Monday, September 14, 2020

Runaround Sue (er, Patritia), Jiggling the Jell-o, A Decent Day

The Ridge

Monday, Sept. 14th arrived without fanfare. It wasn’t as cool overnight as we expected but then 9C/45F isn’t really cool for sleeping. Bill was up, in the shower and I had my tea made and was out the door by 6:45. This was my busy morning. It was quiet at the Mat so I was out the door easily within the hour. As I drove out of the lot, a lady was unloading her car. I hope she appreciates the shining clean laundromat! 😊

The moon and a star in the sky this morning

I drove to Foodland, still determined to finish getting those last few items that I couldn’t find yesterday. Still none of my Liberte 9% yogourt but I got everything else before heading home. Bill was gone by the time I got home and driving to Mildmay today for work. I finished my tea and after reading a few blogs, I went around the corner to Mitch’s for 9. “Good morning! Today you are Runaround Sue for me” Well, Runaround Patritia. That is what he calls me.

The sky looks blue but it actually has cloud cover here
this was on my way back from the laundromat

He had a list written out for town shopping with 5 stops and $ set aside for each one. As I said, organized. The bonus for me was I found some good gloves for sanding at H.H. for $1.37/pr. I bought 3 pair!

These are exactly what I need

I was back to Graceland 2 at 10:15 and for 2 hours, we both taped and papered. The dark blue paint on the '91 (I keep forgetting what year it is) from Saturday needed to be covered so Mitch could paint the light blue this afternoon. I stayed until 12:30 to get it done and then scooted home for lunch. The sky was lightly overcast, not looking like rain, but not bright enough to unplug.

Yup, sun through clouds

On the far right you can see the siding Bill did on Saturday

I fried up some veggies, kolbasa with an egg and shredded mozzarella to make a quesadilla. I could only eat half of it but oh, it was delicious! I did the dishes and then went to the garden to pick the biggest green tomatoes and peppers. the small ones could continue to grow. I needed to know how many cups I had before I could adjust the recipe. It called for 16 cups and I knew I didn’t have that many. I washed them and chopped them up, ending up with a full 8 cups. 😊

The quesadilla was great with sour cream

As I was pulling ingredients out, once more I discovered that I lacked something. I only had 1 large cooking onion. Drat! I guess the relish waits for another day or two. While I was cutting the tomatoes, I put a movie in that Gayle had given me. It is called Joe with Nicholas Cage and I was curious. It was different and there were parts that I didn’t like but otherwise a good performance. It also had sections that were very dark so it was hard to see the picture. Bill won’t like it so I’ll pass it on to Donna.

The garden harvest over the last couple of days

Bill arrived home at 5 and we had a simple supper of sausage burgers and salad. They were quite good, doubled up in the last of our buns. There was Jell-o for dessert and Bill went to get water while I did supper dishes. We were reading “0” on the fresh water tank monitor. Woops! The rest of the evening was quiet. We're going to get a cold 3C/37F overnight so I'm glad the tomatoes are picked. I should maybe cover the plants. Hmmm.

A walk down the laneway was worthwhile
The flag was up and it was 'good' mail

Double sausage burgers with salad
Glad those buns are gone!

I had a busy day coming up tomorrow, some work and some pleasure so I’m looking forward to that.

My sister sent me some jokes and this one was particularly
cute - I hope Bridgette reads this post
Good night everyone!

By the way, in answer to a commenter regarding Canadians and border crossing. As it stands right now, the US/Canada border is closed to any commuters by car/rv. We're not sure for how long. As for Canadians who have property/homes in the US, I don't have an answer to that. It needs to be essential or the traveller would need to have dual citizenship to cross. Hope that answers your query. 

Thank you for dropping around!


  1. How nice to run around and get paid! I could do that kind of job! LOL.. Love the siding Bill did! Your sausage burger looks awesome and different! Veggies look awesome! Good mail is always the best! Love the gloves! Great purchase!

    1. Especially running around in good weather, right? :D
      The rest of Mitch's 'shack' (haha) is sided like that so it is uniform and Bill did a good job.
      I got a great deal on the gloves for sure! :)

  2. Good deal on the gloves!! They will really help with the sanding.

    God bless.

  3. What a lovely bountiful harvest. And it sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row for the winter. Well done.

  4. It's good to get your vegies in before they Freeze.
    Tried finding something newer but here's what I came up with for the Border closures,
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it looks like some cold (low 30's) temps coming the rest of the week. The remaining plants will need a blanket for sure.
      Thanks for the link, I'll see what it says and I'm sure others can check it too.

  5. Thank you for clarification about crossing in the states. Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. You are very welcome, Rawn. It didn't seem like you saw my answer from a couple of days ago. :)

  6. Yup .... perfect job. Getting paid to shop!! Your garden harvest is awesome!!!

  7. You've met my cats, haven't you? LOL!

    Sounds like a good day, productive and with some time to relax too. Take care and stay well!