Saturday, September 26, 2020

Black Beauty Gets Looked After, Quiet Afternoon on a Lovely Fall Day

The Ridge

So, on Friday, Sept. 25th we were up shortly after 6:30. We’d made an appointment for the truck to go to the shop for undercoating and an oil change that was due. We had our tea and coffee before driving both vehicles to the other side of Durham. Leaving there, we stopped at the bank to put some cash in and then stopped by to visit our buddies for half hour – or so. We caught up on our week and theirs at Rock Glen.

My first pictures of the day are of Bill taking his Stinson for a walk around
the field
It's too big to fly here at the Ridge

"Come along little airplane"

Their son, Trace, was in for a visit too so it was nice to see him again. On the way home, we stopped at Mitch’s for a few minutes to help him with his phone. I’ll do what I can to keep him from tossing it across the yard! Ha ha, he isn’t overly phone-knowledgeable so I don’t mind lending a hand if I can. He offered to pay me for an hour but I declined. 😊

We are so proud of Mom
even though she has forgotten most of her past

Back home, Bill went to the Hangar and got his Stinson Reliant out and running. Inside, I swept the floors and caught up on some blogs before driving to Priceville, east of here on #4 highway. Just a 10-minute jaunt to the post office to pick up a parcel. Turns out the pkg was for Mom and as special and momentous as it is, it is almost too late for her. It is a certificate and pin from the Veteran's Affairs, thanking her for her service in the Second World War. She won’t appreciate it now as much as she would have a year ago even. I will tuck it away in her file box.☹   

I bought 6 butter tarts so we had to taste test them, right?

I didn’t feel too ambitious so just enjoyed catching up on my emails. I had received a few these past few days with keto recipes or easy craft patterns that I wanted to copy into my Word folders. They take time at the laptop, removing all the garbage parts/ads on the page. With that done, I went for a walk down the lane to see if the mail lady left anything. I didn’t even see her go by – if she did. It is Friday and she tends to skip us. I put a complaint in to the postmaster earlier about my 3 missed pickups this summer. “I’ll speak with her”, she said. LOL

Just one little guy on the log but he is surely enjoying the sunshine!

We just hung around home for the afternoon. I’d left my garden sheets on the line while we were away so folded them up and tucked them in the storage shed. I’m not expecting frost for another week and by then the sick looking plants will be finished feeding the tomatoes and peppers. I’m thinking about entering our pumpkin in a contest. What do you think? I'm positive it is a gold star winner!

A little whiskery ball that isn't going to make us a tart

Pretty sad looking but the few tomatoes will work for
frying up in butter
I'm not disappointed in my garden, it did it best under weather circumstances
There will be changes next spring again

On my walk to the mail box I was treated to a small Yertle crossing the lane upon my return. She/He was wet from the pond water and I just squatted down and we had a little chat. Other than blinking eyes, the little visitor was very quiet and patient, waiting for me to move on. At the top of the lane, I glanced back to see they had finished their trek from one side to the other. 😊 Bill came up from the Hangar and suggested we go to Pletsch’s to see if the truck was done.

It has been a long time since I've seen one in the laneway
She's so pretty! And quite a good listener.

My new hill garden is doing well and I weeded at just the right time
They haven't begun to come back
I love how the evening primrose have changed into their red fall dresses

There had been no phone call so probably not but with Paul, you never know. It wasn’t out when we drove over so we carried on to Murray’s, closer to Hanover. His barn is where we store Ptooties for the winter but since that won’t be happening, we want to see if Bill’s cargo trailer can go in the barn in her place. Murray said “No problem, that’ll work!” He said he would have saved our spot for next winter regardless but this way it is safe and he gets a bit of winter $$.

At Murray's, I stayed in the car and their beautiful dog couldn't understand that
Isn't this cute how she was calm enough to sit but still had to alert the owner?

She is the one with those beautiful sandy brown eyes
Finally she just gave up on me and laid down

We stopped to get Black Beauty on the way back and met back at the Ridge. I can’t believe how warm today is. A summery 24C/75F with gorgeous blue skies. We weren’t on the ball earlier and neglected to unplug from power. Woops! I realized that I’d forgotten to pay Donna our rent $ on the 21st (too much other stuff in our heads, I guess) so took care of that this morning. We’ll need to do better in Paisley! Haha This will be our last payment for Ridge rent this winter. We wish it was for the same reason as usual. 

