Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Our Cooler Weather Arrives, I Finally Got a Walk In!

The Ridge

Last night, I went up to bed at 9 as Bill was into his classic car shows. I found the Movie Coal Miner’s Daughter and watched it with Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones. That was a good ‘before bed movie’. That meant it was 11 when I rolled over to sleep. Bill was up to bed soon after. Today, Tuesday, Sept. 29th he was up and washed when I fully came awake. I joined him downstairs before 7 and saw him off to work.

Pretty clouds this morning on my walk

They have some outside work to finish this morning and then maybe some indoor stuff. The weather is iffy this week with more rain in the forecast so they will have to work (or not work) according to what we actually get. At 7:30, I’d finished my tea and blog reading, I bundled up a bit (it’s so hard to know how to dress on a windy 11C/52F morning) and went for a walk. Once I got on the road, I was glad I did as it has been quite a while since I’ve got out there for a nice walk.

No special sightings other than this chubby character down by the dock area. I believed it was a raccoon but it was hard to tell by the time I got my camera zoom set. He wasn’t there by the time I got to the end of the lane. My picture confirms what I thought. 

Yup, it's a raccoon

I sat inside for the half hour before work and read emails and played some online games. ScrabbleGo replaced Scrabble but it can only be played on our mobile phones. It is better than nothing so I have a few opponents, including a cousin-in-law and a friend from Arizona.

Evidence that the soybeans have been harvested

Those beautiful red leaves are dropping already

It’s a dull day out there with a sky full of gray clouds. I assume that means I’ll be working inside today or running errands for Mitch. When I arrived, I worked on hand sanding and then taping for an hour before going into town for an hour. Errands. ๐Ÿ˜Š It gave me an opportunity to pick up Bill’s prescription while there so why would I complain? The last hour of work was taping to prepare for painting. That means another pick up truck, seems to be our main business, is soon out the door.

Pretty, huh?

Back home at noon, there were brief patches of blue sky showing but the temperature didn’t get much above 14C/57F all day. Still not bad at all as it remained dry and outside work was possible. If I wanted to do that. LOL After lunch, I washed the dishes and then received a phone call from an rv resort in Vancouver, B.C. I’d called over a month ago to see about a site and what their rates were. That was when we were in panic mode. She had a site for us but it’s too late, I told her, we’ve moved on. Maybe a couple of weeks ago, we’d have considered it.

Our little neighbour, Jacob, catches the school bus

When I was talking to her on the phone, I looked out and saw my sweetie walking up to the door. I didn’t even hear him drive in. It was only 1:30 so I was pleasantly surprised to see him. They’d gone as far as they could at a couple of job sites so rather than start a new one, took the afternoon off for things to dry and set. He informed me that the mailbox flag was up so I could take a walk down to get it. He knows better than to collect it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Our verbena is still beautiful

It wasn’t important, just a TSC flyer but the walk is always nice. Soon, I will be bundling up a lot more to collect mail! We will be forwarding our mail to Paisley this winter, instead of to Donna’s, so will get a walk out of collecting the mail as often as I want. After Bill had a snooze, he took the water bladder over to the Acreage for a fill up. We were getting low. While he was gone, I delved into my next book.

Looking north, blue sky

Looking south

Michael Connelly’s The Brass Verdict was one that Bill had read on my Kobo but I hadn’t yet. Now I can read it in hard copy instead, which still is my preference. As is typical with a Harry Bosch/Mickey Haller story, I was into the 6th chapter almost immediately. I love his stories. The last book, The Dressmaker…was different, an interesting true story, but I still prefer these detective type mysteries for a quick read.

The last harvest this year

Supper was good

With the water hooked up and being transferred, Bill went down to the Hangar to work on his Corsair and I made myself a tea and turned on my Animal shows. Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet on the Ntl. Geographic channel is a favourite. Pigs, porcupines, reindeer, dogs, cockatiels, guinea pigs – oh my! ๐Ÿ˜Š For supper, tonight, sausage patties and fries. I steamed a bit of cauliflower with mine. Needless to say, supper, topped off with a banana split, was great!

Although there wasn't much sun,
we had a nice sunset somewhere over there
Good night!

We did the dishes and just enjoyed the evening together. It was another good day. Was yours? We will be experiencing a low of 7C/45F tonight so will leave the fireplace on low. We can do that now!

Thank you for the visit!



  1. Today it has been much cooler with wind and a few spits of rain.

    Most of my plants are dead now so I have been dumping them. Yours still look lovely.

    God bless.

    1. Check back in a week and I think it will be a different story! :)

  2. What park in Vancouver and how much was it? Usually RV parks in Vancouver are ridiculously priced so I'm curious. To bad they didn't get back to you sooner!

    1. Qualicum Bay Resort and her price for a month is $650 full hookups. I didn't think it was a terrible price.

    2. Wow I was blown away by the price then I looked it up ... it's on Vancouver Island not in Vancouver on the mainland. It still would have been a nice place to spend your winter :-)

  3. Sometimes you want a book that doesn't require a lot of thinking to enjoy. John Sandford books are like that for me.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. What a shame they didn't get back to you as that would have been a nice place to stay I'm sure and you would be in your own home. I find lately I'm having a hard time getting into most books. It's like I don't know if I want serious or happily ever after..oh well. Your dinner looks so yummy!

    1. Yes, for sure. I don't know what the delay was. I seem to be able to read easily but Bill hasn't read since we came home. Maybe over the winter he will again. :)