Monday, January 13, 2020

Bocce Ball, Laundry, Visitor for Happy Hour!

Pilot Knov RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Monday, Jan. 13th there were some ‘usual’ things happening that we took part in. First, we were up within 30 minutes of each other, before 7 and also went for our walk. That’s pretty normal. Second, Bocce Ball at the court by the pavilion at 9:30. What an awesome turnout! When more people show up, of course it means that you don’t get to play every game but the bonus is that you get to meet new people.

There were at least 24 in attendance, Keith and Dave were just observers today and Barb didn’t play as she was back and forth doing various things for the park. Gordon did awesome setting teams up and making sure everyone played at least once, possibly twice as people left. We managed to play 6 games between 9:30 and 12:00. It was a perfect day, one of the best for B.B. Barb said, and speaking for myself and a few others, jackets and layers came off during play.

I didn’t do so great today but did manage to win one game with Roderick. Bill left before the last game played and walked to the office to retrieve our FedEx package. We’d ordered a new 45 gal. water bladder from Camping World when it was on sale last week so were happy to get that before we left. We don’t ‘need’ it right away as our old one still works but it has been repaired a few times and we sure can’t afford to not have one. The old one has paid for itself a hundred times over.

We didn't want to miss the games today
 After the games and third in line for 'usual', I sorted 3 loads of laundry and we drove up to the laundry room together. With the machines loaded, we scooted back and I made us breakfast – lunch actually. It was 12:15. I rode my bike up to switch 2 loads to the dryers and put the 3rd load in. Oh, plus the t-shirt I had on since I slopped bacon grease on it. LOL I rode back and Bill was doing helping out at home, vacuuming. 😊 I sat outside with my book until it was time to go back up for the last load.

It would be our last chance to play until we return
We both went up together to fold and bring those fresh smelling clothes home. I don’t like the 'chore' of putting them away, what is up with that? I emailed our friend, Nancy, to see if we could get together at all today or tomorrow. She is in a park in Yuma and not heading to Quartzsite this winter. We don’t want to miss seeing her. Her response was favourable and she offered to drive here today for a visit. Yay! We are pleased that she wanted to see us as much as we want to see her.
It was a good time, as usual
with lots of laughs and good vibes
It was 1:30 when her message came through so we had some time to relax. I got out my clear spray paint and shellacked my two rocks as well as my birdfeeder from home. We came inside and popped a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge (red and white) and then I hunted for the rock I’d painted for her. It was a ‘quilted’ rock. I hope she likes it. I found it fairly easy enough exactly where I left it but there was a moment of ‘now what did I do with it?’

A different guest at Happy Hour today
So nice you could come for a visit, Nancy
I was inside when I heard a familiar voice talking to Bill so stepped outside and Nancy and I shared a nice big hug in greeting. It is so nice to see her. Bill poured us some wine and he had a rum and Zero Coke while we sat and caught up. After half hour, I invited Bob and Jo-Anne (& Higgins, of course) over to meet her and join our Happy Hour. It was a very enjoyable 2 ½ hours and she had to leave. I was in no hurry to see her go. On her way back to her Jeep she asked us to say hello to everyone at Quartzsite. One correction from what I told Nancy: we drank Barefoot riesling from CA not Girl's Night Out. 😁

Nancy and I
Inside, I had to firm up the ideas that had been running through my head for supper. Hmm. So, I got Rosy, the air fryer, out and shrimp from the freezer. I cooked Bill’s favourite vegetable and one of mine in the microwave. Supper was ready within a few minutes and we treated ourselves to a scoop of caramel pecan ice cream. It has been in the freezer, unopened, for over 3 weeks. Yum, we deserve a treat tonight.

 After dishes, Keith popped over to borrow something and we made plans to pick him and Dave up in the morning for grocery shopping. We watched America’s Got Talent together and the rest of the evening drew to a close. I think the sky got really pretty when we were eating but I only caught the sun just before it dropped below the horizon. What a wonderful day and we got to visit with Nancy!

Today was our ice cream social
from our own freezer
Good night!
Thank you for stopping in!


  1. What a fun filled day you had. Never played bocce ball or at least I don't think so. Nice of Nancy to drive up. It is pretty drive. Loved your sunset pictures.

    1. It was a very full day. Nice to get things done and have a wonderful visit with Nancy.

  2. You may have to set up a Bocce court at Q. You gotta stay in game-shape.
    Enjoy your last days.....for Pilot Knob. It really is a great place to spend time.

  3. Ha!!! We have so much in common. We did laundry on the same day, love the same wine and had ice cream for dinner! LOL I love love the rock ... it's going on my rig dash. Have fun in Quartzsite ... see you down the road!!

    1. Too funny! It was so great to see you!
      I'm glad you like the rock. :)

  4. Nice day! Though it looks like it must have been cool in the morning based on all the jackets I see in the photos at bocce. I'd take those temps, it's -30C with -42C windchills here today! :(

  5. It was a great day. Mornings hover around 48F and then by 9:30 we were playing ball in about 50F. I went from 3 layers to a t-shirt by noon. :)
    Sorry about your freezing cold temperatures.