Bill likes cutting grass
It is obvious by how he stretches the limits of our usual
cutting area - often
You can see the browner bits where he has gone this time

And back behind that red tree, another section
One day, I tease him, he's going to end up in the pond
which is just down over the hill!

It's hard to tell but this circled area is covered in an invasive vine
that we try each year to keep at bay from fence lines, and all of the trees
I'll get another picture after I've gone at it with my gloves and clippers
There is a small maple in there trying to survive

I’d picked up some farmer’s sausage at the bakery/meat store in Priceville this morning along with some ooey gooey butter tarts that the Amish make. I’m so bad!! Anyway, we’re having the sausage tonight and hope we like it. The butcher that they came from is in Mount Forest and we could stock up a bit if we do. The tarts got tasted immediately and they win hands down for a sweet afternoon snack. LOL

Te soybeans, behind us, were harvested on Thursday

And Goose the Spruce is continuing to reach for the sky

Bill has a big day planned for tomorrow so went down to load up his cargo trailer or rather to make sure his planes are secure and charge the batteries for his various flying machines. 😊 Soon after, he pulled up with the cargo trailer in tow, all hooked up and ready. We had bbq’d the sausage and enjoyed it very much. Inside, I fried up a few leftover potatoes for Bill and some leftover veggies for me. It was a very good meal.

Someone got a haircut on the patio today
I'm getting quite good, with his hair, if I do say so myself

And our chickadees and finches are still enjoying their food
I've only filled this feeder once and it is now my favourite!

We hadn’t done dishes earlier and there were enough in the sink, so I loaded the dishwasher. It needed its 'run through' for the month. 

I really enjoyed this supper

We slipped into some warmer clothes and drove over to enjoy a fire with Donna and Gerry at the Acreage. Mike was also out so it was a nice evening with the 5 of us and a great, warm fire. It wasn’t really cold out but when you stepped away from the fire, the dampness could be felt and the grass was wet with dew. No rain, Donna said, a wives’ tale that she swears by.

The sun began its decline

This was another nice day here in our neighbourhood and the truck has been looked after.

A silhouette of the night's fire
Good day!

Thank you for checking in to see what we’re up to. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. What a great blog today! Congrats to your mom, that's very special to be recognized that way! Nice that Murray would have saved your spot, but great that Bill's trailer has a home for the winter. The tarts look amazing and so does your dinner. What a great way to end the day with a fire, we had one last night too!

    1. You're so sweet! Thank you.
      We are all very proud of Mom and may find a way to hang it in her room after all. :)

  2. It looks like the soil in your flower garden is very gravely. Herbs LOVE that type of soil. Lavender would grow really well there.

    1. It is very very stoney (?) lots of rocks in the soil. Never thought of lavendar but that would be nice!

  3. Nice day! Oooh those tarts look delicious. Not a calorie in sight, am I right? LOL!

  4. What beautiful mementos to pass on to future generations. Your hill garden looks really good. All your hard work paid off. You two get so much done every day. I wish I did!

    1. Thank you, yes that WWII stuff is indeed great to have.
      I don't feel we accomplish a lot. :)

  5. If every day were as nice as yesterday was there would be no need to travel anywhere, but that is my opinion. You are on top of things by the looks of it. Wish we would have undercoated our travel trailer before we went south during snowy times and areas. Bill really needs a pad on the back for his excellent lawn upkeep and of course you do too for all the other yard work on such a huge property. Your Mom's recognition mementos are wonderful keepsakes. It's for all of her children to remember what a great woman she was during those difficult times. Your pictures are beautiful and sharp.

    1. I totally agree about the weather!! At least then we could travel whenever we wanted to see the sites in different countries. :)
      Thank you for the pats on the back!

  6. We had a week of summery temperatures and now things are slowly dropping back into fall.

    The tarts look wonderful and BBQ sausage is one of our favourite things.

    I am glad that your Mom got recognition and they will be lovely to pass down in the family. A bit of history.

    God bless.

    1. Loving the summer weather for a break and now bring on fall. Since we have no choice. haha
      Thank you for your comment!

  7. So happy to know I'm not the only one that talks to the animals.

    1. haha, Nancy, never fear. I'm right there with ya. The 3 of us would have had a great conversation!