Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Catching Up with the Blog and with Friends

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Sept. 22nd we got moving around 7 and had our morning drinks. Todd showed up at 8 and started to work again. We left him around 8:30 and drove to the flying field. No member can fly their remote-controlled planes before 9 so Bill set about putting the wings on his Piper Cub and getting set up. I pulled out the bagged chair from the back seat and sat with my book. The sun was up there but a bit hazy for the first half hour.

Bill gets set up at the flying field

Then it warmed up nicely and I was quite comfy reading my book in just a t shirt. When he was ready to fly, I followed him out and took some videos and still pictures of his take off, flying and landings. I didn’t have good walking shoes on since I’d dressed for the day’s visits instead. 

This looks upside down but I'm actually just looking down at my shoes
Pretty boots but not walking shoes for sure

Down the road to the right/east to the STOP sign and back again. Bill had 3 good flights within the two hours we were out there, again on our own. As we were packing up, another member arrived for some flights as well.

walking to the stop sign

From there, we decided to come back to the Suite for some lunch and spent about an hour and a half putting in time while Todd worked on stabilizing the fridge. That was a challenge since the fridge is so heavy. We left around 1 and went to Value Village. Bill dropped me off and went to Princess Auto so I could wander freely. It’s funny that I don’t look for clothes anymore. I need to do a good clean out of my closet while packing for the winter and maybe then I’ll do a swap out.

Bill was happy to get 3 good flights in this morning
and that makes me happy too

The pretty Piper Cub

Instead, I like to wander down the kitchen areas and knick knacks to see what ‘handy’ things I could use. I found a few crafty things that I can hang in the Bunky and some coloured stones for a project – yet to be determined Lastly, I found a pair of warm sleep pants for at the Paisley house. Something I’m comfortable wearing around people first thing in the morning. The bonus was that it was a Tuesday, so seniors’ day and got 30% off everything. $11.25 later, I met Bill.

You can tell he loves the hobby as he wipes down the planes perfectly
before packing them away

We haven’t been to our former workplace for a couple of years so thought we’d kill a bit of time today doing that. It is never as fulfilling as you think but there were a few nice surprises. Kim nor Deb were in (again) but I was happy to see Eric and throw a virtual hug. They have rules to follow so I didn’t push it with him. We searched out Saira (where we snuck in a hug) and bumped into Patty and Corrine before heading off. The experience, seeing our old workplace, is surreal. There is a new custodian/shipper/receiver and we were both pleased to see that. He seems very nice.

A few pictures of Brenda and Randy's back garden area

And these two are of their side garden to the back patio and yard

Lovely and serene!

Brenda and Randy have invited us for the afternoon and a barbecue supper so we drove to Windsor Ave. Brenda is my London hairdresser and she did my lowlights and treated me to a birthday pedicure last October before the Cancun wedding. She is a sweetheart of a friend and we hit it off within the first 10 minutes of meeting each other back at the school board warehouse. 😊 She has a piece of my heart, forever. Randy is the perfect match for her and visa versa, we are so happy that they found each other.

This felt like a challenge, he looked at me for about 5 minutes
before scampering off with his chestnut

Brenda spotted this hot air balloon overhead

I was excited since we seldom see them anymore

Quite a bit of alcohol was consumed between 3 and supper time out on their beautiful back patio. The gardens are so pretty and decorated just exactly the way I’d expect. A little haven away from the street. The bbq’d striploin steak and roasted cauliflower w/garlic was wonderful! Nice and keto until she brought over her homemade apple pie. She is indeed the Barbecue Queen and Goddess of pie crusts. Ha ha, private joke.

the steak was perfect and the veggies top notch too!
Apple pie and cheddar and brie cheese for dessert

It was 9:30 when I looked at the clock and we scooted out of there. No such thing as overstaying your welcome with friends since we were all having a wonderful time. Hugs and a few pictures and we were out the door. It was a mild evening, 16C/60F and we drove home under the waxing crescent moon. I had to look it up to see the 33% percentage of illumination since it was obviously more visible than the previous night. Interesting.

there is always time for pictures
I had a cute one of Bill and Randy but it was too blurry to post

Our sweet hosts
Thanks guys!

Back home, we let ourselves in the shop and locked up the outside door. We were in bed immediately (after a couple of drinks of water) and asleep quickly. What a wonderful day!

I can't take credit for taking this picture but this is the waxing moon
from Sept. 22nd

Good night all!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. Nice to have some Fun Time and then visiting with Good Friends to top it off. Can't get any better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is indeed! Lots of fun and a 'bit' of alcohol consumed too! haha

  2. Another awesome day. It's like being on vacation. I'm not a fan of cauliflower but roasted cauliflower with garlic sounds delicious.

    1. Bill isn't fond of cooked cauliflower either so was polite and tried it at least. :)

  3. Brenda and Randy are such a cute couple, no wonder you're happy they found each other. I'm glad you and hubby had such a good day. Getting pajamas to wear at your winter home...bonus, yippee! - Mary

    1. Those two were made for each other and the time it took in their lives to meet was worth it. :)
      My pj's will help me get through the 'I can't go south blues'. haha

  4. Glad that you are having such a nice time while waiting for the repairs.

    God bless.

  5. They certainly have a nice back yard!! Glad you were able to get out and about. I bet Bill had a great time flying.

    1. They really do have a nice place. Inside and out.
      Bill did enjoy flying a lot. He misses that field. :)