Thursday, January 16, 2020

La Posa Walk, Quartzsite Tour, Restful Afternoon

Quartzsite, AZ
On Thursday, Jan. 16th we were both pretty well rested when we woke up. We should have been too! It was 9 when Bill went to bed last night and 9:30 for me. We just couldn’t keep our eyes open and weren’t keen on any television programs that were on. Not too sure why we were so tired other than Bill missing his snooze and it is normal for me to go at that time.

As we walked, I snapped pictures of the clouds  that
I was hoping not to see all day
 Today, the only thing on our ‘schedule’ (do retirees have schedules?) was to take a drive into the little town of Quartzsite. We wanted to show Bob and Jo-Anne where things were, the key things at least, and wander a bit around the ‘before-show’ vendors. Bill found a parking spot for B.B. back behind the row of tents on Keuhn St. We walked along that side, up and down the rows, just to get an idea of what they had and some prices.

The picture on the left is the additional drive up dump station
which is new this winter

This saguaro is very old but with a buddy waving as we walked by

There are few of these old buses coming into La Posa South
I'm sure there will be more
We crossed the street to K & B Tools and the vendor directly across from them. Both Bill and I thought of George as we got our free stick-on 2020 calendar. 

These little calendars come in handy
He was the first one to tell us about them so we try to get a couple each year for the fridge and for the truck. Lastly, we ended up in the Food tent where I like to spend a lot of time poking. Some of the canned goods are outdated but if you look, and check the dates, you’ll luck out at cheap prices.

A few more pictures from our walk this morning
and bottom corner is the big tent, up and ready for the onslaught
on Saturday
I found about 8 cans of things for our pantry and eventually we made our way back to the truck. I had a phone call from Gayle to catch up and discuss some things regarding Mom and made tentative plans to get together before they leave Plomosa Road and head to Mexico. They are in the area until the 23rd of January so if no where else, we’ll see them at Silly Al’s for a pizza meal. It was nice to chat with her.

We stopped briefly at RV Lifestyles but Bob didn't get any
satisfaction here for his inverter
Back home, we were hungry so I made our bacon and eggs and a coffee each. It was 12 noon when we were ready to eat. The Suite felt cool when we stepped inside, warmer outside than in. It was 61F indoors and 57F outdoors so with the sun fighting to push its way through the clouds, we opened the outside door.

Bill took a couple of pictures today at our Happy Hour
Thanks dear.
Left to right: Ken, Kim, Bob, Tom, Deb, Jo-Anne & Higgins, Patsy
He is in the picture by way of his shadow
After dishes, Bill went out to putter with more of his solar lights and I took my book out to do some chair hopping (as our blogger friend, Bob, says). I’m good at it so why not do it? The sun was so hot that even the winds from the southwest felt nice. I read for a while and when Bill finished with the lights, he also sat in the sun with his book. He eventually dozed, right there in the chair and I stretched out and did the same. It was wonderful! Our friends around us were also enjoying the afternoon outdoors.

Through a dirty window, the sun sets
At 2:50, Ken arrived at his doorstep with a beer in his hand. Nothing else needed to be said so after the laughter subsided, we all moved our chairs out to the middle and proceeded with today’s Happy Hour. The party didn’t break up until 5:30 and the sun was beginning to drop. The temperature sure began dropping too with the winds gusting to 16 mph. It doesn’t sound like much but it is considerable enough to send a chill over our heated bodies. Suppertime!

Bill had the plain and I had the peppered
They were tasty and we'll buy them again
Bill lit the Weber Q and began cooking our bacon wrapped beef tenderloins. These were a recommendation so we thought for $4 per, we’d give them a try. Inside, I steamed broccoli and Bill did some corn on the grill as well. We were eating by 6 and cleaned up by 6:20. I know! We eat fast and don’t linger at the table like some people do. The meal isn’t a big deal for us and we just want to get it over with and get on with the remainder of the evening.

Right off the grill, it was still quite pink inside
but letting it rest for a couple of minutes

It was very tasty and juicy
(Not red juicy, just tender juicy)
Good night y'all!
I sat to download pictures and finish my blog. This has been a fun day from beginning to end. I hope yours was just as great.

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Starting off with a slow bang at Quartzsite. That's good. Your Happy Hour lasts much longer than your dinner. :))

  2. Always nice to tour around Quartzite before the throngs of people arrive :-)

  3. The big Q!!! Wow those tenderloins are cooked perfectly. Enjoy the big tent!!!

  4. It was a good day parked out at LaPosa South that closed with a nice Happy Hour. The sun was wonderful.

  5. A good way to start your Q stay.
    We'll have to try those little tenderloins. Just the right size.
    Try to keep Bob's credit card in his pocket at the Big Show!