Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Let’s Find HookUps! Sad Goodbye, Site 79 Unavailable

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Wednesday, Jan. 29th we were both up at 6:30 and 7. I was the 7 o’clock riser. Downstairs soon after Bill informed me that he wasn’t going to walk so I left the Suite at 7:45. The sun wasn’t long coming up as I headed back to the southwest. 

I was going to walk as far as the Magic Circle and take a picture of their big sign. If you’ve been here, you know what the M.C. is. If not, it is the area where clothing is optional and we avoid crossing 'that' line.

good morning
Perhaps this intrigues some people but when I think of the age most/many of us are, I can think of thousands of things more appealing than seeing campers in the buff. As I approached, I saw a man coming in my direction out of the M.C. entrance, walking his dog. Minds out of the gutter, folks! 

It was a cool morning so I knew I wouldn’t see anything I didn’t want to see, however, in a pale tan shirt and tan shorts – my heart jolted for a moment and I changed direction. Ha! 

I still love looking across the desert to the mountains
I didn’t get 2 miles in but I was pleased with the mile and a half this morning before returning home for my cuppa tea. Bill was outside and had packed up the satellite dish and was folding our outdoor mat. I dallied inside putting shelf bars in cupboards and the fridge. We were ready by shortly after 9 and by the looks of it, Keith was hooked up and ready as well.

Looking back towards home

Following Keith up to the front entrance
We said our sad face goodbyes to Kim and Ken but we’re all happy that we’ll see them in a couple of days. While Keith drove into Q to get fuel, we dumped our garbage and put some fresh water in our tank to swish the CLR around for a good rinse. Bill will drain it tonight after we’re set up. We waited at the entrance and when Keith texted that he was on his way back, we pulled out in front of him onto I-95S. This is a nice drive from Quartzsite to Yuma, I love it. It is smooth, easy and very pretty. No hiccups today either and we arrived by 11:30.

Love this highway and this drive

Clear sky, sunny day, desert views
What else?

The unfortunate news is that our previous (and favourite) site 79 was taken. However, the good news is that those people are leaving on Feb. 5th. Yahooie Louie! It is quite the thing to see this park so full and we had only a few options of where to go in the meantime. The gal in the office said we could move once the current occupants are gone so we’ll be up to the office early to claim it. They don’t allow you to reserve specific sites, I'm sure for some valid reason.

Yuma Proving Grounds
 We backed into #45 at the fence and will have a nice view of the open desert behind us for a week. This isn’t a bad site but we’re facing east so no late afternoon sun. The winds today are high, 13 – 22 mph and inside I feel the gusts. Once set up, I got the dust cloth and polish out to give the Suite a good wipe down. I couldn’t believe how much had gathered from the desert. Well, actually, yes, I can believe it. We witnessed and experienced it on a daily basis, bringing it inside. Tomorrow, we’ll vacuum.

with a palm tree decoration
Bill and I took a walk up to find where Keith ended up and found him on the same site where he was in before. He wasn’t around but we didn’t think he’d be too happy with that. As we walked back towards home, we met him and Oreo. They had walked back to our location, on a different lane so great minds think alike. We chatted and the boys made plans to go into Yuma in the morning. We need cash and Keith needs groceries as well as a belt for his quad. I don’t need to go.

Nice to get back into this beauty too
It's like coming home again
Keith admitted that he was not happy at all with his site and that he was going back to the office to request another one. When we were back at home, he texted that they were able to find him another spot that was much better. With his small unit, he is able to get in here at a cheaper rate, 30-amp service only and for economy size rv’s. It just limits where they’ll put you. Anyway, it turned out good for him and he likes the new location.

Familiar sights
 Bill was feeling like a snooze and I was thinking the same thing but started out reading my book. Typical of James Patterson, I was hooked immediately and had read 6 of his short chapters before I knew it. But with heavy eyes, I stretched back hoping for a nap. Bill is not a quiet sleeper when on his back so I moved upstairs to the bed. The movement completely woke me and then I was unable to drop off. Isn’t that always the way? Back downstairs I realized it was happy hour so I made myself a cup of tea.

Seedlings being irrigated
what will it be?
When Bill woke, he cut some cheddar and we each had a snack. He had Ritz crackers with his, but I was happy without those carbs. We’re missing our friends who are probably enjoying their own quiet happy hour for the first time in two weeks! I have to admit that we also enjoy a quiet day once in a while, with no commitments. Moving today was our only scheduled thing so that was nice. The sun is beautiful outside but the winds and blowing sand have kept us indoors.

I went to dust the dresser and look at the marks left by
my fancy table runner - LOL
The rest of the afternoon went quietly with some reading, some Googling and chatting about where we go next from here. Bill lit the Weber Q and grilled farmer sausages on low for supper. Inside I cooked spaghetti squash for me and some corn for Bill’s side dish. The sausage was perfect and just the way I like it. After dishes I downloaded today’s pictures, read a few blogs to catch up on what they’re up to and worked on my own. We watched a recorded program and Keith dropped over for an evening visit.

Our temporary site #45

The sites are nice and roomy
Let me tell you how good it feels not to have to be concerned with water usage, electric and battery usage or how full our tanks are getting. Yay! I guess I’m spoiled. Quartzsite is always fun and we’ll always go during the show but I much prefer the lifestyle in a full-service park. This was a good day and we’re here for a while.

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The sun setting over the back fence
Good night y'all!
Thank you for your visit to my blog!


  1. Love the dust pattern, very cute.
    Happy you are now back to a place you enjoy. Keep having fun.

    1. I'm sure some creative minds would get an idea from that. Imprinted woodwork for our dressers! :)
      We do enjoy being in a full service park and this one is a favourite.

  2. I have to admit I do love it when I have full hookups. It's the ease of water that gets me every time.

  3. My preference would be to be full hook up and stable! You will appreciate your other spot more when you get to move into it. It was nice to see you included some 'greenery' in your blog today. thanks sis. ;-)

    1. I have no doubt about that, sis. ;D We hope nothing changes so we can get into our spot but in the meantime, we are comfy and hooked up!
      Just for you, Donna!

  4. I am starting to like the full hookup lifestyle more and more as I age into my year 13 of full timing.

  5. It was nice meeting you and Bill. Thank you for the information. Safe travels. I need to get a hold of the dentist and see if I can get in soon. If you two even get to Washington state stop by.
    Thanks again.
    Wayne and Sue

  6. Looks like another awesome day of your life! The best of both worlds, 2 weeks of boon docking and now back to the park! Will Joanne and Bob be joining you there too? Nice that Keith is there with you and soon more friends! I know you will enjoy the park as it looks like such a nice one! Looks like a nice view over the fence!

  7. Glad you had a Safe and Enjoyable move to Yuma.

    It's about time.

  8. 95 South is a pretty drive. Straight and flat with nice scenery. I plan to be there as soon as I can. Hopefully, before the 7th. Glad you're back in the life of luxury. Maybe with my new rig I'll be more inclined to spend my time with full hook-ups but doubt it. The tanks are so big that that one person can go a month without moving.