Saturday, January 11, 2020

A Beautiful Day in Our Neighbourhood

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Saturday, Jan. 11th we were awake and out of bed just after 7. I know I had one of my better sleeps, only waking once around 5. I’m sure I dreamt but can’t recall what it was about. After Bill’s coffee, we went for our walk around the park and completed a mile and a half. It isn’t a lot but we are getting out most mornings. The best part is that Bill is getting out too. There was a slight breeze making the 48F/9C feel cooler than that but I was bundled.

And like the previous days, the sun rose over the mountain
My layers (jacket, wind breaker and vest) were only half-zipped when we returned. The sun is so incredibly warm even at 8 o’clock in the morning. Back home, I had my tea and we discussed the day. Originally, Bill and Keith were going to go to the Yuma Aeronautics Flying field. Bill has become a member but has not received his ‘official’ membership card. It should be at the field for pick up and that is one of his reasons for going. He would also like to fly if the circumstances are right.

Keith and Oreo dropped in this morning
When Keith indicated yesterday that he probably wouldn’t go, I said I would go for the drive and we could stop at Southwest Exchange and the Kitchen store on our return. This morning, Keith walked around with Oreo around 9ish and said that he’d go along. He didn’t know I was going and quickly back-stepped on his offer to go when he heard that. Such a nice guy. It was easy for me to say ‘oh no! you two go, I was just going so Bill had company”. Before Bill left, we each contacted Visa to get our new cards activated. That was easy!

Lots of stones out here
Looking to the east here

Looking to the north

To the west and the park
 So, at 10, Bill picked him up at his site and away they went. Keith wanted to get out on the dunes this afternoon so they wouldn’t be gone long. We may or may not go for a run to the stores I mentioned later today. It wasn’t important. I think it makes sense to wait until after our Quartzsite anyway, just in case I see the same items there at a better price. I’m loving this park but I’m looking forward to getting to the Q again. Our friends, Kim and Ken, have moved there today.

This is looking to the south BLM area
A few remaining rv's
I did our dishes up and had another coffee. Then I wanted to go for a walk. I headed out to the east, outside the park and walked around in the desert area picking up little coloured stones. I have been gathering some for our bathroom vase.

These look like just regular stones

But look!
All I had in there before this summer were clear faux glass stones. Nothing too exciting and it was time to replace them with something real, some that I actually found. I ended up with quite a collection. I rinsed them off to see their bright colours. It was around 1 when Bill got home and since bacon and eggs didn’t sound appetizing to me, I made us some tomato soup with crackers and cheese. ‘Made’ – I opened a can.

There are a few nice ocotillo cacti around us

It's pretty but look at the thorns
The empty vase
After dishes, we sat around for the afternoon. I went outside for a bit and enjoyed the sunshine while Bill stretched out for his nap. The flies were being pesky so after putting up with them for almost an hour I came inside. Plus, my own eyes were getting heavy, yet when I stretched out in my own chair, I didn’t feel so tired. I opened my book and got quite involved! When Bill woke up he worked on his model, the ’66 Chevy II that Santa brought him. 😊

I'm impressed with his patience with the small pieces

Getting things paiinted up
These are the little rocks I've found for my vase
The ones on the left, found today
The ones on the right are previous winters plus the faux glass ones

I love these interesting rocks
Not for painting though!
Of course, a sunflower and my painted ladybug stone
Bill made me a cup of tea and he had a cooler while he worked away. For supper, I had a bit of prep work to do. We were having our last three Haddock Fillets dipped in egg, milk and then Fish Fry. One of George’s favourite coatings for deep frying fish. On the side, while the lard was heating up, I shredded carrots and cabbage for coleslaw. For once, I didn’t open a pack of salad! Supper was great. The added egg, milk dip made for a crispier crust.

Yummy supper tonight
This was from our doorway just before supper
After dishes, sitting at my laptop, I texted Jo-Anne and Bob. We hadn’t heard from them since they left this morning so were trying not to get too worried. I got a happy face in return so I guess that means everything is fine. Jo-Anne reminded me of the Wolf moon so I took a walk out and across the diameter of the park to get a picture. 

There are going to be awesome pictures from other bloggers
but this is my contribution

We couldn't see it from our site well at all
so this is from across the lot
 It was huge but I didn't dawdle out there in the dark. The rest of our evening was in front of the tv with movies and my book. This was a quiet day and very relaxing. Our neighbours returned home safe and sound.

This one from our window so not very good
I hope you saw it in person
Good night y'all!
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  1. The rocks clean up nicely and will make a great addition to your collection. Oreo sure does have a unique and beautiful hair color. I like your idea of having soup. There are times I want something filling but light and I know how to open a can.

    1. The rocks are very pretty and now I have a full vase so can stop looking! Yah right!
      Oreo is certainly different colouring. Maybe she and Yuma will meet in Q?
      The soup was a nice change. :)

  2. Those rocks looks great and I'm sure will mean much more than the clear ones you purchased, every time you look at them they will bring back fun memories :-)

  3. Rocks in a vase ... now that's a cool idea. The moon was certainly fabulous, but I got not one picture.

    1. As long as I don't need the vase for flowers.......hmmm. When is Valentine's Day? haha

  4. Sounds like a nice easy day. Nice that Bill was able to get out for a short fly. Dinner looks yummy and I love what you did with the rocks certainly showcases their beauty. :)

    1. It was a very easy day. Thank you for your comment on my rocks. Funny what picking up a couple of rocks a few winters ago led too.