Sunday, September 27, 2020

Windy Sunday, Second Walk Through

The Ridge

We were ‘lazzzy’ Sunday, Sept. 27th and didn’t crawl out of bed until 7:30ish. It was/is the only day when neither of us had to get up early for something. Our only time frame was a 10 am departure. I could have gone for my walk but even though warm and it would have been enjoyable, I decided to have a tea instead. My blog was late so I wanted to finish it and have a shower too. Maybe later today.

There were obviously classic car shows or drives today
This 57 Chevy was only one of the classics we saw on our drive

It was disappointing to me and my own fault that I lost my pictures that I took yesterday but duh, don’t we kick ourselves! I scrambled and retook some, as you saw, and downloaded others. My post is dull enough let alone having no pictures. Hope you got a kick out of my purchases at least! So, for today, I’ll try not to lose any that I take. It was a quiet morning. I showered and Bill got washed up and had a bowl of cereal.

This was in Hanover, I think, there are so many
and they are all well done

At 10 am we hopped in Ptooties and drove the hour to Paisley. We were scheduled to meet with Wes and Susan (our winter hosts) for another walk through the house and to decide on what to bring. We got things figured out and we were happy to be told that they were purchasing an upright fridge for us. That is the one thing I have been stressed about, what to do with the partial jars, condiments etc. etc. in our fridge. We are both very relieved and it also a relief for Susan too. She doesn’t have to share her fridge either.

It was a lovely day as we drove through the small towns

They had planned on us staying for lunch and it was very nice to have a first meal with them. It was 2 hours later when we said goodbye. I guess you could say that we get along very well. 

I'm loving the colours this fall

Bill drove home and in Durham we stopped at Rob and Pat’s to deliver something Bill picked up for them at CanAm. Then one more stop at IDA Pharmacy and home. We both felt tired and I know that my excuse is not having a great sleep last night. My fault, I’d taken a mug of tea to the fire.

The farmers have a job to do but it can be frustrating if you get behind
one their big machines on a busy highway

We rested in our chairs and then half hour later we both went out and started packing some things away. Bill managed to get the free lawn mower he got from a customer started. Bonus! I worked on the garden stuff and Bill worked in the  shed, organizing things for winter storage. We got quite a bit done in the couple of hours we worked, leaving less to do over the next couple of weeks. It isn’t that far away and time will go quickly.

Supper turned out really well, especially
since I had no idea what I was making!

Inside, I put together a hamburger stew with dumplings, cooked on the stove and it was delicious. We got caught up in a couple of 80’s movies, Uncle Buck and Bodyguard but managed to get dishes done somewhere in there. The evening was quiet and I didn’t stay up too late. I have two jobs in the morning so will want to get a good sleep. This would be our last ‘warm’ night before temperatures drop off for another week.

This different Chapman ice cream was yummy
Recommended by Donna and Gerry
It's called Premium Saucy Spots

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It will be interesting to here how your winter goes in your winter accommodations :-)
    Beautiful fall colours!

  2. Hello Patsy!
    Sunday is a good day to be laidback, and as you would say"chillin". I'm sure you'll recall a time when most people went to church, and most people just relaxing and "chillin", ok I'll stop using your favorite quote! Be well, Rawn Stone

    1. It is true about Sundays. It used to also be the big family breakfast AND supper at our home. :)
      You are welcome to use 'chillin' all you want! Thank you!

  3. Yup .. your own fridge is a great idea. Your fall colors are spectacular. Our fall colors are brown and ugly!! LOL I envy you being in the cool weather. It's still in the 90's at my Calif home.

    1. I guess we have to be careful what we wish for, don't we? cool weather, hot weather. LOL No happy medium! :)

  4. I can't imagine sharing a f ridge with other people so I'm glad they decided to get you one. I"m thinking if this works out for them, they'll probably continue to rent when they can. Have they rented out the other room yet? Nice that you guys get along and they made lunch for you! Your dinner looks awesome!

    1. No, I wasn't looking forward to it and were planning on taking our small bar fridge to help out. Glad we don't have to.
      No, they won't be renting out the other room and yes, they may want to do it next winter too for someone else!

  5. It's good you've found accommodation that is so accommodating for you. It won't be easy, I'm sure, to share space....I think most of us are well past the age of roommates. But I'm sure you'll make the best of it.

    Take care and stay well.

    1. Yes, thank you. It will be different but we won't be in each other's space too much. He is out all day, so is Bill. I will be out every other morning when the weather is nice and she does not seem the type to 'need' company - nor do I. Fingers crossed!

  6. Nice you had a leisurely day to start getting things ready for the winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy going back to work.

    It's about time.

  7. So glad you've got that place to go to, and the arrangement sounds very nice.,

    1. Thank you FG. Yes, it will be an adventure and we're up for a new challenge! Could be great fun!

  8. I can just imagine the stress you were under wondering what to do with the bits and bobs in your refrigerator. Glad that both of you will be set now.

    I hope the winter goes well for you. I know that you are up for the challenge.

    God bless.