Friday, November 27, 2020

A Little of This, A Little of That, A Foggy Walk and More Christmas

Paisley, On

Thursday, Nov. 26th already! I slept well and I do believe that Bill is having better sleeps too. He pops his earplugs in now like I do and it muffles our noisy clock (which I’ve offered to remove) and the early morning traffic but doesn’t block out the sound of his alarm at 5:30.

Spooky river walk

But also very mysterious and calming

I’ve been preaching about earplugs for years and have always heard reasons for not wearing them.“Oh, I can’t stand them in my ears”, “they don’t stay in” or “they don’t make a difference” from many, many doubters, nay-sayers and the like and I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I’m just saying that I’m happy they work for Bill and I. 😊 AND, I might add, with them in, you could still hear if your spouse beside you called your name. By the way, my movie last night was great and I didn't even cry. It's a good one, in my books, and looking at that handsome Richard Gere in his prime didn't hurt one bit. Be still my heart.💓

Let's look at some more of Paisley's Christmas

I enjoyed the blow ups in Lake Havasu, AZ with the cacti but they're not a favourite
I prefer old fashioned decorations

I was early enough that their lights were still turned on

I got up around 7:30 so if I didn’t drop off completely, I had a nice doze ABL (after Bill left). It was such a dull, wet morning that it looked too dark to go for a walk but after I washed and got dressed, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The temperature was an incredibly mild (for November) 7C/45F and the fog that was visible, as I removed myself from the shelter of downtown, was evidence of the warmth. I overdressed, methinks.

I'll have to walk a bit at night to see these lit up

My coat zipper didn’t need to be done up all the way but I didn’t unzip it either as admonishments from Mom played in my head. I slipped it down about 5”. 

Small town creativity
This is an old wooden dumpster outside the Community Centre/Ice rink
I love this!
Because of the wet grass and my indefinite direction, I wore a pair of my favourite boots. They won’t be my favs for long though; the other day while walking with Bill at the Ridge in the longer grass, I felt dampness seeping through to my socks. Oh-oh. I’ve had them quite a few years so not a big deal. They have a nice tread though so will keep an eye out for another dual purpose pair. Not just for winter, I like them at any time.

Leaving the core area, heading south

I don’t need to tell you that it was a lovely walk. They all are, unless something untoward happens, which it hasn’t, yet. 😊 From one end of town to the other, partly on main street and mostly on the back streets and trails along the river. The air smelled so fresh, more like the birth of spring rather than the demise of fall. More days like this, please, I begged. It was foggy though, as I mentioned, so I didn’t follow the trail along the river until my return trip.

A lovely row of unadorned Christmas trees

Last week, I wasn't sure if this was a laneway or walk through

So, I followed it to discover it was public property
bringing me out to the river trail

Still foggy but not as bad

I should name this creek
It runs under the small street bridges and separates the two trails I walk on
It is always quite 'chatty' with its rushing water over the rocks

I took this picture because there are at least 5 varieties of evergreens in this clump
The blue spruce is one of my favourite because of the contrast
to everyone else
I would probably not get their names correct but
fir, cedar, spruce, pine were present in the bunch

No rain fell on my head but it must have started just out of town, according to Susan. They were out when I returned but it took me about 15 minutes, maybe more to realize that. The vehicle Wes drives was absent from the lane but I assumed that he’d gone to work and that Susan was resting in the front room. I tiptoed around quietly as I made my tea and warmed up some steel cut oatmeal. When I went down to rinse my bowl, I peeked in the room and it was empty. I laughed at my attempts to be quiet in an empty house.

This little guy lives at the house on the corner
I've seen him before and he wanders up the hill to greet me
and then carries on
No one seems concerned so he knows his boundaries

I read some blog posts to catch up on what I’ve missed. I’m not diligent in regular reading and I apologize but for one reason or another, I’m trying to limit my time on the laptop. I have other things to do, like read my book, bake, walk and work on a crochet project. One day, I’ll get back at that shrug and make a more valiant attempt to create something wearable.

Sorry for backtracking but here is the river side of the woollen mill
from yesterday

I mentioned the twin archways where the water to flow from one side
(Teeswater) to the other (Saugeen)

Teeswater side of the bridge

Flowing out on the east, Saugeen side

And this is the Millbank House (1891) to the west of the mill
Wouldn't you love a tour of this place?

The morning meeting was well under way when I returned towards home

At a few doors down from our residence, yesterday Lily was putting up her tree
and decorating her storefront window. I gave her the thumbs up👍
Today, it was done

I’m enjoying the book I picked up from the library but I wish I’d paid attention. Apparently, I requested LARGE PRINT. It’s easy to see the lettering, of course, but I feel somewhat ‘feebler’, as if I need this. Ha ha! One day, I’ll be there but didn’t think it was necessary quite so soon! Maybe I should complain, the lighting in our room (on the bed) isn't really bright. 

I finished addressing and stamping the Christmas cards that have been sitting waiting for the right time to mail them and then I wrote a letter to Mom's airforce buddy, Smitty, out west to put in her card. She always sends us an update in ours.  With that done, I went down to make a batch of cookies. No-bake ones.

