Sunday, December 30, 2018

Heavy Heart, Beautiful Sunny Day, Morning Break, Puzzles, Ice Cream, Ending on a Great Note

On Sunday, Dec. 30th we are happy to hear that 3 more of our blogger friends have packed up (or are ready to) and hit the road for the southwest. That makes 5 over the last week or so. That is great news! We wish them all safe travels and warm, clear sunny skies as they head to their destinations. Hoping to see most of them during the busy January season.

Looking out across the desert to the free boondocking area
Bill and I woke with a heavy heart though since we have a friendship hovering in the balances of destruction. All from silly misunderstandings and misperceptions. We’re hoping to patch things up so we can all pick up where we left off and move forward. Life is too short for things like this to get in the way. I was up at 6:40 and Bill soon after. It was still dark until 7:10 when I headed out.

I rode past this house just down the road from the park
Our indoor thermometer was reading 63F so I bumped the fireplace up and even tapped the furnace to come on for a cycle. The outdoor temperature was 44F so I slipped an extra layer on my arms for my walk. The pink wisps of clouds across the sky were pretty and a photo just doesn’t justify it at all, but I tried. I met Loree and Freddy at one point, close enough to say good morning and saw George off in the distance making his rounds of the park too.

When I returned, I made our morning coffee and tea and read a few blog posts. At 8:30 I opened a package of Pillsbury cinnamon buns and put them in the oven while frying up bacon and eggs. There are 8 in a pack and that is just enough to share with everyone. This has been my plan since we bought them, I was just waiting for the right day. Happy Sunday!

Bill did dishes while I delivered them door to door. 

They look yummy, don't they?

 Our friends were delighted with the morning snack. I hopped in the shower and when I came out, Bill was doing some more organizing in his ‘tackle’ box. Clemson was you know where. I decided to take my bike up to the library and put some pieces in the puzzle for an hour. We’d plan the afternoon when I got back.

Bill works on filling his tackle box

Clemson was very busy too
Rob was also working on his tool/tackle box
I first rode out of the park and down Frontage Rd towards the west. It is bumpy with lots of ruts in it but it felt good to exercise my legs in a different way. When I got back to the park, I pulled my bike into the puzzle room/library and texted Pat. I wanted her to know that we had a puzzle to finish! Someone else had contributed and I didn’t want anyone else finishing off ‘our’ puzzle this time. So, when Pat arrived, we both concentrated on putting the last pieces in together.

And Pat puts the last 8 pieces in

Bill got his drone out this afternoon too
It was 12:15 when I returned on my bike and saw the case that Bill had emptied. Hmm, what are you doing with that? Since he no longer needed it, I quickly got out my paints and rocks to see if they would fit. Success! Recycle and reuse and re-store. I have way too many paints so I still need the drawer but I’ve emptied a bag and have a much neater way of moving the materials outside now.

Now, I'm more organized too

Maybe bill's tackle box was kind of for me too!
Eventually, a lot of the old paints that are drying out will be getting tossed so hopefully one day, they will fit into one container. Rob texted to remind us that today is Sunday (oh yah) and Ice Cream social was today at 2. Geesh! We would have easily forgot about it. So, we dug out $2 and walked up with our friends, George, Suzie, Rob and Pat to get our treat. Why change a good thing? So Bill and I both got chocolate this time with all the fixings.

Today's ice cream treat
We offered to host Happy Hour today since we had lots of sunshine and the rotation had come first circle. I read my book outside in the hot sun for the hour until everyone joined us. Conversation ensued until just before 5 the fun ended. 

Freddy likes drinking from Clemson's water dish

and then he sleeps

A really cute picture of Ron and Loree
Now that is genuine 'happy'

Rob and I

Pat and George
Bill took Clemson out while I prepared the meat loaf for warming and to cook spaghetti squash for me and corn for him. Not that I really needed it, but I made up Caesar salad for each of us and we were eating and cleaned up from it by 6.

Clemson makes friends

Bill found a movie that we both agreed on and we settled in for the evening. I’m really getting hooked on the J.A. Jance book I’m reading so I read during commercials before I got too tired. 

Sunset through the screen

Sunset through my sunflowers in the bedroom window

supper was good and almost too much food
This has been another good day and the best part of it was when we heard from our friends and have made arrangements to see them in a couple of days. We are so glad they feel the same way about getting together. I hope you have had an equally great day.
Bill got some great drone photos today
This is looking behind us towards the south blm land

George and Suzie's unit

Ron and Loree's unit

Our Suite and Rob and Pat's Silverback
Good everyone
Thank you for stopping by! If you wish to leave a comment, I love reading them.


  1. Glad things worked out with your friends.
    Dinner looked wonderful. Your meatloaf looked excellent.
    Freddy is a cutie, just like Clemson. Too funny to see him drinking out of the little bowl.

    1. Thank you, we are too.
      Freddy is a cutie and although excitable to say hello, he immediately settles down. We laugh at him drinking out of Clemson's bowl too!

  2. It was a wonderful day for sure , Thanks for the cinnamon rolls they were wonderful. Glad you are enjoy J.A Jance love her books.

    1. You're welcome, the rolls are a treat for sure.
      I'm not reading as much as I used to, too much going on but her book is very good.

  3. I like Bill's 'toolbox' organizer. Something to consider. I think I have about a thousand screws, fasteners, etc. Or at least it seems that way and of course I can't find the right size when I root through my bins.
    The drone sure gives us a nice view of the area.

    1. Bill and Rob are both loving the 'toolbox'. It was a tackle box on sale at Sam's Club.
      He is happy to have a bin that holds more things all in one place too. :)
      The drone pictures are beautiful, I love them!

  4. Thank you so much for the nice pictures, we really appreciate seeing your setup and the area ;-) Hopefully it will get a bit warmer soon but its not bad during the day as I can tell from your post. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, the drone pictures sure show the area around the park. You will like it here. Happy New Year to you guys as well! You are making awesome time, I see now you are in Texas.

  5. The cinnamon buns were so good! Such a nice surprise. Little Clemson is so cute. It's nice that he shares his little tiny water dish with big Freddy. Thanks to Bill for the drone pictures....amazing. That looked like a difficult puzzle but you and Pat really enjoy working together. 😊

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the buns, nice to spoil our friends sometimes too. :)
      We're glad that Freddy and Clem get along so well, so cute.
      Bill's drone pics are great, I agree. Love seeing the area from up above.
      The puzzle was a challenge but fun to do.

  6. Ha!! I did the same thing with my rocks and paint!! Love how Freddy hits the sunny spots. That puzzle? Wow it looks HARD!!! Success that you got it all together!

    1. I had never thought of doing that, I have 2 drawers like the white one full of craft stuff. The opportunity was a good one. :) Freddy is such a sweet dog and everybody loves him.
      The puzzle was a challenge, good for this old girls brain!!

  7. You had quite a busy day. Glad things worked out with your friends. It is unfortunate how some little things put a fence between people. Freddy sure is a handsome dog.

    1. Thank you Peter, friends are too important so we're happy too.
      Freddy is a charmer. :)

  8. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! Nice of you to share. Ice cream looks awesome too! You do have a lot of paints! Nice to get them organized! Love the drone pics, puts everything in perspective! Glad you went to bed happier than you got up! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley, the day certainly ended the way we'd hoped.