Friday, January 10, 2020

Brisk Walk, Poker Pool, Happy Hour, Burger Night so No Cooking

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Friday, Jan. 10th I was up around 6:30. First, I emptied the dishwasher and when Bill came down, he had his coffee. Before 8 we scooted out for our walk. I’ve missed walking the last two days for one reason or another and want to keep up with the routine that I’ve started. The weather station was reading 51F but the winds hovered between 5 – 8 mph so it felt cooler. After walking half way around the park, my hood came down.

The sun comes over the mountain

Back home, my tea tasted good. It feels like I earn it when I walk before drinking it plus I don’t have to hurry back for what would be obvious reasons. Bill had his second coffee as well. I sat at my laptop just to get the first couple of paragraphs started on my post and then relaxed with my book. Soon enough, Bill got cleaned up, ready to walk up to the office to advise them formally of our return on Jan. 29. They often don’t get record of that until AOR notifies them a few days before.

One of the ladies found this picture from 1973
so it hangs in the pool room
Cool, huh?
I then got ready to join the ladies at Poker Pool at 10. There are usually at least 8 ladies to play so there may not be room. We’ll see if they can fit me in. Nothing is regular so if I’m one of the first 8, I’ll be guaranteed a spot. It doesn’t cost to play, which is good or I would not participate. I’m not into that. I arrived 15 minutes early and returned a book to the basket and dropped the book cd’s in the puzzle room.

This is the 2020 version
l to R
Mary, Deb, Barb, Allie shooting, Annie and Diane
Barb, our poker pool host, was doing the exercise class (which I forgot about) so Allie and I bided our time until they were finished. There were 7 of us today so we were all able to play on one table. Some of these ladies are such frequent players (or have been in their lives) and they have their own cues. That should make me, the only non-player, very nervous but these ladies make the whole game fun. They encourage me and tease me at the same time so I just run with it.

This morning, Bill and I saw Loyal trimming the trees
He and Mary are hard at it every day
Actually today, I had ONE magnificent shot! Banked, hit the 6 ball (which I wanted) and sunk the 13 (King) ball! I had both cards in my hand. Yay me! That brought a lot of whoot whoots! I still lost, er, won with the high score. Ooops, low score wins. No matter, at least I had 2 ladies just one point under me so I wasn’t skunked. Ha ha. At 11:30 we called it game and Allie and I walked back together.

Shadow people
The winds have picked up again as can be seen by the flags blowing straight from the north. Bill had finished applying the wide tape to the roof over our bedroom/closet slide-out. Still not sure where the leak is but at least the process of fixing it has begun. He borrowed a caulking gun from Keith rather than purchasing one yesterday and has done some of those areas too. I called him into breakfast around noon and we had poached eggs and sausages today.

Bill attached my new bell to the little bike
After dishes, I made a coffee and sat to relax. If I did much more relaxing, I’d have to take vacation! I texted Jo-Anne and invited them for a Happy Hour around 3 and then sent a message to Keith as well. We haven’t gathered for a few days so thought today would be a good time to get together. Jo-Anne and Higgins went out for a short walk and stopped by briefly. Higgins decided he’d just lay down on our mat first which gave us a chuckle.

Higgins relaxes at Happy Hour
Around 2:45, Keith biked over with his chair and drinks and our neighbours soon joined us. The afternoon turned out beautiful when the wind died. Not completely but between 1 – 5 mph so that was really a nice break for sitting outside. The sun was incredibly warm too and we reached 66F/19C on our patio. Conversation flowed and I remembered to take a couple of HH pictures. Bill and I had signed up for burgers tonight so we said goodbye to our friends and walked up to the clubhouse.

From one end, we see to be having a good time
And then from the opposite side
Keith isn't praying, he's trying to remember the name of something haha
Bill, one of the chefs & pastor here, cooked the chicken, dogs and burgers. We sat at a table with some new people, a couple of ladies whom I’ve met at classes and their husbands. We could have sat by ourselves but why? We had a nice meal with the burgers and all the fixin’s, potato salad, a piece of spice cake and a bag of Cheetos or chips. The company and conversation at our table was friendly and we walked away with good wishes for our travel on Wednesday. Nice people. We fell off the keto wagon tonight but at least saved the chips for another time.

Bill goes inside and Higgins waits
He's a smart cookie waiting for a treat or two
Before supper, we checked the mail slots and found a UPS package there for us. It was pretty amazing that within 2 days from our call, our new Visa cards arrived. We just needed to activate them and create a new PIN. Oh great, another # to remember. Back home, I sat and caught up on my blog. Oh! Kim, you’ll be interested to know that Barb (Gordon actually) remembered to bring us each a copy of her corn recipe. 😊
Lots of food for $5
Bill tried calling for our Visa cards and naturally something is wrong with the phone #. Of course, nothing could be that easy! We’ll call for assistance tomorrow. It was a good day and a nice meal that we didn’t have to cook. The evening was quiet, with some tv and a few chapters read in my book. I hope you had a good one as well.

The sun begins to leave us

It doesn't take long for the sun to set
These were taken on Bill's phone so the
time doesn't show

Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. Nice sunset photos. The phone did a pretty good job! Good luck with the Visa issue, hope it's not too involved or hard to solve.

    1. Thank you. Bill's phone pics downloaded smaller than mine do but I was happy to have the use of it when I left mine at home. LOL

  2. You guys need to get to Q and get the HH going strong again! :-)
    Nice sunset. We didn't get a good one tonight.....or I may or may not have napped through it! :-0

    1. Yes, we all do! :)
      There were no clouds so nothing over the top tonight.

  3. Glad you're learning to play Pool. Fun game. Beautiful sunset pictures. Got to watch out for those pool sharks.

    1. Thanks Doug, it won't be a pasttime I get into too much. Just fun with the ladies who don't care how I shoot. :)

  4. Back in the day, my roommate and I both had pool cues. She was much better than me, but we won enough from the men at bars to pay for food! Of course we let them think we couldn't play at all! Hahahaha

    1. I've heard about sheisters like you! hahahaha I was never around a pool table and when I was, they were all men!

  5. I'm sitting here watching the snow fall and blow around aside my window. Then I look at my computer screen and imagine the warmth from the photos.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. I hope our warmth gives you some comfort from afar! The snow fall can be pretty from inside a warm home. :)

  6. Sounds like such a tough life down there!

  7. We'll have to have a game of pool when you get back to Ontario. Mind you we haven't used our table for quite a while! The snow was gone yesterday with all the rain for the past two days but this morning I awoke to ice covered with snow. Wonderful winter in Canada.