Saturday, September 12, 2020

Brightening up, Happy for the Short Week, Two Special Birthdays!

The Ridge

Hope for the day, just get rid of the clouds!

On Friday, Sept. 11th our regular routine was followed. Only one job for me today so I waited until Bill was out of the bathroom before I got up and joined him downstairs with a cup of tea. 8C/46F is what we woke up to. Bill left around 7:15 for work with Mike’s crew. It was a place they’ve been before in the Hanover area. I just sat tight and read some blogs. I could have gone for a walk if I wasn’t so sedentary this morning.

As I drove to Graceland 2, the blue sky was making a nice

41 years ago, a little boy was born in London, Ontario. We named him Patrick Robert George, covering both of his grandparents. A big name for a little 7 lb. 9 oz. babe. He has sure grown up and now towers over me. My big teddy bear celebrates a birthday on what is otherwise known as a sad day in the world but even that connection doesn’t deter us from celebrating his special day. 

Happy Birthday, handsome!

He also shares the birthday with a good friend of ours from working in London. Happy 60th Laurie!

Happy Birthday, beautiful Laurie
So happy, Clemmy was in this picture although he looks pretty
bored with the whole affair

At 10 minutes before 9 I drove over to Graceland 2 for work. The push was on to get this truck ready for painting so that is what we both worked on. He had stuff to do in town for an hour so I puttered away and was there for a couple of parts orders to come in. Mitch doesn’t always appear organized but it is quite surprising that he has everything under control. Leaves cash with me to pay when he has deliveries and he can’t be here. I don’t mind it at all.

The old Silverado ready for painting

Bill framed in the top and began adding siding across the top
closing it in

I think I'll be working on this truck again starting Monday 

At noon it was obvious we weren’t going to have the truck in the position he needed it to be so I stayed until 1. You can believe how tired I was getting by then and I told him I was ‘done’. Literally, Figuratively and Physically. I hadn’t eaten yet and my loaded tea from 7 was wearing thin. He wished me a good weekend and I stepped out into a sunny day! I was going to hop into the shower but instead, just stripped the dusty clothes and dropped them in the laundry bag. I was too hungry to wait.

The wood stove we kept stoking with wood
keeps the shop warm on these cooler days

I warmed up a bowl of my beef soup, happy there is a bowl left for tomorrow, and made myself a coffee. Sated, I took my book outside and before sitting at the patio, opened the Bunky door and ran a few other ideas through my head for winter projects. I’m going to sort through my paints with a keener eye so I’m not taking more than I need. I know I’ll wish I had them to paint rocks if I took none but no point in excess.

A walk around showed me that some of my flowers were still blooming
Our hibiscus is just beginning its fall show



And the winter geraniums that I moved the other day have taken
root thanks to the rains over the last few days

We have two beautiful hibiscus flowers in bloom now and I’m glad we planted it outside our dining window. They are the first thing we see in the morning. As I sat at the table outside, the dragonflies were plentiful. I think they were happy with the sunshine too. I don’t like them landing on my bare skin but laughed when they landed on the white pages of my book. 

I enjoyed my lazy afternoon

I walked down the lane to collect the mail around 3 and it was another bill that was coming due. Our membership for the camp ‘share’ thing we belong to. We aren't ready to give it up so will pay it right away.

I knew they've out but they saw me coming and 4 others slipped off the log
before the camera clicked

I wasn’t sure when Bill would be done today. Usually their Friday’s are shorter but with the nice weather today, it looks like they decided to take advantage. I came inside to do the dishes and then put the storm windows in the door of the Suite. We are so pleased that they come out, leaving a screen for nice weather but also glad to have them at this time of year. I washed them first and clipped them in place. Now Bill doesn’t have to do it.

It was nice to see the school bus go by, both ways, around 4 pm. That means school is still open. LOL, we are all expecting (not hoping for though) a child to cough and everyone to panic and close the doors again. The whole thing is stupid in our opinion. The kids are used to wearing masks now and will do it naturally. It’s the teacher’s that seem to have a problem with it. Anyway, only time will tell but I believe it’s our children (grandchildren in our case) who are suffering for it.

