Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Making Progress on the 2010 Silverado, Visit from Jamie, Humid Da

 The Ridge

On Tuesday, Sept. 1st Bill was up at 6:30 and in the shower. I didn’t get up until around 7, it was my lazy morning. I debated going for a walk but chose to just relax with Bill until he left for work. He was working at a new location today with Mike’s crew so only about 30 minutes from home. After he left, I finished reading blogs and then got cleaned up for my dirty job. Ha ha, that sounds funny.

Good 'first of September' morning!

At Mitch’s, I worked steady on the pick up truck’s lower door panels, sanding them down for gravel guard paint. Mitch had more errands to run so disappeared into town for about an hour. No worries, I knew what I was doing and didn’t need any supervisory advice this time. 😊 

The areas I worked on
This side is ready for primer

When he came back, he asked me to remove the green tape from the chrome lettering on the Ford Edge. Mitch had painted it yesterday and was just removing the papering we’d applied when I arrived at 9.

This side, I did in 20 minutes before I left
so it needs the larger sander to smooth it out
before primer

Unfortunately, the colour of paint that CarQuest delivered yesterday was not an exact match. They screwed up so we will have to get the car back to be repainted, free of charge, when they can make it work. Sometimes things don’t go smoothly, even in the auto body business. LOL The owners were coming at 3 today to pick up their vehicle. Mitch wasn’t looking forward to giving them the bad news but it couldn’t be helped. Someone needs to be chastised at CarQuest!

I don't know if you can see the difference in paint colour
but it is very obvious
Not visible while Mitch was painting as the car was covered in paper

For the most of 3 hours I worked outside on the truck. Using both the small sanding tool and the larger one, I was finding my ‘nitch’. Controlling the speed was the hardest part for me but the more I worked with the hand held device, the better I got. I had a large piece of cardboard on the ground so I could stretch out on my back if I needed to to get the underside spots. Laying down on the job! 

These pictures are out of order but they were worth putting in

I left at 12 noon or shortly after and I needed a shower badly. I also needed to use the root touch-up kit I bought yesterday so they were priority. The problem with having darker hair, gray shows up sooner.

Looking out from in

So, after my shower and with my hair taken care of, I had some cottage cheese, kolbasa, hard-boiled egg and cheddar with a coffee. As I was finishing it, Jamie texted about coming out to pay me for the month. I moved outside with the crossword puzzle and coffee until he arrived within the half hour. We had a nice chat at the patio table, catching up on stuff. He and his wife, Cheryl, are also in our corner for finding a place to stay. That is so nice of them!

And the birds came back
There are two in this picture and I didn't realize it when I snapped it

What are you looking at?
I zoomed in to get a close up but it is looking fuzzy

After he left, I painted my nails, fingers and toes, and took a walk down the lane. No mail but I walked down to the corner since I missed my morning stroll. It was a nice day with the wind but I could feel the humidity in the air. Another bit of rain expected tonight with thunderstorms so maybe it will cool off again. This is almost the perfect temperature. When the clouds rolled in around 4:30 I came inside. I wasn’t inside long and Bill drove in. We both relaxed in our chairs. I sat quietly with my tea and he slept.

Almost too late, I caught Jamie out on the road passing the
neighbours place

Well, hello there! As I sat at the table, I could hear him
not 5' away

At 6, I began supper. I reheated the leftover spaghetti in a frypan and my chicken breast from Friday night in the microwave. Ooops! Forgot the picture. It was very filling and no dessert was necessary. 

Love the birds on a wire here as I walked down the lane

as much as the turtles on a log

We did the dishes together and Bill went down to the Hangar. He is enjoying his evenings working on the Corsair model. I hung around inside with windows open. The air felt cooler now although we knew that it was only dropping to 18C/64F overnight.

As much as the toad in the grass

I enjoyed the walk enough to take a selfie

The tomatoes are still ripening

a view of our 'site' from up at the garden
Good night!

This was a busy work day but I got to rest in the afternoon and a nice visit with Jamie. Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. What a great picture of the hummingbird!!!

    We are pretty cold here and I believe it is heading your way.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, lucky shot of the hummer for sure!
      I think cool temps are coming next week. :(

  2. Your place looks real nice when the weather is good. :O)

  3. Birds on a wire ... turtles on a log ... and some spectacularly plumed birds. So fun to be surrounded by wildlife. Your tomatoes are doing very well I see ... oh to have 64 degrees at night!!

    1. Yesterday was a day filled with nature loving stuff!
      I'm happy that I have lots of tomatoes as I love tomato relish. :)

  4. Cute selfie, love the pink! Definitely the wrong color on the car, what a shame..lots of work for nothing. Love all the animals. Tomatoes are looking good. Woke up to 48 degrees this morning, felt so good, but going to 95 Such lovely green!!

    1. Thank you. I find it interesting that you have 48F overnight. It must be your elevation. Nancy in AZ is wishing for our 64F. :)

  5. Unfortunate mistake on the Paint. It's a lot of work to remask the car. A busy day.
    Seeing the birds gathering on the wires is a great way to know Fall is in the air. They'll start training for their flight South.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is a lot of work remasking. :( The customers haven't requested a redo........yet.

  6. Oh weren't those the folks that were always badgering your boss about their vehicle? They won't be happy with the paint issue.

    What a nice day! Love the photos of the birds especially.

    1. You have a great memory! Yes, they didn't want to spend any more on the car and to fix this paint issue, it wouldn't cost them more. It went surprisingly well though. For now.

  7. Do you wear a mask while doing all that sanding? Just wondering. I actually don't have a clue about any of that; just that sometimes occupational hazards exist. You are looking healthy and happy in your photo! Hope you can find a good place to spend the wintertime.