Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Garage Sale Day – No Sale? Bill Putters Around

Pilot Knov RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Wednesday, Jan. 8th it was a day for ‘park residents’ to place items out on their site if you wanted to sell things. I’d been gathering a few things that we have in the Suite that we don’t need or use any more so decided to put them out. We weren’t going anywhere anyway. It doesn’t much matter what, if anything sells, it is a step in the right direction to purging. If no sale, with the exception of 4 things, they will all go in a load to Goodwill.

All set up for the sale that didn't happen
 The day was sunny and bright again with a slight wind varying between 2 and 7 mph. We’d slept in until 7:30 so rather than head out for a walk, I started pulling things together. Bill had some caulking to do on the Suite so set about doing that until he couldn’t find his caulking gun. Drat! He has two and was sure he’d brought one along. Bummer. He’ll pick one up tomorrow in Yuma. He moved on to something else today. Around 10:30, I made myself a bullet proof coffee and got things out for breakfast.

Bill worked outside on the Suite for the morning
Today, we had omelettes for a change and they were quite fat and filling. Again, it must have been too soon for me to eat at 11 as I wasn’t hungry. Bill came in off the roof and I cleaned up afterwards since he was working and I wasn’t. I saw 1 or 2 people stop and check out our table, but very briefly so at 11:30 I went out and packed things up. No sale. The items were coming back inside only temporary until we head into Yuma next. Hey, it was worth a shot!

My little book

Oh-oh, this is not good
 I changed into more suitable attire for this warm day, going from long pants to capris at least. Maybe I’ll work on the puzzle a bit, maybe I’ll visit the pool again. We’ll see, the whole afternoon awaits! Maybe I won't do anything other than read. 

The pool was nice today
We chatted a bit with Jo-Anne and Bob when they returned from town (?) and made plans to meet for the pool at 1:30. Three of us walked up and since Bill wasn’t interested today, he minded the forts and had a snooze. He’d worked most of the morning up on the roof of the Suite, cleaning the taped edges, prepping for the next step. There were only a couple of people at the pool but a very chatty lady whom Bill and I had met a couple of days ago.

Sitting outside after the pool
Cooling down with my book
She took up conversation mostly with Bob as they were both in the pool so Jo and I were happy about that. Sometimes, it is just too much and you have to be your own control ‘board’ on how much you want to listen to.  After the very knowing lady and her husband filled us in on more than we needed to know, they left. We enjoyed the sun and I'd had just one quick dip in the pool. Remember, we don’t have humidity so that sun is just the ticket for me. Otherwise, I’d be in and out like a yo-yo to keep cool.

Bob showered and returned home around 3 and Jo-Anne and I hung around until closer to 4. Back home, I changed and sat with Bill who was pages away from finishing his book, Swimsuit. I remember the last half as being very addicting too. It was warm inside so I opted to sit outside with my own book, The Reversal, by Michael Connelly. It is one of the Lincoln Lawyer stories with Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch so I’m already hooked after only 3 chapters. LOL

I mixed up the meatloaf and put the pot in the sling

Cooked for 25 minutes, 10 min. NR
It was when I was outside that I got a phone call. An 800# which for us can mean a number of things. Namely a call we don’t take, but rather let it go into voice mail if it is legit. They left a message and it was RBC Visa wanting us to call regarding our American Visa. Bill called right away and we discovered that our card had been hacked. The charge for over $1,000 was not made by us. It had not gone through, RBC Visa caught it so they were able to cancel it.

While supper was cooking, I ran out a couple of times watching
the sun set
Unfortunately, that also meant cancelling our cards and issuing us new ones. Darn! We are so grateful that they are on the ball and took care of it. Our new cards will be shipped here via UPS over the next 3 business days. While I contemplated supper, the original plan scrapped, Bill walked up to say hello to Keith and Dave and make sure they were still on board to go to the Arizona Market tomorrow with us.

I zoomed in for this one
To the east, the moon hangs in a still blue sky
I started meatloaf and got it going in Madame IP. What to have with it? We need to go shopping and get more salad and veggies but for tonight, I’ll have broccoli and Bill will have corn. Not the best for keto but better than rice or potato. We were eating by 6 and the evening was a quiet one. There is a new program starting tonight that I might record or watch to see if it is something worth following.

And the sun dips below the horizon
Supper turned out really good as meatloaf nights usually do. Bill enjoys it and never has a complaint. This time, for some reason, there was more liquid than normal so I may adjust a quantity or cook time in the future. For dessert, we each had one last dish of custard before clearing the dishes up. While I finished working on my post, Bill turned on an old movie that we both enjoy. You’ve Got Mail is a fun one to watch with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It was a quiet evening and a wonderful day.

Successful meatloaf dinner again

Tonights meal was finished off with custard - Yum
good night!

Thank you for dropping in!


  1. Ooooh that irritates me when someone charges on my card. I'm glad they caught it for you. Dinner looks delicious. I haven't tried a meatloaf in my IP yet. You certainly are sticking to the Keto plan. Good for you guys as I sit here with a bagel! LOL

    1. It is very frustrating and we wouldn't have caught it so quickly.
      We are trying hard with the keto. I just hope we see results!

  2. Shame that your garage sale items didn't sell, but I'm sure Goodwill will appreciate the items.
    Thank goodness for the attentiveness of the RBC. It's a pain waiting for the replacements but better that than have a fraudulent charge.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. I wasn't hoping for a dinner out from the proceeds of the sale but a coffee would have been nice! haha
      Yes, thank goodness for RBC is right!

  3. I'm curious did Visa say where the attempted charge was made and for what at $1000.00? Yes i'm nosey LOL. You just wonder how does this happen?! A great day other than the chatty people. Your meatloaf looks yummy!

    1. No, they didn't say what was purchased. Just a charge of $1,069 at BGD Samsung. Never even knew what that was. It does make you wonder.
      We had a great day other than that news. :)

  4. Just imagine how relieved the chatty ladies husband felt when she was talking to you all. Sometimes a guy needs a break.

  5. Yep, it looks like we both caught the same sunset! Wish I had a pool to jump into sometimes. Did you say it was the bottom half of the swimsuit that's so addicting? :)) I've never had my Credit card hacked but I'm sure it's a pain in the neck. Glad they caught it.

    1. Everyone is a comedian today! Ha ha, love that comment about Swimsuit.
      It is frustrating as we need to change our passwords and re-register the new cards. We're very glad too.

  6. Happened to us a few years back. That's why we always travel with two different cards.

    1. That is a good idea. We've tried to stick to just one credit card and now this makes us think. :)