Friday, January 17, 2020

L-A-Z-Y Day! But Loving It! Friend Arrives from Pilot Knob

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ
So, after both of us going to bed at 8:40 pm last night (seriously!), we managed to sleep in until 5:30/6:00 am on Friday, Jan. 17th. We must have been tired. I slept very well, although I know there were many dreams in there of Gayle and Bridgette. Lots of dreams, even some of our friends Kathy and Derrick back home on Wednesday night. Don’t ask because I have no idea what triggers them.

From our walk this morning, I am reminded why we come here every winter
We walked to the Magic Circle sign and made a right turn
Every year, I need to take a picture of these two
Bill finished his coffee and by 7:30 (ish) we went for our walk. It was another 2+ miles this morning and a very pleasant 47F/8C with almost no wind. When we returned, I made my tea and remained bundled in my layers and sat outside in the lovely warm sunshine. I could see my breath but it was wonderful all the same. That was basically where I remained for a lot of the morning and finally I came in around 10 to make breakfast.

Bill took this picture from inside

And this one from outside
Bill had been doing some caulking around the trailer seams and roof (for lack of a better word) and all I really did besides read my book, was fill the hummer feeder and make a batch of lime Jell-o. 

You can see that there was no wind at all
Perfect time to do this job
Kim joined me at one point as the wind seemed to be blocked best right next to the Suite. It was nice to have the company. Bill drove up to the front entrance around 11:30 to meet Keith who was coming from Pilot Knob RV Resort. He calls himself the ‘redneck’ of the group. Kim, Ken and I watched many Entegra motor coaches drive in past us on their way to their rally.

Ken was playing in the white stones - making a puzzle
There had to be a total of 30 before the day was done and this is the only appropriate route to get to their location. Later, when Jo-Anne and Bob returned from town, she joined us and Bill too. 

Higgins cozies up to Papa Bill because he is the 'treat master'
We watched the ‘parade of Entegras’ without even leaving our seats. The day sauntered by and before we knew it, it was 2:30. Bob and Ken played a game of Washoo before they both came over with their chairs and we all just got a drink and sat right where we were.

The game of Washoo was impeded by the strong winds
that picked up later in the day
happy hour photos today were in groupings
I was even too lazy to stand up
Top left to bottom right:
Higgins, Jo-Anne, Kim, Ken, Bob, Keith and Oreo
Ken, Deb (repeat, repeat)
It was too windy out in the middle so the special magical circle H.H. was right here on our patio today. You do what you have to do to be comfortable. We all love ‘comfortable’.  It was around 5 when eventually everyone headed back to their own sites for supper preparation. 

Higgins was trying to get inside but Papa Bill wasn't even
in there
His treats came later at H.H.
Oreo sits by Keith watching Higgy
Oreo FINALLY gets Daddy's chair
Bill lit the Weber to grill our farmer sausages and offered the hot bbq to Keith as well. Inside, I put salad on our plates and as the sun dropped below the mountains, our supper cooked.

Keith's set up behind us
He's got everything he needs

As I sat in my chair indoors, I was surprised that I could see the
Interstate #10 traffic
The big white block in the middle is a transport
I offered that Keith join us to eat if he was so inclined since our meals were ready at the same time. He graciously declined with something about ‘when you’re single, you’ll eat *crap* on a shingle’. Now that was original and cute but I understood. He knows he is welcome to join us anytime. Supper was good and there is a certain peacefulness about being here with friends. We are all visible to each other, and it just feels nice to see friends making conversations all around you.

Our second meal of the day and we were ready for it
After dishes, I captured some sunset photos. Well, more like sky photos AFTER the sun has set. Beautiful! If you’re out here, you see what I see. If not, I hope you enjoy them from my camera’s eye. We decided not to turn the tv on tonight and see how the batteries do without the aid of the genny. We’ve been running it for an hour and a half during the evening and that seems to tide us over until morning, waking up to a 12.4 charge.

With clouds like this, it would be another stellar Arizona sky
The evening was spent with my blog and our books. I plan (hope) to finish Part 2 of my book tonight. Tomorrow is the show and plans are set for everyone to drive on their own and leaving bright and early. Keith will ride with us as that just makes sense. This was a wonderful relaxing day.

There it is but pictures just don't do it justice
Good night!
Thank you for stopping by! Oh, by the way, Tom, this post is for you!! 😊


  1. You wouldn't have to ask me twice for dinner. :)) More and more I seem to enjoy just relaxing the day away. Just hard to do sometimes. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Q during tent week.

    1. ;) I'll remember that! Keith bbq'd his own sausages last night so THAT invite was just to eat inside with us. :) He'll get a meal out of us before the winter is over though.
      I can laze around with the best of them. The hustle this week will be fun, lots to do and see. (with elbow pads) haha

    2. Well! I'll just bring my own steak. I'm good at burning those. :))

  2. Ever since I started researching RV life, almost 7 years ago, and heard about Quartzsite, I've wanted to go. Sorry we will miss it again this year. If we enjoy our trip to this part of the world in the coming month, maybe 2021 will be the year we make it happen.

    1. One day you will get here. It isn't for everyone, the congestion in town and the big tent for the first few days but we love it.

  3. Higgins sure knows what side his bread is buttered on!! LOL

    1. Higgins has Bill figured out, that's for sure! Except, like Clemson did with his supper, he is starting way too early for his treat.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Higgins is cute looking for his treats :) Enjoy the tent today! Can't wait to see what goodies you come home with!

    1. This is indeed how we spell "PERFECT". :)
      Higgins is getting good at the tricks Bill puts him through to earn the treats.

  5. Looks like you are all having fun being "Off the Grid".
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Big Tent. Get some Free Rice for George.

    It's about time.

    1. It is fun here but 2 weeks is enough for me. :)
      The Minute Rice booth wasn't there! We looked for it in George's honour.

  6. I never saw the pink last night, obviously I went in to soon...:(
    Enjoyed meeting your friend, Keith. He seems like a very nice guy and Oreo is cute.
    Higgins really knows where the treats are and who will bring them

    P.S. Tom laughed and said cute...LOL To funny...:)

    1. Sometimes the pink sneaks up on us, eh?
      Keith is a very nice man and his little lady keeps him company.