Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunny Sunday, Birthday Wish for Bruce in Heaven, Rock Painting, Night Flyers

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Sunday, Jan. 12th arrives and it reminds me that today would be my older brother’s birthday. If he were here. Bruce would be 67 today so I wanted to remember to send a huge hug up to him in heaven. He is missed. He never saw age 59.

Happy Birthday, big brother!
Bill and I were up at the usual time for us, before 7 and since I was up first and knew we wouldn’t walk for an hour, I sat and read with my tea. My book is hard to put down except when it falls out of my hands at night as I drop off. Last night we watched Hallmark movies, one of which I enjoyed (mostly), the second, needless to say, put me to sleep. I went to bed around 10 before it was over.

To the west this morning, the Wolf moon is no longer ruling the sky
the sun came up over the mountain to the east
We walked our route this morning, the perimeter inside the park. The temperature was 48F, then 47, then 46 when we left. Wrong way, Jose! (Hosay) The nice thing is that the winds were almost non-existent making it pleasant. Back at the Suite, I sat and played my Scrabble games with Bill and 3 of my sisters. I seldom win but with the exception of one, I at least feel like I have a fighting chance. I enjoy the online game but would much prefer the manual version.

Yesterday, we saw Loyal trimming this tree
It's all dressed up now
And I'm loving this picture!!
Yesterday, I woke up with shingles on the back of my leg again. It seems to have no rhyme or reason when or why they appear. I just know it is in an uncomfortable location for sitting so I apply the cream and put up with the worst day relatively quietly. I take the pills 2x a day only when I have the warning and/or during the breakout which lasts for about 4 days. Then the mark disappears after a couple of weeks. I just had a bout around New Years.

This truck and 5th wheel came in yesterday
Look how the atv fit right behind the cab
I wonder if the stories I read are a contributor? Let’s face it, I’m not stressed about anything, really, nor overly excited. Oh well, this too shall pass. In February when we are back here, our first Los Algodones trip will involve a few more bottles. Thankfully, there is no limit. 

Working on the tube

Working on his plane lighting
 Bill went outside as I started my post to work on my bike tire. He tested the tube and eventually found, doing the water in the sink test, that there was a hole. Darn! I don’t get how that happens, enclosed in a rubber tire.

Bill wanted to add more lights to the belly of his Timber
for better night viewing
Needless to say, we don’t have a patch kit but will pick one up either at H.F., the market or most likely Quartzsite. Yesterday, I suggested that he pack my bike away since I can’t ride it anymore before we leave anyway. I was surprised and pleased that he took the time to see what the problem was. Then he went outside and worked on his plane batteries and lights. He has no problem finding things to do to keep himself busy.

Keith helping Bill with the bike tube
 Around 10:30, I started breakfast. Thick bacon and scrambled eggs. We are enjoying the different pork, more substance, more fat, both good things in our book. Keith came around for a visit and they got talking about my bike tube. Next thing, he is off on his bike again and then returned with a bike repair kit. He’d thought he had one but couldn’t put his hands on it the other day. Today, he found it!

They were able to patch the teeny tiny hole
Bill also found a goat head in the tire
and that could have been the cause of the hole
The two of them worked away outside on my tire and before long the little bike was standing on both full wheels again. Thanks guys! That’s awesome! It was such a nice day that I decided to get my paints and rocks out. I moved the bbq table over to the sun and set things up. First, I popped over to see Jo-Anne and we shook our heads over the miscommunication of yesterday’s texts. LOL somehow, her messages weren’t coming to me and visa versa.

It turned into a gorgeous day so I took
a second walk
I also asked to see pictures of their new grandson. Not my news but I can say that Mom and babe are both healthy and returning home today, I think. Yay! Bill took my bike for a ride up to the office to check on their delivery times for FedEx. We were expecting a parcel yesterday and got a weird note about the office being closed. Turns out, FedEx doesn’t even deliver to the area on the weekend. Well, why didn’t they say that? No worries, we’ll get it tomorrow or Tuesday.

I set up my paints in the sun
Our lawn chairs are so low that I needed an extra cushion
to sit on
So, I painted and completed 2 rocks. Nothing special, my mind was kind of a blank. I started 2 more before answering my Fitbit and taking it for a walk around 2. I stopped at the puzzle room and put a few pieces in a new puzzle up there. They are large pieces but still interesting. Back home, I started packing things up so we could join Bob and Jo for Happy Hour at their place today. The temperature is a marvelous 66F and with no wind to speak of, it feels like 77F. Lovely!

