Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A Birthday for Someone Special, Temperature Drop and Rain

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 30th we woke to even cooler temperatures. Bill was already up, shame that he has to work today but we can’t all get a birthday off. Yes!! It is Bill’s birthday today and although not a milestone #, it is for a very special someone. Downstairs, I peeked out the kitchen window behind the blind at 6:30 and said “ooh, it’s so dark out there”. Picture those words in a scared little girl voice, it has more effect. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Happy Birthday to my handsome guy
Picture taken at Canyonlands National Park, AZ

In Le Claire, Iowa
The home of American Pickers

Bill opened the cards that he’d had drifting in and mine as well and then I had to say goodbye and get on the road to Durham. Cleaning day! The sky was very interesting this morning. As I cleaned, it changed colour a couple of times and ended with a gorgeous full rainbow, doubling up at each end. Lovely! It was a simple cleaning day but I still had to leave Jamie a text about a couple of things that I can’t look after. I was out of there by 8.

The sky this morning was quite interesting
from 6:45 am forward

No need to stop anywhere else so I headed home and relaxed until 10 to 9. I did some taping, papering and sanding today at the shop and made a trip into town for something that we couldn’t get yesterday. This truck will be ready for Mitch to start painting at 2. I stayed until 12:30 to make sure the sanding was all done and the body smooth to the touch. At home, I made my lunch with a coffee before once more going back into town. I needed to get greeting cards and stamps that I'd forgotten about earlier.

From inside the Mat, the area turned pink
and the northern sky was brilliant

I had to pop around to a couple of stores in town to find the cards I wanted and for the price I wanted to pay. I refuse to pay a stupid amount for anyone’s card. It ends up in the recycle bin so the less I pay, the better. The meaning is the same. A couple of times, the rain caused me to put the wipers on intermittently and when I stepped out of the I.D.A. Pharmacy, I had to wait for a downpour to pass overhead. Funny, that was the brightest sky of the whole day!

We had a sick washer that needed to be marked "Off Limits"
The front panel had come loose and could fall out on an unsuspecting customer

Back home, I did the dishes and then decided to bring my paints in from the Bunky and test them all. If they weren’t any good, out they went. No point in taking them to Paisley if they were garbage. I found a handful, maybe 6 bottles so that wasn’t too bad, leaving me with lots to choose from. 

Now I have to hope the mail pickup works with me and they go
out on time

Two containers of paints thinned down a bit
but not a big change

As I was working on that, the birthday boy returned home and opened his cards from Mitch. Yes, my boss didn’t forget him either. ๐Ÿ˜Š We got a chuckle out of that.

It started with just a portion

Here you can see the second one to the right

And the whole enchilada was there

For supper tonight, we had chicken thighs, shared a potato and some veggies. The rain started again around 4:30 and the air temperature dropped even more. It was a chilly 11C/52F outside most of the afternoon. 

We finished with our supper which Madame IP was happy to cook for us. The potatoes and cauliflower on top of the thighs were perfect and Bill’s corn in the microwave complimented his dinner plate. Once more, a banana split was for dessert. Bill went down to the Hangar to work on his Corsair some more. He is making progress bit by bit and is doing what he loves.

And the sky remained interesting throughout the day
Good night everyone!

I think Bill will concur when I say this was a good day and now Hump Day is over. Thank you for popping in!


  1. It was a weird day weather wise for sure. Black clouds, rain showers, sunshine etc. At one point the sun was shining and it was hailing...go figure! We did manage to get over 5 hours on our solar panels for the day which was surprising. Glad Bill had a good day.

    1. Very strange weather day and I'm sure there will be more like it this winter!
      Thanks, Bill did have a good day

  2. I think you might of got our Tuesday weather. Cloudy and spitting rain most of the day. Yesterday was a bit better, at least it was sunny even if the wind howled and the temperatures were down.

    This morning we are below freezing (frost warnings out once again), and not supposed to warm up much at all. Autumn is here.

    God bless.

    1. Autumn is pretty but we all know what it leads to. This year, I'm not as keen on autumn. haha

  3. Happy Birthday to Bill! Wishing him a healthy and happy year ahead.

    The last photo is so beautiful! Take care and stay well.

  4. Glad Bill had a good birthday even if he had to work. Nice pictures of the weather! Dinner looked yummy once again! Love the rainbow picture!

  5. That sky was very beautiful and entertaining.

    1. It sure was! Autumn in Ontario is full of interesting skies. :)

  6. Hoping Bill had a pleasant Birthday.
    The weather is really starting to change but we might see a week of moderate temps.
    With all those paints it looks like you'll be keeping busy.
    Nice Dramatic Weather Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.