Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sunshine Returns, Chores, Guests for Happy Hour

Quartzsite, AZ

Bill and I both went to bed at a better time last night. Me at 10 and him around 11:30. At least the later night would ensure a good night’s sleep. And it was. We woke and greeted the day around 6:30. We took a nice walk, about 2 miles this morning. The air was still and the sun popped up over the mountain with a vengeance. Yay!

The way the fog and mist hung around the mountains
was very pretty

We missed you Morning Glory!
 We are so fortunate to be here that we shouldn’t grumble about one day of clouds but we still do. At least yesterday was warm and didn’t really deter any activities that we wanted to do. We got back to our site and Bill got the water bladder out to top us up. The gray tank monitor showed us full at 100% but we knew that couldn’t be the case since our fresh tank only took 40 gallons to fill.

If you didn't know any better, it looks like we are near an ocean

My Knight in shining armour
Keith went up with Bill for two trips to empty our gray tank and some of the black. We need a new hose for macerating the black water, one bigger in diameter, but as for now, we will be fine until we move.  The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. Around 11, I decided to go for a walk and did the loop up to the dumping area and back to the west and then south towards home. It was a nice leisurely walk.

Dumping our tanks

The rinky dink hose we have needs to be replaced with a bigger one
It would help the maceration process work much better
Finally, a para-glider went right overhead
Bill got his drone out, Keith had his out later and Kim and I sat on the patio and chatted about this, that and the other. The sun was beautiful and very warm for only being about 60F. When Higgins started barking and didn’t seem to stop, I realized that his Momma had been gone for about 5 hours so unlocked their door and brought him out. I love the little guy but it is really hard to walk him because he wants to pull so much. I’m not used to his strength so I don’t take him too far.

I was enjoying the warm sun while the boys dumped tanks
It was only 54F and I was in a tank top
We walked a bit and then I tied him to his rope on their patio in the shade. It was too hot on our side. He seemed to be okay there and within half hour Bob and Jo-Anne returned. He wasn’t misbehaving by barking. I think he was just lonely and could probably hear us outside, wanting to be with us. 😊 

I walked as far as the dumping station
and turned around to take a picture of the lineup
12:30 and there were 15 in line

Bill flying, Keith watching

There he is!
We were sitting in the sun and we noticed Dave and Cheryl drive in. They are camped at Emerald Cove near Parker and drove in for Happy Hour. It was wonderful to see them and they will return to camp for a few days on Sunday.

This looks like the Happy Hour that never
happened but we had all vacated just for a few minutes

to meet at Deb and Tom's for a toast
Bill saying a few emotional words
L to R: Shirley, Bill, Ken K, Deb, Tom, Ken W

Dave, Cheryl, Jo-Anne, Higgins, Bob, Shirley

Tom, Ken W, Kim, Keith
Tom and Deb wanted to open a bottle of champagne to toast to George when all of us were together. We all thought that was a very sweet idea and gathered at their patio around 3 pm. At Tom’s request, Bill said a few emotional words to the group and our glasses were raised. “To George!” I only hope he left his rv’ing world knowing the impact he had on our lives. 

Ken and Shirley put out a healthy feast which we all enjoyed
We walked back to our patio where our chairs were waiting and the conversations flowed again. We never lack things to talk and laugh about. Life is good!

Gathered around our site for a nice visit

I stood up on our top step to get these

I took a group one from the west side too

Ken had us all laughing with his SeaHawks gear
 I do believe he was encouraged to some degree
Dave and Cheryl left around 5:30 and eventually we all went our own way for supper. I watched Keith playing ball with Oreo for a while. She was so good on her own site during the whole time we were sitting at ours. Not a peep out of her, she deserved some play time. 

Just missed the sun dropping

The mountains to the east were so pretty in pink

Throw it Dad, I'm so ready!

No way could this be a clear picture with her speed
I’ve never seen a dog run so fast after a ball! Bill lit the Weber and grilled a pork chop and a chicken breast. Inside I cooked broccoli and corn. For a change, we had some Creamy Lime Jell-o for dessert and took care of dishes.

Bill sat with his book and I sat at my laptop. I finished my book today so will be working a different genre. It is called The Godmothers, Last Edition by Fern Michaels so we will see how that goes! Turns out, I only got a chapter read and went to bed at 8:30! LOL

This was a great day and the sun, warmth and friends just made it so special.

Mountain silhouette to the west

Does this count as a pink sky at night, sailor's delight?
Good night everyone!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. I drove by the long line waiting to dump. To bad we didn't cross paths. Sure sorry I missed the happy hour. My bad! Should know not to go anywhere without my phone. Turned into a beautiful day yesterday and another one is coming. Beautiful picture of the mountains coming through the fog. It sure does look like an ocean. Just like millions of years ago.

  2. I'm so envy of your lovely weather! But I sure kike reading about it. :)

  3. That "ocean" picture was cool! It was nice of all of you to raise a toast to George, he will definitely be missed :-(

  4. It was so nice to see the whole gang again, as well as meet Keith. We had a great time as usual. We sure wouldn't want to have missed Ken and Shirley while they were here. We had a safe trip home, but we had a couple of stops in LaPosa to do first. Scouting out the area!!

  5. Same here, Dave!
    Ken and Shirley were so happy to see you both.