The entrance to the 'dock' area is closed in almost completely

Bill came up the drive after a full day of renovations at 4:45. We sat for a bit and he mentioned going to Owen Sound for supper. He had something in the back of the truck for our brother-in-law, John and wanted to deliver it. The owners today were cleaning things out and had an old outboard motor, gas can and a lawn mower. We’ll keep the mower and hopefully with a little tlc, it will work for me for now. John likes to putter so will be happy to work on the motor too.

I put the plastic/vinyl window coverings in the door so it could be left open
to let the heat of the sun in this afternoon

Gayle suggested, or actually John did, that they pick up fish and chips in Chatsworth and we meet them at their home for supper. No need to go to O.S. so that was what we did. We both arrived within 5 minutes of each other and had a nice meal inside their home. It was a good time and as expected, John seemed pleased with his ‘gift’. 😊 We left after 7:30 and headed for home.

My cornflower never did bloom but the leaves are very healthy
It is a perennial so hopefully next summer it will be happier

Our friends from Toronto made their monthly catch up call and when that was done, I pretty much was done too. Too tired to even think about posting my blog. I watched a silly spaghetti western with Bill, A Fistful of Dollars, until after 9:30 and went to bed. Even then, I know I’d dozed off through part of it. I don’t think I missed much! Ha ha, such an old movie. Clint was worthwhile seeing though with those steel blue squinty eyes.

Coming home from Chatsworth, I managed to capture the sunset
Good night all!
Sorry for the delay!

It was a fine day. Working, earning some cash and sliding into a weekend. Hoping your day was just as good. Thank you for popping around!


  1. My first cousin's daughter is a high school teacher in Alberta - she posted to FB that she spent the week reminding students to mask up and to sanitize. Obviously not everyone finds it natural to wear the mask...probably because their parents think it is stupid. In her classroom alone, there have been four students who have had symptoms of Covid and had to be sent home so that testing can take place. Sadly there have been cases already in some schools there. I feel for the teachers since they are being asked to be not only the teacher, but a health care worker making decisions about the health of the students, and responsible for the cleaning and sanitizing of the classroom. Please cut them some slack.

    Take care and stay well.

    1. We also have teachers in the family and it can't be easy but then no job in an office setting is right now. The constant reminder of wearing masks and cleaning up more often is a challenge. No two are alike and some take it with ease. My comments come from our 31 year experience working in the school system as support staff with teachers, who made it a point at contract time of how they always had to be 'babysitters' (way before Covid) and it always bothered me. Sorry, that was where that remark came from.
      Unfortunately, students and staff with a cough are going to be suspect where normal school years, they would get a flu bug and people didn't panic. Hard times for sure.
      Thanks for your comment and the gentle slap on the hand. :)

  2. We saw that you were MIA but figured you needed a break. Seeing everything you were up to yesterday it is no wonder you were worn out.
    Don't leave any Paints, Glues or other freezable items behind for the winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks yes, sometimes my head says 'nope, no blog tonight!'
      Yup, anything that will freeze will go into a bin and get stored somewhere warm. :) Thanks.

  3. What a busy day you both had. Love the blue sky and the wood stove. Have a great weekend.

  4. Glad your busy day was good, hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I'm with you on schooling. The longer the kids are out, the more problems there are going to be. Why don't the teachers just wear masks ... they work, right?
    One of my friends has taken to rock painting. She paints her flowers on them and does a right nice job.

    1. Yup those masks definitely work! hahahahaha
      What a crazy world.
      I'll bet your friend's rocks are very nice. :) It's a fun hobby for me.

  6. Happy Birthday Patrick! What a handsome guy! Happy Bday Laurie! I agree with schooling, breaks my heart every time to see these kids masked up, not normal for adults but especially the kids!! I agree with Nancy, if teachers are so scared then wear your mask and leave the kids alone..oh don't get me started! Love your rock painting so I think it's good you are taking them! It's certainly going to be a different winter for you two! Love the selfie!

    1. Thank you for the bday wishes. My son is a cutie 'patootie' indeed. :)
      I didn't mean to offend anyone about my comments but just feel that if the job requires a mask, wear it and don't be so hard on the kids. The bulk of them have probably been playing in their back yards together anyway!