Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Jam Up, Jelly Tight – I’m Showing my Age with that Song Title

The Ridge

Anyway, today was a day for canning, Patsy style. It’s Wednesday, (hump day) Sept. 16th. I was up at 6:30 and once more on my way into Durham’s laundromat at 6:45. Bill was showering and getting ready for work when I kissed him goodbye for the day. The Mat was done within the hour with a bonus by finding $6.25 in a washer. From there I drove to Foodland. Hmm, I thought. I wonder if Mitch needs anything today? So, I called. Yes, he did, so I saved myself a trip back in. Yay!

The 1991 Chev Silverado waits for its owner

I got my onions and some yogourt for Bill since we’re out of the Costco Liberte cups that he likes. This will get him through a few more days at least. I didn’t take a tea with me to town so made one when I returned home. It probably went down too quickly but I had to leave by 10 to 9, I have yet to be late arriving to work. 😊 Mitch was waiting and had me work on the 2001 Chev (GMC?) right away. He had moved it inside, thankfully, as it was windy outside for power sanding.

It was time to retire this purse
I've carried it all summer and the handles are very raggedy

Yesterday, I found this bright leather one at Value Village
for $4.49 - 30%
I love it!

The 2-tone blue Silverado was out waiting to be picked up and wow, she looked sweet. The owner was very pleased with the outcome and thanked us both. I used a blade and then paint thinner to remove the glue substance from under the 2” wide rubber trim Mitch had taken from the doors . That is another job I don’t mind as long as the blades are sharp. And they are.

Tomatoes, onions and green peppers
and salt

I might take the small jar to Mitch tomorrow
He has been good to us

We took another trip down the road to the gravel pit and picked up the last of the skids/pallets. Mitch will use this wood over the winter after chopping it up into wood stove sized pieces. I went back to work on the truck. Some days are full of interruptions and today was one of those. I’m used to it and just go with the flow. Mitch needed my muscles for another job.

From this view, walking home, 5 turbines are visible

And mid afternoon, we had clear blue sky
I was glad that I unplugged at 9 this morning

On the back of this black truck is a red cap. The owner wants this to remain red and everything else repainted black. There is a silver base, along the doors as well but he agrees that no 2-tone is necessary. So, we needed to remove the cap or topper. I had to crawl inside to take the 6 bolts and ‘clamps off from inside first. The topper was stuck down so it took some crowbar pressure and 4 hands to get it ‘unstuck’. Well, we did it and were quite proud of our efforts. We slid it off and onto a waiting flat bed trailer. With that done, at 10 to 12, I was shooed off home with a ‘good job!’ 

I didn’t hang around and came home and made my lunch with a coffee. Today is a beautiful day. The last for a while, by the looks of it. We reached a lovely warm 23C/72F with gorgeous sunny skies and a gusty breeze. Tonight, we are going to be around 8C/46F so don’t need to worry about the garden at least. I think we’ll need a thicker skin – soon – to brave what’s coming. I set to work at 1:30 and within an hour had 4 jars of green tomato relish made and then went for a walk down to the corner.

Nope, I'm not done with the babies yet
These 4 are very curious (and cute)
Love the ears!

I had some red tomatoes that needed to be used up too with tops going bad so I cut them up and made, instead of salsa, a rosemary tomato jam. Sounded good but we’ll see. I’m not shy of experimenting. I could use it as a salsa, I suppose. It didn't thicken up as it should have but we'll see.😊 

Bill has been following this package from Jacksonville, Florida
for over a week

Then, I sat and caught up on my blog posting. My book is also waiting for me so I delved into that until my sweetie returned home. It was 5ish when he pulled up the drive. I was busy killing flies – again. We truly can’t believe how they get in and as the door opens, they miss no opportunities. Then they seem to flock to the windows to get out again. Are they dumb or what? We sat together until suppertime when I helped Madame IP cook our meal.

This September dandelion seems a little misplaced

Supper was Italian sausages, potatoes and spaghetti squash in one pot. Corn in the microwave for Bill. It all tasted very good and there are a few spuds left for another night. We cleaned up dishes and that was when I noticed the windows had some rain drops on them. I do know the clouds had moved in rather quickly around the time Bill got home and it is forecast to get some rain.

Still blooming!

But the  furled up pre-blossoms are just as beautiful!

And why not a selfie on this lovely summer day?

This was a good day, and now we have new jars of relish in the fridge. Tomorrow, I might try once more to thicken up the choke cherry syrup (jam) that I made last summer. I do realize that everything I make needs to go to Paisley. LOL, so I could be in a bit of a pickle. I hope you’ve enjoyed your hump day.

Tonight's supper

Good night!

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  1. Yep, really enjoyed my day. Did some sewing, some knitting, finished dehydrating various herbs, and just plain had a great day.

    I think we might make the same type of relish. At least it looks like it.

    God bless.

    1. Oh good! It sounds like a wonderful day.
      With all the green tomatoes on the plants at this time of year, the relish is a perfet thing. You can only eat so many Fried Green Tomatoes. :)

  2. I'm not a fan of green tomato relish, but I love making it. Anything canned from the garden is a good thing. Sounds like every day is a busy day!! Enjoy the good weather.

    1. Yes, the relish is easy to make. We use it a lot so don't buy the store bought stuff anymore.
      Every day is pretty busy but enjoyable too. :)
      Sunny today! Yay!

  3. Love the selfie! You are really good at those. :) Your relish looks like a salsa to me, as long as it tastes good all that matters! I love your "new" purse!

    1. thank you! Funny because I've used my tomato relish as a salsa with my eggs. :)
      The purse is different than any I've had and I like that.

  4. The relish sounds very good - funny that I've never even heard of it before. I thought my mom canned everything. :)

    The hibiscus is gorgeous! I hope you don't get frost for quite some time so you'll get to see the lovely buds turn into flowers.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. It is very good and easy to make. :)
      I was thinking the same thing about the hibiscus. Fingers crossed!

  5. Your days must feel short when you stay that busy at work, at work and home. LOL.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. The days go quickly, I'll say that. Having every afternoon off is nice, I get to do what I want without feeling guilty. haha
      Enjoy the cooler temperatures?? No, I'm not liking the idea very much!!