Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Wondering About Avon, Cool September Day, Doing Some Baking

The Ridge

Good morning. It’s a cool Tuesday, Sept. 8th here on the Ridge. Last night our temperatures dropped to 9C/49F and that is just not acceptable for so early in this month! Like I have a say, right? Well, we had our Blue Flame heater on so we were certainly warm enough overnight but it was still only 16C/61F in the Suite when we got up at 6:30.

Just before I left at noon, I took a pix of Mike's truck all covered except
for the parts that needed painting (and there weren't many)

Downstairs, I made my ‘to-go’ cup of tea while Bill had his shower. I washed and brushed my teeth and after a kiss and snuggle goodbye, headed for town. Brrr, we are so spoiled. It was lightly raining as I drove the 8 km to town so chilled me. The Mat was impressively clean again and I debated leaving it for another day. However, the things you don’t see at first glance are the washers that need wiping out and the lint trays in the dryers that turned out to be very full. Each one. Jamie had been in last night to empty the cash from the machines so the one dirty washer needed to be cleaned well by hand.

And from the back end with a couple of spots to be papered

After wiping things down and sweeping the floor I was out of there within 40 minutes. I went from there to Foodland and picked up some whipping cream, regular cream, milk and bread for Bill. I love that they are open at 7 am as there are no line-ups at that time of the day. Mitch called me while I was there and asked if I’d mind grabbing a few things for him too since I’d be seeing him later. I didn’t mind at all. It might have saved me going back in later for him.

For something thrown together, it was very tasty and filling

Back home, I finished my tea after reading a few blogs to see what our friends are up to. I drove around the corner to Graceland 2 just before 9. Brian, his other worker and a friend of ours, arrived at the same time. Mitch had Mike’s truck in the bay and had done some gravel guard painting around the wheel fenders. My main job today was mask and paper and then Mitch and I covered the cab, hood and roof with sheets.

When Brian and Mitch finished with the tailgate, sanding and welding, they masked and covered the truck box with plastic and paper too. It is all decked out like a Christmas present, ready for painting. That is the fastest we’ve finished a vehicle since I’ve been there. He likes Mike and wants to please him. 😊 Brian and I finished what we could in good time and left at noon hour.

This Little Green machine should work well for detailing
his Acadia and Lincoln when the time comes
It will be easy for me to handle too

When I got home, I was happy to see that Walmart had had the parcel I’d ordered delivered to the door. I ordered a rug/carpet/upholstery cleaner for Mitch (and me, since I’ll be using it to clean his vehicles) and it arrived promptly, sooner than we first expected. I will take it over tomorrow, he is busy painting the truck today and won’t need it. The air was cool and I was happy to be inside this afternoon. I was starved so made a coffee and fried up some delicious things from the fridge for my lunch.

This cookbook is in excellent condition
I lost my original (bought from Doubleday Book Club in the mid 70's)
through a marriage breakup

After dishes, I had my shower and then started making some rhubarb tarts with the fruit that Rob brought me over a month ago. Bill and I have done well with our food intake and the scales are being kind so we deserve a treat. that's how I justify it. 😐Plus, a further step to emptying our freezer. It took me much of the afternoon to make 11 tarts (I stretched the pastry as far as it would go) and then to use the last of the rhubarb up in a thrown together Rhubarb Crisp.

Avon arrived too and we will keep the box for packing

I was pleased to be able to pull my ‘new to me’ Betty Crocker’s Cookbook (thanks Kim!) out of the recipe cupboard. Simple recipes the way our Mom’s used to make things – well, and me too when my children were small. While I was at the beginning stages of making the tarts today, UPS came up the lane. I had begun to wonder where my order was since Avon was asking for payment already. I usually meet him outside but it was too chilly. Our regular driver is in shorts and a jacket today and that made me chuckle.

Supper was delicious

He asked about our winter plans but, strangely, had no idea the borders were closed to us. I guess, when it doesn’t pertain to you in any way, you don’t pay attention. I’m guilty of that. At 4, the baking was in the convection oven so I’m hoping they turn out okay. It’s been a long time since I’ve made tarts. I made myself a cup of tea and for some reason, my upper left arm was aching so I took a pain pill. It’s always the same arm that throbs so there must be arthritis in there.

Then I sat with my Lee Child book and read until Bill got home. He is putting in a full day so he’ll be happy about that after missing 3 days last week. He pulled in around 5:15 after working until 4:30 and I started supper at 6. Mild Italian sausages in Madame IP with string beans from Paisley and mixed veggies for Bill in the microwave. I’d cooked 3 large links so there was a full one leftover and we can share it tomorrow night with the chicken thighs. No tradition here!

Dessert was a treat too

There were a number of dishes since a couple of baking pans needed washing too. I’d done the early baking dishes throughout the day but it didn’t seem to help tonight! LOL We had the rhubarb crisp for dessert and I had cream on mine. There was just a small portion so we cleaned it up and will have the tarts another night. Bill can at least take those to work for his lunches. We sat together for the evening and I worked on my blog.

The tarts turned out pretty good too
Looking forward to tasting them!
Good night!

This was a good day with both of us back to work. I hope you enjoyed yours too. Thank you for your visit.


  1. Suzie homemaker who can bake tarts and sand a truck for painting. I love it!! I think I have five versions of that cookbook from my Great Aunt, my Grandmother and my Mom.

    1. Ha ha, as long as I wash my hands between jobs!
      It was one item from a breakup that I was bummed about losing.

  2. Replies
    1. He's a great story teller and I love his characters. Reacher especially. :)

  3. It was a shocker to walk outside in shorts this evening. Fall is coming faster then the date.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I love my little green machine. It's great for cleaning up spots on the carpet without having to use the big carpet cleaner, and perfect for furniture as well. I hadn't thought of using it on the car though.

    It's a baking day here too, banana loaf, as it is pretty darn cool here this morning. Take care and stay well!

    1. Thank you for the Little Green review, Mitch is excited and it should be easy for me to use in the cars.