalized. I miss garage sales, especially for the books. I generally refuse to pay the retail prices, though did break down and pick up a book a week or so ago. I'm almost through the pile I bought at a big book sale a year ago.

    Take care and stay well.

  3. Nice Birthday Card. Looks like you had a busy fun day between chores and spending time with your sister.
    Did Bill Fly his Big Plane or is it still under construction?
    Be Safe and Enjoy getting into a new routine.

    It's about time.

    1. Bill just flew his Piper Cub. It was quite windy so wouldn't risk the Telemaster's premiere flight.

  4. Glad you got to Misty Meadows, it's a neat place. The parking lot was full when we were last there.