Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Coolish Day, Tyson Wells and Big Tent for Kicks

Quartzsite, AZ
On Tuesday, Jan. 21st I woke up around 3 and Bill wasn't in bed. The light was on downstairs. Oh-oh. His early bedtime is messing up his sleep. I’m sure it was just after 8:30 that he took his book up in the hopes of reading some more. When I went up closer to 9:30, he was still reading for a few more minutes before he turned the light out. 6 -7 hours sleep is pretty normal to Bill so I wasn't too surprised.

Before we left for town, Keith played ball
with Oreo to tire her out
He returned to bed soon after but I didn’t speak as it would wake me up more and then I would be the one laying there wide awake. LOL So, I remained in position and soon dropped off again. At 6:30, I got up and he was up again. After I made the bed I suggested he try to sleep some more so he curled up on top of the covers and dropped off again for another 45 minutes. Every little bit helps. Today is a dull, dreary, possibly rainy day so a good day for an afternoon snooze. Something he has been missing.

Bill's wind sock shows just a light wind
and that was all we got all day
I waited until after 7:30 until it was somewhat lighter outside but with the clouds, it was closer to 8 and then I noticed rain drops on the window. Skipping the walk this morning, obviously! We got cleaned up after our morning drinks and 5 of us piled into Black Beauty for the drive to town. Kim and I separated almost immediately from the guys and just touched base 2 ½ hours later to see where they were.

This was my first picture of the Q mountain
After dropping our bags of food and kitchen stuff in the truck, we walked to the Big Tent for another walk through. Let’s see what we can collect free today. We each got a lip balm, some chocolate bars and kisses and took the trip down Pretzel Dip Lane for our snack. The dips are so good but I’m too cheap to buy them. We met the guys outside around noon and we all walked back to the parking area.

Still busy in the Big Tent today
Two more stops, Herb’s Hardware to find a screw to fix my patio chair and to Roadrunner Market for a few items. Kim and Keith needed a few things too. It is a hopping little town still and we found the Big Tent quite busy for being the 4th day of the show. I’m glad we went and I was appreciative of having Kim to poke around with. We like the same vendors as most of us girls would. I'm sure we checked out every clothing booth.

A simple delicious wrap for lunch
We drove (fought) our way through crazy traffic back down I-95 to La Posa South and our homes. Tom and Deb, Ken and Shirley had left before us and Bill said they bumped into them in the tent as well. It would be K & S’s first time this year. When we returned back home, Bob and Jo-Anne were gone too. We all had things to see and places to go today. I’m thinking they took a drive to Parker although I’m not sure. We were hungry so I made Bill bacon and eggs for lunch and I made a wrap of chicken salad and black olives for me. Yum. It was good!

Keith doing some work on his trailer
Bill puttered around outside and Keith and the two Kens were also out and about after their group returned. There really wasn’t any rain to speak of today, just a brief spattering on the Suite windows and the tents in town. That’s good. The temperature wasn’t going to reach any higher than 63F under these clouds but we can hope for some sunshine tomorrow.

I bought more of these little dishes
and transferred our Jell-o into them for more space

Then, I took Kim's suggestion and froze tomato paste in a lidded
ice cube tray for future use
Before I knew it, it was 10 minutes to Happy Hour so I watched to see what everyone was doing. Tom, Deb, Ken and Shirley had a prior engagement with some friends so it was looking like just the 5 of us. Around 3 on the dot, Tom and Deb moved their newly purchased chairs to the centre of our sites. We were surprised to hear that their friends had cancelled but happy that they were here for our 2 ½ hour Circle of Friends.

Then within a few minutes Bob and Jo-Anne returned so there were 11 of us. The clouds played havoc with the sun and we had sweatshirts off and then on again. This went on throughout the whole time. The sun was so warm when it was out and we all enjoyed the warmth. Tomorrow’s forecast promises to provide more of it. With the clouds in the western sky, it should be a nice sunset. I kept watch from inside the Suite after walking back at 5:15.
A couple of different angles of our Happy Hour today
For supper tonight, it was just leftover stew and pizza. Bill was charging batteries for his planes so didn’t turn the generator on until they were finished. I didn't mind the wait time as I sat in my chair and got some chapters of my book read. Did I even tell you the one I’m reading? It is a Detective Michael Bennett story by James Patterson called Run for your Life. And it is very good.

Higgins enjoys Happy Hour this way
At 5:45 Bill started the genny and I fried my 2 pieces of pizza the way George did and reheated Bill’s stew in the microwave. With some salad on the side and 2 Pillsbury buns we had a full meal. I’m glad to have these items out of the fridge so we can get back on track with the keto way of eating. After dishes we sat to enjoy our Tuesday night programs. NCIS, FBI and New Amsterdam. This Is Us was recording for another night. I still had last weeks to watch. 

My supper

The evening was quiet otherwise, which is always good. This was another fun day.

And the sky performed a bit and the sun said goodbye
Good night!

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  1. I better get to the big tent fast or you will have gotten all the free stuff. I'm getting closer. I like the hats that Bill and Keith wear.

    1. The free stuff is pretty much all gone. Except for the pretzels and usually red licorice. :)
      I like the hats too.

  2. Is Tyson Wells the same as The Big Tent? Sounds like you still got in some walking between the stores and the tent. I know they are not quite the same, but anytime we are up moving is a good thing.

    1. Tyson Wells is a section of vendors/flea markets down Kuehn St. in Quartzsite. More little tents to visit during this time of year.

  3. You've got a great group there, lots of visiting and shopping too. :)

  4. Even with the cloud cover and chill in the air the day turned out pretty darn good. Always fun here at LaPosa South. The bonus, though it kept hiding behind the clouds, the sun did make an appearance during Happy Hour...:)

  5. It's a big circle for happy hour. Glad you folks are having such a good time. I like the cute little bowls, do they stack?
    It was coolish here at Palm Canyon as well. Hopefully warmer days are ahead.

    1. We do have a big group here, lots of chatter goes on at the same time which is nice.
      The bowls do stack but they have little legs so not as compactly as some. :)

  6. It's funny, those pretzel dips taste delicious until you make them at home. They are VERY salty!!! I do love walking around the tent though. You never know what gadget you can't live without!!

    1. Those pretzels are a treat. I like salty so no complaints here. I've never bought their dips but Deb has.
      Gadgets are a must - which one do I need today?!