Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Another Dull Day, Lazy Start, Errand Day, Bill Gets Home Early

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 9th I lounged in bed until 7 and then joined Bill downstairs. He’d had his shower and was eating his breakfast. I sat for a bit before deciding I was too lazy to go for a walk. 9 o’clock comes soon enough so I made my tea and sat across from my sweetie until he left around 7:30. There were a few blog posts I wanted to read so did that and then went online and paid for my Avon order.

My first picture is of the old cash register in the Service Ontario/Men's Clothing store
I don't know if it works, I didn't buy any pants for Bill here

When 8:30 rolled around, I pushed myself to get washed and dressed for work at Graceland 2. The dull, rainy looking day didn’t do anything towards my motivation but I knew I’d be fine once I got out the door. It should be warmer today, by about 10 degrees compared to yesterday’s high so that will be nice. Maybe I can get out to the Bunky to pack up my paints. They are definitely something I’ll be moving with us to our winter ‘home’.

A blogger and commenter inadvertently put the bug in my ear about getting the old sheets out of the storage shed, ready to cover my garden plants. She’s already had frost in her neck of the Saskatchewan woods. Yikes! I know it will happen soon so best to be prepared. As soon as I arrived at Mitch’s we discussed a couple of things and because I needed to go to Service Ontario in Durham to get our license stickers renewed, Mitch sent me almost right away with an errands list for him too.

And Mitch got ready to pull the Ram out of the shop bay

He suggested doing the license stuff so I could get in there before a line up starts. It seems to be a popular place and you never know when others are deciding to get the same thing done. After waiting in line about 10 minutes behind someone with obvious issues, I left and went across and then down the street to get a couple of things on my boss’s list. Then I went back and was all set up with a 2-year sticker within 5 minutes.

I finished the errands, one being interesting and out of the normal. At the second hand store, Rethreads, I bought a bag of rags (usually old t-shirts) for cutting up and a couple of flat sheets for covering cars to protect them from spatter. These are things you never think about unless you are in the business, I guess. Back at the shop, we called Mike to tell him his truck was ready and then moved it outside for pick up.

All ready for Mike to pick it up

The old 1994 Silverado was brought in and we concentrated on taping and papering the windows, mirrors etc. so it can be painted. The owner wants it two-toned so that means a longer time than if it was just one. After talking about the 1928 Plymouth (did I tell you that it belongs to our winter hosts?) Mitch said I can get back to work on it tomorrow. Fingers crossed! It would be a nice phone call to make, telling Wes and Susan that their car is ready too. Soon, I hope.

Mitch paid me again, bringing me closer to date on the calendar so I walked out with more cash in my wallet. Back home, I made a coffee and heated up the beef soup I made the other night. I was surprised that it tasted so good. Mainly liquid, some onions and carrots and lots of beef chunks. The bonus is that there is enough for another couple of bowls. I cleaned up dishes and then went to the Bunky.

I was happy that I kept the soup
A great lunch for a cool day

Putting my paints in their containers, sorting crafts for the winter and digging out our winter boots and jackets took me the better of the next 2 hours. I swept it clean too and while I was moving things around found a set of sheets that are old and will replace a ripped one I’d used for the garden. Rather than throwing that one out, I brought it inside and cut it into appropriate size rags for Mitch. They will come in handy.

In the meantime, Bill and Billy went to Graceland 2 and picked up Mike’s truck for him. That meant Bill was home early. It was only 3:30 so that was nice. We caught up and then he went upstairs for a snooze in front of the tv. Downstairs, I worked on my blog and watched the National Geographic channel. A show about helping Zoo animals and then one about a vet looking after dogs. Yup, that one had me enthralled.

I got paints put away in their cases and stacked craft items on the futon
Boots and other items pulled out for packing

Bill and I had leftover chicken thighs and sausage for supper. I reheated them in Madame IP with a large cut up potato and carrots on top. It took the vegetables longer to cook but that was fine as it gave me time to put a salad together. It isn’t really a day for salad but we need to eat up some of the fresh stuff in the fridge. For dessert we each had some creamy raspberry Jell-o and then did dishes right away.

My original plan was to share the chicken and the sausage
but Bill had a different idea and chose the pork
Two thighs were too much for me but I ate what I could

ill decided to go down to the Hangar for a while. I turned the heater on inside as I was feeling the chilly air that was circling around us outside. Too soon, definitely too soon! I’m sure we’ll have better days to come and perhaps see the sunshine again. This was a good day. I enjoyed work this morning and also the puttering around in the Bunky. I didn’t, however get out for pictures so I apologize for all the narrative without interruptions.

Of course, I saved room for dessert
Good night!
Thank you for your visit!


  1. Frost here for two nights, tonight should be okay. I did cover things again though.

    I need to dig out our winter boots, coats and sweaters very soon. Winter will be here before we know it. Thanks for the reminder.

    God bless.

    1. Hopefully we won't need the boots for a couple of months! When I heard about Alberta and the upper west states getting some, I shuddered!

  2. Hello Patsy,
    Does this mean you are going to stay for Winter? Does this mean that Canadians can't go South this Winter? We have wonderful Canadians friends that live one street over. Sure hope they can come. Any way we both live in Green Valley, Arizona Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Hello Rawn. Thank you for the comment. The borders between Canada and US are currently closed for 'snowbirds' (allowing only essential workers, immediate family and dual citizenships) until Sept. 27th, I think. It sounds like it could be until the New Year. :( We have had to find alternate living arrangements for the 5 - 6 months.

    2. Well we can hope they can make it, maybe in the new year. Thanks for your reply! Rawn

  3. Your beef soup looks so good. It's cool here this morning, only 52 when I got up, but by end of the week back in the 80's during the day, and mid-60's in the morning. We've had the fireplace on for a couple of hours the past two mornings. I'm not ready for cold weather. I have never used my IP to warm up food. Do you put everything on a trivet of some kind with water in it? It would be great for leftovers, especially warming the meat, rather than in the microwave. Please, tell me more about what you do? We put some winter clothes back in Bentley yesterday - fall weather can get pretty cool, so trying to be prepared.

    1. Thank you, we didn't like the dumpling recipe for the soup but everything else was delish.
      You're having some nice weather still. How cold does it get in Kansas in the late fall, early weather? You'll still go south?
      Yes, if your IP has a 'steam' button, put a cup of water in, the trivet, either wrap the items in foil or if you have an inner pot, put the leftovers in there with a foil or lid cover. Once you press 'steam' a time should come up. Mine says 10 min. but you can adjust it up or down. Let it go through the process and you'll have hot food again!

  4. Can you believe it? It's actually 60 degrees here this morning. Guess I'll be back in levis soon!! Looks like you did a fabulous job on that truck. How coincidental that your new winter friends have their car there too. Surprisingly, I've been using my IP more and more thanks to you. I've become rather lazy however ... so much to wash up!!

    1. Oh no! Levis and cowboy boots! So soon! I'm wearing jeans to work now too instead of shorts and capris. LOL
      Thank you, I didn't do a whole lot on Mike's truck but did help. :)
      As I've said many times, my IP is now part of the family. A very important part. :D

  5. The truck looks great! You and Mitch do great work.

    Take care and stay well!

  6. Truck looks great and all the food looks delicious.