Seems funny to be reading the large print
but nice at the same time (ssshhh)

Naturally, there are a couple of ingredients that I didn’t have (story of my life) and although I could substitute peanut butter for the almond butter (it says I can!), I didn’t have any flaked coconut to add texture. They are in the freezer for 30+ minutes and soon enough I’ll find out if we’re eating them with a spoon or by hand. Before heading back upstairs, I made a batch of popcorn and took it upstairs to wait and start my post.

So, here is the 'yarn' about the yarn
This is way too much 'inside' yarn, don't you agree?
As gentle as I was, it was a mess

I alternated between reading and crocheting and when I finished one large ball of yarn, I proceeded to prepare the second one. Well, Bernat, you did it again. 

I gently (hahaha) separated it into sections
(I'm sure you're intrigued by all this)

And eventually moved to the floor
Good thing I'd just recently dust mopped!
I started rolling the 'new' ball

The first ball was bad enough, pulling the ‘innards’ out of the centre to find the workable end was ridiculous! 1/3 of the wool came out and it was a bit of a mess. Now, I see that it was a breeze compared to this one. At least half of the wool was crammed in there with no rhyme or reason. Someone was having a bad day!

Here, I was almost dancing with glee
This is the end

Two hours later, I got it detangled and completely rolled into a new ball. That was so frustrating, I’m surprised it didn’t end up across the room. I’d checked my cookies before I started all that and although they aren’t perfect, softening up as soon as they are out of the freezer, they at least taste good. A nice guilt-free snack. The coconut would have helped so I'll pick some up Friday for the next batch. I walked to the post office around 3 and then made my tea when I returned. Bill came home just before 5, I think, I was too wrapped up, literally, to notice.

I love the pretty little white and pink FREE basket

He dozed after his long day and I sat beside him with my crocheting. I knew I picked up the free basket from the Mill for something. The ball fit perfectly in there, in the plastic bag, and wouldn’t be rolling all over the place as I worked. 😊 I went down around 6 to spice and prep the steak for supper. Madame IP does a wonderful job with any type of steak and when Bill came down, he got our Fry Daddy out for French fries. I also steamed some asparagus for me. Yum.

And it is happy too to be utilized again
I'm just glad I am a patient person

After dishes, I finished watching an NCIS rerun in the big kitchen while Bill made his lunch and went up for his shower. One more day of work this week, and well, a bit Saturday morning at the Mat. This was a really mild day out there and we are expecting a slight cool down tomorrow. We’ll enjoy these temperatures while we can as it will soon change for the worse. Bill went in to watch a movie at 9 and I stuck to my own hobbies here in our room.

This is why we need guilt-free snacks!

The last of our triple berry custard pie
It was wonderful and provided us with 4 nights of dessert
for $4.50

My right thigh start aching just before we started on supper. It was an odd feeling different than a muscle ach but very uncomfortable. By the time I was back upstairs, it had spread around my whole thigh. Then I started thinking 'shingles' warning? My skin feels tender to the touch but with a sharp pang every so often. Now that makes no sense at all! I took a couple of X-strength pain pills in the hopes that it would ease up. Maybe my body is rebelling against the 4 miles I walk in a day. Ha! I doubt that very much.

One of my friends posted this on Facebook and it couldn't
be more suited to me this winter
Good night!

This was a nice quiet day. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours. Thanks for popping in!


  1. Oh oh, are you starting to feel the effects of sciatica?
    Be thankful you don't have a couple of cats who come running when the yarn bomb hits the floor!! As a voracious knitter I find Berrnat yarns to be especially bad for the center pull mess.

    1. I hope not but I don't know what that feels likke so can't say.
      Oh, I AM thankful! Not cat people, getting into my yarn would not be a good thing! haha
      Glad to hear I'm not alone with Bernat's results.

  2. I hope your leg issue is merely temporary. Especially so you can continue to walk and share the gorgeous photos - I know I'm being selfish!

    I absolutely love Lily's window display, it is so pretty. Enjoy your day, take care and stay well!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. It was gone through the night. Yay! I'd hate to not be able to walk. :)
      Lily's window is simple but beautiful.

  3. Patsy looking at that jumble of yarn I am sure I would have given up. Your persistence paid off, good for you. I though perhaps the yarn was a return and someone just stuffed everything back in LOL.
    Nice photos even in the fog and overcast, must be very pretty in the summer!

    1. Ha ha, I debated but had half a project finished and had to have it!! LOL
      Thank you, the fog does sometimes make for nice photos.

  4. That was quite the yarn burp there. Good for you at getting it untangled.

    God bless.

  5. Have spent many an hour straightening out a yarn ball. I love the Christmas decorations. I just might take a drive around and check out my neighborhood. Yours is obviously much prettier. Love that woolen mill.

    1. I've no doubt I'm not alone and I suppose it can be therapeutic, can't it? haha

  6. Love your pictures from your walks! Hope your leg is better this am. Let me guess what you're making and who it's those colors! The wool looks so soft and fluffy. Yes, that berry pie looks so yummy!

    1. Thank you. Yes, my leg was better. I'm sure can all guess now that you've seen the yarn but no admittance here! Yet! :) It is very soft and fluffy.