Friday, September 18, 2020

Busy Friday, Winds Pick Up and Gearing up for the Weekend

The Ridge

Up and at ‘em on Friday, Sept. 18th, Bill and I were on the go by 6:30. He wasn’t working too far away today, just down Baptist Church Road to the first concession north and then east. I took my tea into town with me and got the laundromat all spiffed up. No reason to stop anywhere else today so scooted back home by 8:10. I probably just missed Bill as he didn’t need to leave until 8 because of the work proximity.

I wasn't prepared for this but here it was

I didn't have to scrape it though (yet)

I finished my tea and since I was already washed and dressed for auto body work, relaxed for half hour before nipping around the corner. I used the air sander for the whole of my 3 hours there, with a wee bit of hand sanding in a small area around the driver side window. Mitch was full of chatter today but that’s okay, I stop, listen, and then carry on. When I left at noon, he wished me a Happy Birthday and handed me a card with instructions not to open it until Wednesday.

And this happened in the east sky

About 5 minutes after pulling in the driveway, before I even got my stuff out of the car and moved things from back seat to ‘trunk’, Bill pulled in. I wondered if he would come home for lunch but as it turned out, he was done for the day too. Nice! He ate his sandwich and I had a bowl of soup. With the afternoon to ourselves, we discussed what we had in mind.

His plan first was to go to Hanover to drop off the back-up camera ‘harness’, that got damaged as well, at the repair shop that fixed Black Beauty. They were tired of waiting for a new one to come in, (darn Covid!) as were we, so were looking at having one made up for us. Works for us, it would be nice to get it finally taken care of. Bill misses the camera. I did some shopping on line and then when he left, vacuumed the Suite. It was in dire need.

By the time I arrived at the Mat, this was over The Ridge

I had to zoom in to see the pink cotton better

At the same time, I put a few things away for the trip to London on Sunday. Bill had a snooze and then went out to cut grass around 3:30. What a chilly day! I’d gone up to the garden to see what I could ‘gather’, pulled the garden sheets out of the shed for tonight’s covering and moved things out of Bill’s way in our sitting area. We won’t be sitting out there anytime soon. The wind is very cold and we haven’t reached any higher than 10C/51F and it feels even cooler than that.

Coming back from town, a bit of rain and more clouds

The forecast was for a full sunny day
so this was understandable

Inside again, I pulled out ingredients for chili to take tomorrow to a Family Day at Bridgette and Chris’s. I’m sure they’re wishing it would be warmer but maybe we’ll get a surprise and the sun will heat the area up. 😊 My two sisters and their husbands are also going but keeping to the Covid restrictions, I think they limited the invites. You can’t invite ‘everyone’ in case ‘everyone’ responds in the affirmative so they tried to think of the 'most likely to attend' family members, I assume. Anyway, it should be a fun afternoon.

One of our dryer pond sections

I had my tea around 4 and that warmed me up. I’m afraid we’ll need to crank the heater up a bit more tonight which reminds me to put our duvet back on the bed. We have exhausted the ‘trying to stay warm with the chenille bedspread and our Kokopelli blanket’ scenario. 0C/32F means bringing out the big guns! Because I was too focused on other things (don’t I always have an excuse?) I thought we’d have bacon and eggs for supper.

Some wild flowers are still fighting to survive

When I walked to the mail box it was a treat to find a card in the mailbox for me and a bigger treat that the one I left was taken! Wow, the mail lady got it right today! I won’t open mine until my birthday so it will sit and wait too. With not much else to do, I searched our ‘library’ cupboard to find another book to start on. Yes, I finished Without Fail last night. This new one is Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline so we’ll see what it is like.

A good hearty breakfast for supper

Bill finished cutting the back field and came in around 5:30. We went out together and covered the remaining tomato, pepper and lonely pumpkin plants. There were about 4 tomato plants that had no new babies so I pulled them out completely. It took 3 sheets to protect the plants. It sure made my job easier to have his help. Brrr, good thing they are jersey sheets, they will be warm.

Either someone is camping in our back yard
or our plants are covered for the night
Notice the bright coloured soy beans in the background
ready for harvesting

Apparently, we read each other’s mind for supper and that blew me away. Bill thought of it while riding the mower and that’s crazy. 😊 We had toast with it and that was a filling meal. After dishes, we sat together at our laptops with NCIS in the background. The ground beef was thawing in the sink so I’ll start that in the morning before I run into town. I need some Styrofoam cups for serving it up in. Madame IP will make it and we’ll carry it to Woodstock in the crock pot.

This was a good day. I know I earned my day’s pay and I’m sure Bill did as well. A weekend is upon us and I’m sure you are all as ready as we are.

And before the sun says good night
I managed to get a picture

Enjoy and thanks for stopping in!



  1. Oooooh a surprise envelope! That's fun! I bet you got a nice bonus. It's getting to be that chilly time of year. I even had to put a blanket on my bed and it's only been in the 50's.

    1. I don't know but it'll be something interesting, knowing Mitch. haha
      It is getting chilly and I hate 'chilly'.

  2. Fall is definitely in the air there now! Oh sweet of Mitch..a good guy you've got there to work for. How fun a get together with family! Beautiful sunrise picture! Love the clouds.

    1. Yes, Mitch has his moments but he is fun to work for. He has a good heart.
      Thank you!

  3. Even though you both were busy it looks like it turned into a pleasant day.
    Be Safe keeping warm and Enjoy the weekend.

    It's about time.

  4. What a lovely sunrise! Stay warm and enjoy your day with family.

  5. Patsy you write such a good daily blog. It's one of my favourites and I always save it to read in the evening. Sorry I don't provide more comments, but rest assured I am reading and enjoying it. Hope you have a good few days in London and the suite gets successfully repaired. And have a great happy birthday too!

    1. You make the nicest comments FG and make me proud. When i think they are boring, it is nice to hear you enjoy them. Thank you!
      Should be a good week in London, fingers crossed that many things get taken care of. :)

  6. It was cold here for a few days with wind but no rain (boy could we use a good soaking rain) and now is settled in at around 21 C for most days and nights at about 5 C. Today was really windy though.

    Have a great trip.

    God bless.

    1. It sounds nice, 21C, we are looking forward to a similar week too. I don't like the wind much unless it is a very hot day.
      Thank you!

  7. What a busy day you and Bill had to get some things taken care of. What was that white stuff? It's just too soon for that! We are certainly noticing colder overnight weather and I too had to add extra covering last night. Brrrr!! What a beautiful morning sunrise as you drove to the Mat. Wow - special birthday cards for you! It's such a good feeling to receive them. Enjoy your time with family!

    1. Thank you Cheri. Just frost, none of the other stuff...........yet. It is going to warm up a bit here and we're happy about that. It's too soon for too cold. :)
      Thank you!

  8. Pretty sunrise and you know how I like sunrises :-) It sure cooled down for you guys, it really makes me appreciate our mid 20's!

    1. Yes, I do know how you like your sunrises and yours are always gorgeous!
      Definitely enjoy your warm temps! We have some coming this week again.