It was just the 4 of us plus Higgy today but it was a very nice visit. We talked about their drive yesterday to San Diego and then Julian for pie. We talked about rv’s, health issues and Quartzsite and just basically enjoyed each other’s company. It has been a while since the 4 of us just sat down together. At a few minutes after 5 we said goodbye and came home. Bill helped me move the table with my paints over closer to the Suite as I will finish the last two tomorrow.

This was a yummy supper and very little carbs
For supper, I cooked a spaghetti squash for my noodles and about 10 pasta noodles for Bill. I warmed the sauce and meatloaf and it was a great supper. There is always more sauce than needed when you have meatballs instead of ground beef but I’ll use the sauce for another meal. Bill chatted back and forth with Keith during supper as they wanted to meet over the fence and do some night flying. Ken and Dave, you would have loved this.

Bill's Timber
He went after dishes, just after the sun went down and by the time I dished up some Jell-o, they were up, up and away! I grabbed my jacket, camera and phone and dashed out. The horizon’s sky was beautiful. I didn’t want to startle them by coming up behind them, especially Oreo, who was being the perfect lady, waiting for Keith as he flew. Keith has a sail plane so both planes were a little different but equally fun to watch.

I had a great sky to capture the two planes
Keith's sail plane on the left, Bill's Timber on the right

Keith's plane
I'm lovin' the silhouette so gearing up to show you my favourite two pictures
On my walk over, a few rv’ers were walking over to the fence or looking out their windows. Lots of keen interest. I took a few pictures and a video but naturally there are a few favourites out of the group. It was hard to keep steady and focused on the buzzing objects in the sky. There were some bugs flying around, not sure if they were biters or not but I headed back. When I saw a car with headlights driving slowly in their direction I slowed and walked back to meet Bill.

Bill's plane lands safely

Bill getting ready for another flight

This turned out better than I thought it would
 Nothing happened, there was no contact and the car drove off but we just hope there is no problem. It is blm land and they aren’t flying near anyone. Back home, I sat to finish my post and offered Bill the last of the Jell-o. Bill was happy with the pictures so I downloaded them and put the good ones on a usb stick for him. This has been a fun day. Has yours been a fun one too?

Today's best picture
Good night from this land of great sunsets

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. That last picture is awesome! We have added slime to our bike tubes and it seems to help. The little desert thorns reak havoc on bike tires :-(

    1. Thank you, it was a surprise picture for sure. :)
      Bill says he'll have to pick up some slime too.

  2. That is a beautiful sunset picture. Better frame it. It was a beautiful day with lots of Sun and little wind.

  3. Love those sunset pics with the plane. VERY cool!! Hope you feel better quickly!!

    1. Thank you, reminded me of the Sonita silhouettes.:) The shingles will ease up today.

  4. Love the silhouette pictures, great job Patsy! Sorry about the shingles, that's really got to suck! Hopefully you're all better soon. Dinner looks yummy to me, that's all we use anymore for noodles! Nice that you were able to get together with your neighbors!

    1. Thank you Shirley. That silhouette was a bit of an accidental surprise. :)
      The shingles don't last long for me which is a blessing.

  5. A goat's head in the tire? I had to google it, and I can see how the thorn could cause grief.
    Sorry to hear you're experiencing a bout of shingles. I keep thinking about getting a vaccination and then I put it off.
    The last photo is very nice!

    1. Yes, how surprising that a goats head could go through the rubber tire.
      I would certainly recommend getting the vaccine if you can. My bouts are very mild compared to someone who gets it in a larger area and for an extended period of time. I'm lucky.

  6. I think that is why we see so many fat tires on the bikes around the desert. Probably thicker and more able to withstand the thorns.
    Great photo to end the blog. Sorry to hear about the shingles, hopefully they clear up quickly. Keep having fun!

    1. Yes, I was surprised that a goathead got in the tire. I've never ridden it anywhere here this winter but here in the park.
      The last photo is very nice I have to agree with that! A total surprise!
      My shingles will be gone (again) soon. :) Thank you.